Another Story

April 5th, 2015

When I was a little kid I made up stories, told stories and loved to listen to stories. Adults were impressed with my great imagination. Obviously the word imagination meant to concoct stories. Playing with story plots must have strengthened my memory because by first grade one reading by my grandmother of my school book committed it to my memory. I did great with grades in reading but I never learned to read. In fact I never read a book until late in high school. Once discovered I loved reading; all the stories I missed I devoured ferociously. I continued with the art of telling stories but now they were from books. Occasionally I would retell a story from a purported author’s book but discovered later to my chagrin that the story was not to be found in the text. In was in the style of the noted author but nowhere logged in manuscript. I was confident with my memory but bewildered by my performance.

Life got busy and less time for stories and fewer folks willing to listen. In job trainings I often performed in an advanced fashion. I didn’t believe the compliments offered me. I was sure the techniques I demonstrated were in the training manual but I failed to find it scouring the manual later. The word imagined transcended from stories to thoughts for me. I could imagine a thought out of thin air.

I was certain that if I could imagine a thought I could build a story around it. Very useful skill but thoughts weren’t always forthcoming. If I had to write a paper, do a talk or teach a class I frequently struggled finding that magic thought to seed the project. I started to believe, “right thought only at the right time.” Marrying my imagination to time and thought was a tragic downfall. I was forced to take notes in an attempt to not lose crucial data and maintain job performance. The magic was lost and replaced with content specific information. Boring effort became the new rule.

At some point I agreed to teach a series of classes that I had the curriculum for. I was very confident until a week before the first class when I reviewed my notes. The teaching concepts were sound but the curriculum targeted a much different type of student than the ones I planned to teach. I had made the commitment and there was no turning back. Internal reflection revealed the old familiar feeling from the days of magic past. I didn’t get an answer but a moment of enlightenment. Not the first time in my life but definitely more intense.

Imagination now was not knowing, not a thought or a story, but trusting and allowing for discovery to take place. Each week I found a book, article, or a story that inspired that weeks class material. It was so simple and the joy of storytelling was rekindled in my heart.
Secure the idea of you with enough confidence and worthiness to trust the path before you. Not an easy task to find that balance point and wise to occasionally seek assistance. Trust restores imagination and will, the true autonomy of choice. Can you imagine that?

Pay Attention

March 9th, 2015

We recognize that attending to our garden, to our health or to a loved one can make a difference.  In fact, there are usually more life situations vying for our attention than we have time to attend to.  What wins the game?  How do we decide what to attend to and how well do we hold that focus?

Physics puts forth the concept that attention may facilitate transformation of energy into form; the essence of creation.  May be more complex than simple attention but attention is an element of the process.  If we include the concept of self into one third of the spaces designated for everything we are aware of, not as a focus on self but inclusion of self in every idea, picture, event and experience, we generate a very powerful consciousness.  The very nature of our creation─our presence─would be present in every process of life.  Little chance that we could be left out, ignored or even victimized.  And since energy “in” mirrors energy “out” we would possess greater ability to attend to others.

While distraction appears to reduce our relationship to power (less energy to get work done) it improves growth.  Growth is our ability to discover steps or directions to improve our potential; efficiency, skill, range in processing as well as envisioning and integrating it all into life and interpersonal communications.  It may be wise to learn to strike a balance by becoming more disciplined in our relationship with distractions.

As a normal human starts to experience a new event, intuition searches the familiar database and presents a reference (perhaps a picture).  If you are secured (certain what works for you) with the idea of you, you have around 10 seconds to make a decision based on what is your secured familiar reference is for such an event. After 10 seconds intuition presents an array of past experiences; some worked and others didn’t.  Next intuition tosses out credible references told to you as stories. Give me a break─going through this complex intuited list makes decision making near impossible and frequently wrong.  Pause and observe as all the bull-sh.. passes.  Conservation rules and you need to go through the list before you produce enough gamma in the brain to veil intuition.  Yes, you are going to burn calories because you now need to analyze the event to make a wise decision.  The good news is that if you attend to this present moment event and think about choices your intuitive database will update.  Attending to the choices or the thought-out choice long enough imprints subconscious with discernment between events and improves the content of your intuitive searches.

