Range Samples

May 1st, 2022

For building a new range, if you are not already a financial investor, I recommend any book by Ray Dalio.  Ray Dalio is the founder, co-chief investment officer, and co-chairman at Bridgewater Associates, a global asset manager and leader in institutional portfolio management as well as the largest hedge fund in the world.  He has developed his skill and success from studying cycles in human history and uses this data to inform his decisions about the cycle that we are in today.  The cycles are typically longer than the average person’s lifetime so we don’t intuitively know what is happening today.  He reports that “these periods have produced tremendous human suffering both financially and, more importantly, in lost or damaged human lives.  While the consequences are worse for some people, virtually no one escapes the damage.  Still, without minimizing them, history has shown that typically the majority of people stay employed in depressions, are unharmed in shooting wars, and survive natural disasters.” (pg. 37; Principles for Dealing with The Changing World Order)

Or, for a new range you could look at “The Spiral Dynamics Model” developed from the work of Clare W. Graves Ph.D.  Also a report of cycles, the nature of the elements in ranges change in cycles over large expanses of time.  I’m suggesting you become comfortable with the fact that a related series will change ultimately.  In my work I have observed that people who are secured into a range are not cognizant that the scales change.  When it occurs there is a tendency for people to assume they have failed somehow and their confidence wavers.  This leads to losing their secured place in that range of possibilities, a central point, and a retreat to a pole position for defense.  Not healthy or wise.  

The unique piece for each of us humans are the patterns of how we interact with others and the background (natural world).  Once you engage in a range of possibilities your exclusive pattern will begin to navigate you in that range.  I’m sure that you have noticed that others who share a range, theme, scope, etc. have different views than you.  The similar aspects are the matrix of the landscape, whereas your particular experience is a product of your pattern (focus of attention).  Distinctive outlooks allow all to find and hold center in a possible experience.  Imagine a “round table” in the center of a possible action where every person is independent but shares the achievable extent possible.

As an act of exploration, a fun search for discovery, humans plot a course in any new range, and in a short time, find a confident center point.  You become secure in what you know about this reach of potential.  I’m not talking about skill or knowledge but a feeling of comfort in your level of engagement.  However, many are enlisted in ranges by decree or necessity (cultural or family demand).  Demand assigns you a position and seldom one with choice.  Generating a location adjustment within this scope rarely happens because the position is unconsciously secured—in this case, by the energy from the demand.  Lose the demand and folks entering a new range naturally gravitate to a seat providing options.  Please remember, we are exploring new range to update our intuitive patterns that, over time, will refine our position in past forced commitments.  


Range not Chaos

April 1st, 2022

If scientific research is correct our conscious processing is limited to 7 +/- two bits of information and yet a normal mind processes 120 bits (unconscious) and the retina reports on 11 million bits.  I could continue with this account but I think it is clear that we humans only have conscious ability to select a pattern or learned skill and hopefully adapt it on the fly to address the ever-changing dynamics of life.  Add to this the evolutionary process of dividing each bit into smaller and dissimilar elements and the solution left is to abandon ranges of patterns and narrow attention to only ranges essential for life.  Yes, this feels like a threat and it often plays out that way.  Abandoning accuracy and diversity does increase the probability for errors, not from indecision, but from the limitations of considered variables.  The human states that this produces is that of polarization.     

For a present day example, note that in 1960 surveys indicated that 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said they would prefer that their children marry someone with a similar party preference.  By 2010 the groups preference grew to 50% for Republicans and 33% for Democrats.  What happened to love, respect, value, virtue and strong work ethic?  Do you see how the ranges have collapsed to reduce consideration once held in value?  To offset this system breakdown we all need to begin building back ranges to secure and increase future potential and survival.

I know, I have already tasked you with introducing new ranges to play in with the goal of securing a state of your being within the context of each of those ranges.  The fact is that less than three percent of folks will alter an established range landscape even when their life depends on doing so.  This is not because they agonized over the possible range structure for years but they were simply enticed into a range and repetition did all the rest.  A story to justify and a habit to anchor with a large pinch of time is all it takes and very difficult to unwind.