Intuition is always on; it is automatic and it feels valid or correct. Your attention is the tool that integrates potential.  Intuition, like a computer, is a great tool for speed and efficiency if it is regularly updated.  Growth is supported by attention and not intuition.

The Intuition Story

February 4th, 2015

Can you imagine someone else as correct without you believing you are wrong? Intuition establishes a sensory benchmark that serves as a reference for improvement but at some point this process becomes a limitation. This act of rising to a comparative level is supported by agreements know as family, business or culture. The only state of being that doesn’t need an agreement to maintain is creation. An agreement is an investment of energy to generate a force that represents the capacity of a projected potential from creation. This force makes the participants feel alive (movement) and supports what they believe (the pattern of how they move). If the force is not here now the agreement is an illusion. If it is never here it is a delusion. If you experience some emotions the agreement has touched reality. Very little here to validate the participants. If the agreement produces emotions and is here now you have a reality and the participants are now valid. Humans are valid by being present now (a creation) and thus the agreement has served its purpose to awaken them and is no longer needed. You are now valid and secured (done with the agreement).

Agreements and intuition are useful utilities. Failure to secure from agreements relegates you to being only valid as an object, a member of the agreement. Intuition may be subverted if you don’t frequently update your sensory references by interactions with other folks, by updating external references through meditation and actively sampling new events in life. If you insist on being stuck with an outdated picture that is not congruent with life now you will need to avoid the above three activities. You become a recluse and the popular style for that today is depression.

Most all humans begin life with an agreement called family. We are assigned a role, and with luck some tolerance that your patterns tailor that position to allow a congruent human story to develop. At some point you outgrow the limited part assigned and secure how you have developed. You are done with that character and step away to design a new role in culture. Securing each step of development builds a valid foundation for actualizing potential beyond agreements.
But why do we develop as a story line? For that insight we need to look at how stories serve both agreements and development. For example, we might create a conversation about how bright or how effective a light bulb may be in a dark room but we don’t include the fact that it blinks; AC current is alternating. The story about the light bulb is necessary to define shared parameters supporting the valid nature of the event; an experience that is real. The truth, the light blinks, is not relevant to validation. And the fact that all objects blink is filtered out by refresh rate because that fact is not relevant to human’s need to believe that objects and humans are valid if they match a predictable reality. If your conscious story, the story about you now, is secured with the perception that you are valid now you will feel emotion as the projected energy creates life congruent to your design. Remember, your state of being is either selected by emotions that feed the task of reality (effort) or the flow of creation. Choice wise for a new you!

New State-New Year

January 2nd, 2015

If science is correct, the attention from a conscious observer transforms energy into particle; on some level spiritual growth would just be total objectification. Your consciousness is the story about what you are aware of now with the concept of you included and attention from that reference would imprint that bias into the transformed matter. Mine! The idol for self would be the object that represents the concept of self. We have all known people that dedicate their life to producing “false idols”─wealth, worldly goods, knowledge and trophies. It is not my intent to discount such achievements but to point out that a different view of potential may require a different path. To have a degree may make you appear more credible and having adequate funding may bring your vision into timely fruition. But anything that can make you valid supports the nature of invalid; failure is driven by the fear from the shadow of creation (space of no energy). That is, attention to objects creates no-things and attention from an awareness without a conscious self generates limits.

A state of being is obviously what state or mood terms your expression given a stimulus from an event. If you develop mastery of your learned list of stimulus/responses you may choose a state to be in. Your ability to choose and execute that choice with action and demonstration is “power”; a projection of potential. Cool stuff!

But here is the value of “higher” states─if you can set aside your bias and attend to energy you become the source. “I’m a creation” without the I am would be a creation. A body of knowledge is an object and a task is movement of objects. As a projected flow of energy you would need to discover within each event what energy needed objectification to be done with that event and move on to the next event. The perception of being done secures the attention of the conscious you to move fully to the next event. Life would still be a series of events, the redundant nature of life. On this path energy would be projected in one direction and there is no shadow. No shadow does not mean that you are perfect and always right. You don’t need to be correct if you are valid by design and energy in one direction is the characteristic of confidence.

The term “higher” does not mean better but less objectified. Developmental gains may be marked by objects depicting obtainment but those are not the nature of the accomplishment. A true idol is a symbol that represents the expanded subject blossoming from the seed of “I am.” Depth, integrity, wholeness are the resources available from the subjective realized of your potential. Every unique journey at some point is a journey alone. Wise to ground the preparation in familiarity with higher states and operating life from discovery before you launch. Wizardscache offers that training.

The Close

December 22nd, 2014

The close of the seasons and the return to the cave or womb; to become calm and prepare for the death of winter has been a tradition in the northern hemisphere for our human epoch. I too look forward each winter to a month of reflection and an opportunity to secure the bounty of another year. I have little interest in Macy’s Event or of sharing with friends and family past stories grown weary over the years. My soul quests for new adventures and celebrates the valid moments, shared events and treasures of the heart now all done and secured in time past. Delight stirs in my belly from the caress of creation and the visions of unexplored concepts, new friends and places, and the spark of old friends reborn. Yes, every spring we are redefined, the design matures and events are set-up for another season. Only in the still winter of the soul may we reunite with the seeds of life to prepare them for the coming seasons.
Blessings to all.

Falling into Grace

November 20th, 2014

Grace brings to mind charm, elegance, ease of motion or action and perhaps favor by a superior.  And I’m sure we have all experienced falling from grace; an occasional faux pas, bumbling, lost, confused and even upsetting your boss.  We have been tossed out of “paradise”, guided by a fallen angel, lost our soul and paid good money to be saved–repeatedly.  The subjective view of conserving the energy of creation and redirecting it into a redundant pattern hoping to sustaining that energy for a “time”; the encounter we humans have come to perceive as life.  This is a prevalent tale from both mythology and religion.  But in the shared human history if some such event occurred, and the fact that we are digital, on each “reboot” we would again encounter the energy and effect of that event.   The dreadful nightmare of the Shadow.

Don’t forget we made it all up, or we prefer to say perceived it in a specific way.  “Falling from Grace” does feel like you really screwed up.  But the frequency of missing the mark (sin) is substantially reduced by practice (discipline) and a normal experience in everyday life.  And there is no time–only a perception.  We could make it up different and change our routine and as a facilitator I can support that process.  I facilitate a retreat with the title of “Falling into Grace” and implement mastery of four simple steps to establish a practice of returning to bathing in the energy of Grace. Falling because it marks a historical event; Grace because we humans believe “it could be better”; practice because it changes outcomes in human affairs and validates the objective effort side of the human experience.  In a relative short time those digital blips transform from “I screwed up again” to “I need to attend to outcome.”  Attention directs the energy of creation to flow into an event and “light” up the potential, a reliable mapping for new direction.

When posted my retreats fill in a few hours.  This doesn’t need to be a problem if you have eight to ten friends and a space to meet.  The targeted goal from this meditative/cognitive wisdom style retreat is to become a resource.  Not a consumable item but an inspiration in your community.  Your presence (you as a creation) supports and inspires if you demonstrate the flow of grace in your life.  I invite you to start “walking your talk” now.  E-mail me to get on a waiting list or create your own retreat offering.  Day-to-day living may require effort for us humans but the vision of potential is the magic of imagination.  The creation of you, the idea of “I am a specific expression”, is the grace of life imagined by all humans.  Imagine the time to be your potential now.