Out of college I loved back country camping and running.  Children came along and I switched to car camping and biking.  They grew up and I became a foodie and trail hiker.  I have lots of camping gear, an old pair of running shoes, a few bikes and tons of recipes and trail maps in my garage.  Today I take shorter hikes, read a lot of books, cook a variety of foods and sample whiskeys.  At this point in life healthy choices and health insurance opt for my range attention.  What I like to think of as “wisdom” directs me to blogging and teaching.  Not me as wise but wise for me.  I prefer being married and spending time with friends.  Both I rotated through frequently in life but now I’m attempting to stabilize them as worth the three percent challenge.  This is all about you and not me but we old folks can be a model.  Build those ranges and create playgrounds for you to mature.


Learn “Selection”

March 1st, 2022

Have you ever tackled a new task, solved a jigsaw puzzle or even prepared a novel recipe and had the necessity to repeat the process?  The second time you probably noticed that it went quicker because you may have discovered some short-cuts or recalled some clues that expedited the course from the first round.  We could say that you evolved in the process and made some selections that reduced a few of the “required” steps.  This is the nature of an evolutionary process where a secured plan or experience is broken down into its components and streamlined.

Most of the time we humans operate plan dependent.  We perform the way we learned and resist change for the sake of the efficiency from familiarity.  Very proficient and conserves energy because our body stores patterns and replicates them without the need for thinking (an energy conserving process).  Yes, this is a review and we are now on this planet at the time of evolution and “selection.”  Most folks fail in attempts to override plan dependency—it is both secured and unconscious. 

It is fun and stimulating to explore new ranges of activity and a great set-up to engage us into the act of selection.  Find something novel to explore and continue to review it until you find yourself making selections from your encounter with the exploration.  Your attention is the selector of change or creation; however your choice to define this undertaking.  The more we practice diversity the longer our span of attention becomes.  A juggler has to pay attention to more than one thing and timing for both release and capture.  New ranges provide the stimulus for the transformation in your state of being toward selection; a growth in potential.     

Last week I read the book, The Complete Ice Age.  In our time of climate change my hope was to expand my range on how all those major cycles of freezing and heating influenced the surface of our globe and everything alive on it.  This larger picture of sway helps understand the nature of the present emanating modification.  What was affirmed for me is that no one force was powerful enough to generate all the molding processes over time.  It took many dynamic forces and millions of years to get us where we are today with no clues as to where we may be in the future.  There was evidence of redundancies that over time collapsed and new patterns generated.  The records indicate the possibility of many evolutionary periods of influence or at least noting the fact that these ages took eons to establish and only a small percentage of that time to tear down.  Our above noted human cycles may in fact be a reflection of created life in general.  We need to increase attention in a range for insight.  Albert Einstein said, “It is not that I’m so smart.  But I stay with the question much longer.”


Birthing Ranges

February 1st, 2022

Back in December of ’21 I did recommend the book Noise by Kahneman, Sibony and Sunstein.  The hope was to introduce the finding that our intuition does not in fact perform as amazing as we have generally believed.  Yes, we do figure out how to solve new problems based on our past experience with similar issues.  However, the issues that are similar don’t frequently resolve with the “proven” past treatment.  I believe most of us have notice that this style of problem solving does take a little tweaking most the time but it is fast and “automatic.”  The data, if you read the book, in fact confirms that the past learned and saved solutions were usually not the best options.  Automatic systems prove to be lazy systems (lots of system noise) and we frequently conjure of a fast solution without comparative data and that gains the title of wise or best only by the story you generate to validate your action.  It feel amazing because it worked but that does not win it top position in efficiency.  Of course, in our present epoch of change something that sort of worked at 40% is now just a frustration.  Gone is the pride we felt when we saved the moment with an amazing intuitive hit.