Attention Please

October 26th, 2014

In art we may take a pattern and repeat it creating a design. Likewise in music and film we can loop a segment to create an element in the project. In creating human life we took a slice, either by observation or attraction, of the energy of creation and objectified it into a projected redundant sequence. Objectified means we “tuned” the energy into mass that we defined by label, embodied form, and a belief; “me.” The energy of the universe demonstrates the potential to sort and to transform into particles under specific conditions. Human life is a specific condition and, although similar, no two identical humans (close with twins). Pure random would have some probability of a duplicate so the autonomy must be a design product. In a space/time particle environment these designs would need to exclude “universe time” (based on projected movement of objects in the universe) but still be affected by such time to a variable degree. In simple words, the object called you may become a tombstone but we can by design sustain that process by injecting more or less of those slices of creation energy between events. The events are the attended sequences or steps between creation and tombstone. You may savor a feel good moment but pain holds you in the tracking of time.

If you imagine energy as form and project that design art into potential you would create a lifetime of events. The event are made from redundant slices but because they are projected potential that would never need to be identical. Now here is the fun part of the “time outside” concept. Say you have four events at present in your life that need attention and you have selected one as a priority. All four are being held in your attention (your to-do list) but you examine one task in detail to tackle first. You don’t believe it will be a difficult task to complete so you take a break and procrastinate initiating the project. Universe time influences your event during your distraction and the four have now become eight with this increase revealed as complexity rather than more units. With the selected task now back in your focus you notice it is more convoluted but you assume you missed some details in your original assessment. Good reason for a human to get distracted again and time later you once more discover an increase in complexity. Now the eight events become sixteen in intricacy with many previously unnoticed steps apparent now in the event before you. You decide to ask a friend for advice so you take another break and time strikes your list with now 32 in the queue and your one simple task now has eight steps to complete. Yes, facing threshold you generate a plan and tackle the task and wonder why you are so overworked. Just not enough time you may think but the truth is not enough attention and way too much time hidden in the mix. I recommend a refreshed look at your art of attention and your relationship with states of being that support additional slices of creation. You are invited to my next attention retreat–hold this request in your interest and don’t allow it to become too complex for an event in your life.

Art of Attention

September 27th, 2014

To entertain larger than life (normal span of life) concepts we employ imagination instead of “I know” and other limited states (intuition, analysis, etc.). If we consider creation as an event without bonds to a system of time (random), this event would always be and have always been. The energy of creation would have no movement or location but it may hold potential; an abstraction preferenced by a strange attractor (conscious observer). The projection of such potential (again imagination) by a digital repetition of a moment from this event produces a demonstration represented as a life.

For emanating humans, reports from awareness would vary depending on their level of consciousness (the story of what they are aware of “now” including them). Irrelevant of the framing, the stories traditionally reference this potential as “attention.” Attention transforms energy into an objectified demonstration of the bias attracting the energy. And, since a projected potential would be the same directed towards a point as directed from a point, both points experience an increase in objectification or a schedule of development for us humans.

Thus a human experience is an interactive story with a demonstration (action or form) projected via a set of proprietary patterns. Each unique set of patterns are formed by the strange attractor in creation. An interaction between humans would normally be interpreted comparatively (intuitively) due to these dissimilar unconscious pattern bases. All parties to this event would intuit the differences and be triggered (learned response) to a state where they would define action to balance or to justify a personal position. And for more fun they could polarize this position as best, good, right, perfect or inadequate. The thoughtless seed of human drama and it is automatic.

Yes this is an unconscious act but imagine what would happen if one person could set aside their position and simply attend to one or all the participants in the event. You could “set aside” the story and for a moment, sample the other persons position and pause. No need to fully identify with them, support them, be converted or do anything. Attend to the energy and observe as it raised in both you and them. Lose the “speed bumps” and you become the source of attention; creation shows up. How cool is this?
e use attention to objectify (label or define) and effort to move, store and collect the spoils. More and bigger is the goal but in the end the only object you get is a tombstone. Personal discipline (spiritual training) is not managing to control unconscious automated programs but observing them and attending to potential opportunities to allow creation to structure new, more expansive and integrated concepts. Not using your attention to discern but instead as a path to the source; allow creation to update your potential.