But if we drop a coin (now a card) into “the right” slot machine at “the right time” and win we call that intuition.  Not quite the same as above description but does end with a feel good if you in fact win.  Wait, innovation is frequently referred to as intuition.  Physic is traditionally discussed using mathematics but Richard Feynman invented a simple system of eponymous diagrams that would yield him answers without using any mathematics.  An extraordinary feat of intuition.  And Einstein was quite contemptuous of experiment, preferring to put his faith in pure thought.  His novel theories incorporated others novel theories and pure innovation—intuitive without question.  Have you ever sorted through boxes, books or web sites looking for a special something and became frustrated by misdirected labeling?  That is a non-intuitive process with a different reference for that same broad term.  I have been dancing you around and could have just stated that we have lots of different meanings for the words we use and many without any apparent association.  The only possible common threat that I can see with intuition is the possibility of a feel good moment.  A word is a term in sound that represents a symbol.  A symbol is an idea in form as a pattern.

We need more ranges and need to swiftly pick the range that has all the relevant information to process an event wisely.  We would need labels for all those ranges but using the same word or symbol would require a lot of sorting.  We seem to preference “how it feels” at some moment in the range but with that as a marker ranges tend to get more cross indexed.  Last month I suggested we start with new ranges.  Read a book, make a new friend, go for a walk someplace new, try a new food, etc. and acknowledge this new experience as the foundation for a new reach.  Do a meditation and track this new happening in your “mind” from start to end.  Threads will link associated information from other ranges but don’t go down that rabbit hole.  Stay with your new span and as you move back and forth, end to end, feel all the permutations, the order and the offers.  Notice and feel with every new swipe what you missed or glossed over on the last one.  Invite your imagination to stage curiosity; what was out of sight, to produce the offer to expand this new array.  Repeat this meditation with your new series each day for at least four days to secure the scope.  Dream space will build all the cross indexing but your meditations will have secured the range as a new resource.  The work beginnings.



Beginning Range

January 1st, 2022

My personal goal in life is to improve my attention and awareness to what influences me and what I might influence.  The very fabric of the concept relationship.  My “work, passion and intention” is to assist others along these same lines.  I blogged all of 2020 about what I termed the parallax; the system of phenomena and the system of logic.  I blogged all of 2021 on which rudiments we need to attend to in these systems to manage the change mandated by a present evolutionary shift.  A secured relationship is an anchor to anything more stable than your idea of self.  The idea of self is a perceived sensation supported by a story.   Everything changes so time is the trap.  We perceive the stuff in the background of our lives as enduring and therefore reliable.  Evolution challenges that concept by dividing the patterns and thus distorting the structure of background elements; all the titled logical pieces in our universe (climate change, concepts of government, wellness, finance, etc). 

Since the start of this mandate we humans have switched our securing focus, our idea of truth, to imagination (innovation in all fields) and range.  Like our stories, creative ideas take time to prove as safe or correct.  Lots of danger in labeling new ideas quickly as truth.  Range provides a broader view including all the variables.  But by design we humans are very handicapped in range.  Wise to learn how to change and sort the puzzle pieces of range that we humans are dealt.  This year we will start to work with range.

Range is more than the reach of sensory awareness.  Recall, memory, and consciousness have ranges and all with unique individual configurations.  The goal is not to have one giant range containing all your life experiences.  That would be like having photos taken every moment of your life and tossed into “shoe boxes” or a big hard drive.  Not an effective way to gather and sort information to make quick life decisions or deal with our newly generated uncertainty of life going forward.  Remember, the labels from past are no longer correct.  Our intuition sorted experience by patterns; how it felt as you engaged.  No longer reliable because of the changes in states but the tool is very effective and needs to be adapted.  We still need to be in the center of all our ranges (termed spiritual growth) so we may make decisions and flex.  When not in the center, but at an edge called a pole our only choice is to defend.  Not a wise position and totally effective for decision making.  Yes, the underpinning of reactions and sadly easy circumstances for others to control your actions.

Over the course of this year we will delve into all the relative situations and implement plans to become a new version of self.  Like with any new learning experience you will gather a multitude of new ranges.  The caution is not to dump them into familiar past ranges.  Our first task will be to mark what a new unique collection of experience or data feels like and that will be the matrix for the new label.  For now just notice the process and we will continue this chat in February.