Value Threads

August 27th, 2014

I worked for an insurance company in my twenties and a 459 error was a client address that could not be confirmed. I needed to see the client and obtain proof for their address. A few years later I worked for a bread company and a 459 was a product line; a type of bread. Again in my next career as a police officer in California, a 459 was a burglary. In all these occupations I did a lot of driving and needed a license to drive and had to obey the traffic laws of the State. The larger system, the State, had structure, defined terms and values that were universal and held precedence to all three of the subsystems. A lot of the structure, terms and values of these smaller systems were different but all were required to be congruent with State Law.

Not uncommon to find a smaller organization nested within a large system and the smaller component sheathed in more rules, more complexity and different semantics than the larger. In my example above I used numbers but those are symbols that could just as well have been words. For example, with an economist, the word “utility” means something different than the power company you get monthly bills from.

The human packages are designs, each individual somewhat unique, based on a model of development (potential) in a universe based on useful in compliance to evolving system changes. Evolution establishes balance by conservation (extinction) as a preference to complexity. Not unusual to find priority language in human subsystems but today it is fashionable to utilize sub-set language at higher human levels. Sort of a badge of membership or symbol of prestige. However these content specific terms often fail to transfer value in the larger system and humans today are established in many more subsystems than apparent in the near past.

Relate this to a person in a family, in a sub-culture, nested in a culture within a state, all within a country on this planet and in this universe. A person steeped in a family structure might be forgetful of the law of their culture but they are held responsible (defined in response to the culture). Truth is, a lot of the parameters in the subsystems reflect basic structure ingrained in the larger package. Most folks know what is required, they just have no idea which level requires compliance. Who can we trust? What is the promise in an advertisement? Is a warranty ever of value? When does “no” mean no? Lots of evidence to indicate that we are not doing a great job in communicating base value.

I propose a retreat to master another avenue in processing human value data other than audio processing; specifically internal filtered audio processing. The present level of complexity and abstraction has mutated the threats of communication such that we now impersonalize (remove the human) by texting folks within earshot. Time in reflection works to re-establish presence and refine techniques to launch an improved or at least a more congruent update to our human systems of communication.

Developing Value

July 26th, 2014

I’m told that a child on average learns a new word every 90 minutes growing up. And if the child reads more than average this skill expands exponentially. I think that is truly awesome. If consciousness is the story that defines you in every event that you are aware of and this is how we choose to contribute then language is a very practical tool. Story telling is the building blocks of conscious awareness. And like developed skill with words, reading and listening to stories expands proficiency in framing your own conscious stories with rich relationships to power and decisive accomplishments. We are deepened by reading books, attending seminars and listening to friends The myth of you is more valuable than any report on facts or truth.

“Energy work” is redefining the story of you with a improved association to energy. Yes, our primer is practiced abstract protocols but the real work is securing sensory reports to validate the new self vision. A secure valid human has the power to implement a choice. The most important choice is pursuing the discipline to produce demonstrations in life that are congruent with this new valence. Not a silly “Mirror, mirror on the wall” quest but an authentic personality emanates from this congruent story. When requested we “move a little energy”, tell our friends to lose their “dumb” story and assist them in mounting a more dynamic one along with accountability for their action. Keep it clean and simple to support them and walk your own tale.

Intuition is the means that we employee to filter the copious influx of stimulus the Universe gifts us every second. Selecting one alone with a comparative item to hold our attention fabricates a veil that buffers threshold. Works great but this is not a choice unless we consciously initiated the search within the context of our story. Choice begins with attention, migrating to comparative (intuition), thinking (analysis), planning and implementing demonstration to support the choice and thus the story. Careful, the Shadow will have you chasing “ghosts” and failing to embrace wholeness. Attention is a authoritative utility and the Shadow is distraction. Don’t waste your energy with clever distractions molding a history of failed choices.

The incentive compelling this human drive to master language, stories, decision making and attention is the preservation and transfer of value. Value is also a story and it could take the form of a moral, ethic, principal or even an object. Perhaps the purpose for human life is to assess, define and hold sacred these fabricated jewels of value that projected build community and global consciousness. Value seeded in a congruent human story builds a human race. Perhaps in the near future we will start to play with some of these concepts in retreat. Don’t stop reading.