End of Cycle

December 3rd, 2021

I believe that as your brain takes form post-conception, its first job and most important one, to keep you alive.  Perpetually in the dark it receives data and interprets it to produce your metabolic balance in an ever-changing external environment.  Stimulus response is too slow for state changes.  The brain must predict (or imagine) an external condition and adjust as data input flows in.  Making an incorrect prediction ahead of time and adjusting is a normal operation—we expect to be close (the story index, “right on the mark”) as adults but not so for children.  We watch out for them because they are “not old enough to know yet” as is the accepted story.  Also not old enough to have developed a large database (inductive or intuitive) and the brain has not yet developed the logical functions (deductive).  (refer to the work of Jean Piaget)

You don’t see you except through relationships (and other types of mirrors).  The next job for that brain is to generate a conceptual you and a view of the external world from that perch.  I believe we secure this perception of self with a complexity of sensations as feelings to represent you; then we secure this package into the environmental background that our brain is receiving descriptive data from constantly.  For more details and proofs from neuroscience, check out Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book, How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain.

This is an amazing biological system with the ability to heal and repair, at least for a time, and it’s birthed with range in the form of patterns.  You probably look something like the rest of the members of your family and culture.  These patterns may seed your unique range of potential.  I believe these patterns are so intense that we humans need a small amount of conscious processing to experience different influences as references for seeking out the potential extensions of our range.  Of course, we process our potential consciously with stories and that inspires us to imagine the idea of self in a projected context.  Perception within the range of our secured feeling marking self should provide a clue and utility for testing.  In theory, how we feel when modeling a new stream of potential should indicate utility in perusing the test stream more.  An amazing system but not perfect which supports my theory that each unique thread has boundaries.  In other words, you can do anything with your unique thread of potential and definitely more variance than one has in a lifetime—the limitation is a clue to direction or time and not accomplishment.  Movement is the most essential addition from the logical system.

If we lose balance we become ill and die.  We can thrive without human relationships as long as the background (nature) is secured (all bets are off during evolutionary change).  Our focus from the phenomena system is range and that requires support from the logical system to flourish—the platform of becoming.  In 2022 we will focus on range and how to improve it.  I recommend the book Noise: a flaw in human judgment by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Siobony and Cass R. Sunstein.  Please put this on your Christmas list, the story for the season.


Predict and Adjust

November 1st, 2021

Our plan is to secure into a larger range and hopefully several ranges.  “When we sync up both our output (motor movements, vocalizations) and our input (seeing and hearing one another’s movements and sounds), we may extend our body’s awareness and sense of self to the larger collective.” (Sarah Rose Cavanagh, Phd; Hivemind.  Now I think we should look at a concept that will facilitate this action.

In my late teens I discovered the word cybernetics in an article about guided missile systems.  During the “cold war” days weapons were news.  My thought was that it was similar to the way I see humans function.  No computers back then but I did research and follow the development of cybernetic concepts in our local library.  This path led me to Gregory Bateson’s book, The Ecology of Mind.  It was not data per se but inspiration that I received from his works and I formed a loose concept that human brains make predictions and use input to adjust.  It is not stimulus/response but stimulus/adjustment and the stimulus is massive.  This explains why we all are subject to influences and assumptions.  In this model, relationships are essential and they support range development.  That is as long as you don’t always hang with people that “think like you do.”  With similar thinkers, movement and vocalization may secure range size or even reduce it.  The same sharing with diverse topics and thinkers will challenge small range and compel larger conventionalization.  Change is pursuit into the unknown and not dwelling in the familiar past.    

With a theory of constructed concepts and emotions we can reopen the conversations put forth by Steven Pinker in his book The Blank Slate (also work by Chomsky, Paul Bloom, Skinner, Locke, etc.).  Not to challenge theory of mind but to examine how much structure is generated in the nine months in the womb.  How quickly might a brain predict patterns to interface with that first human in contact that is essential for life?  A new-formed brain would have to assimilate patterns to support metabolic needs for life and possibly download all patterns from mother (father, family and culture).  By birth the brain would have a perception of preferences for support and nurture.  I have no idea how such a concept could be tested but I believe this theory is more open to change.

Change does tend to produce states of politicization and moralization but human history demonstrates that over time most humans re-center in range along new threads in thinking and behavior.  I naively thought that over time the difference between camps of thinking would become so small that change would become less burdensome.  That is most certainly not a reality yet.  We are very close to the point technically that an implanted chip could wipe memory and augment the process but who would we trust to program the chip?  I’m not personally quite ready for that step.  Instead, next month we will look at current research to better support and empower our ability to shoulder up and change.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid yet.


Open Range

October 1st, 2021

Yes, death is the most predictable forecast in life, although constant changes in state are also assured.  The elements in the logical system (attention, questions and decisions) usually are sufficient to manage these changes that are often called growth.  This procedure is inadequate for evolutionary change which is an outside or background change.  For example, imagine you and your friends got together to pay some poker.  To everyone’s surprise, the fresh deck contained 6 suits and 71 cards in total.  All bets are off for any information you had about poker and you are going to need to generate a new game.  Some of your friends may just leave, some will get drunk but a few may engage to develop this new diversion.  Do you get it?  This is not your personality change, nevertheless you will need to address this act of evolution at some point.  It is not only an effect on you but may alter your concept formation.  We may get into that later this year.

To manage balance, the phenomena system will divide all the “pieces” in the logical system making each less of a prominent influence.  This is the nature of evolution and it usually unfolds over hundreds of years.  Can you see how the elements of the phenomena system (balance, range and relationship) are generating this change?  Balance is imposed so it is wise to explain range and when terrain is secured we can delve into alterations in relationships.  Now we have a plan; maybe not hundreds of years worth but a start for life now.   

We think of an expert as someone that knows most everything about a specific topic (range).  However, since everything is always in a state of change, being an expert cannot endure.  You may know of Yo Yo Ma who is famous for his skill with the cello.  At master level and for some years now (performed at age 4 1/2) but the cello was his third instrument of study.  Yes, start young, work hard and you may become the best for a time.  Engage in multiple options and discover some range you have a passion for and focus—become a long-standing expert.  We are not talking about an instrument, a sport or an academic topic but a concept that you create and master called you. 

Every year in Nepal, after the earthquake season, the villagers examine the houses that withstood the quakes.  All the villagers help rebuild the damaged homes but with the knowledge they gained from the homes that survived.  They believe that their God provides the earthquakes to instruct the tribe on how to build a safer house and protect themselves.  The secret is not only a bigger range of construction knowledge but also inspired ideas from nature and visions found in meditation.  A simple change in background (from earthquake) and the wisdom to explain range and integrate that into a relationship of working together to secure the village into the new paradigm.  When the work is done they take a week off and celebrate with food, dance and songs to honor their new learning. 

When I had a training center I used to facilitate a workshop titled “reducing the pain of growth periods.”  Of course a “growth period” is just a person’s resistance to the state of change they were evolving into.  The work focused on expanding range by reading diverse books, trying a new game or sport, talking to strangers and meditation to target a novel option to explore.  It worked well for most but some folks just love the struggle.


Point of Balance

September 1st, 2021

So we have done a good job and now we all move up a step into the unknown.  Relationship is still essential to balance and our first task is to develop a new way to communicate and find our voice in a global world.  Remember the logical system operates with attention, questions and decisions.  Your old tribe members may not be with the program yet but everyone is influenced by the evolutionary mandate.  Pay attention, you are looking for hints or clues, and ask those familiar folks lots of questions.  Not a time to debate but to gather information.  Again, a reaction is not a decision but if a reaction commandeers your attention the energy will flow and you will travel a fruitless path.  Recall, you create the energy flow by attending to a plan as a course of action.  You create your emotions.  Your newly afforded alone time is for contemplation and development.  Not abandonment but an offer of quiet time to create a plan of growth and test the concept for you.  Perhaps not fun but practice and do your research.

Life in form is about movement and balance.  To start life we learn from our family and culture and secure into that habit as action.  Either boredom or potential eventually inspires us to tackle an unfamiliar terrain.  Adventures can be fun but for most this step feels more like a push, necessary or required.  The secret we have been teaching for years is to find the balance point between what you feel secured as you (I know what I can do) and the potential for you that you are exploring (I don’t know if I can do this).  You will never know until you move, but to maintain that state of balance increase with your attention the idea that “you can” to a small percentage past the concept that you have no idea what to do.  We used to title that as confidence, later as certainty and now as arrogance.  Act as if you were 51% or a little less arrogant but greater than 50%.  Don’t get intimidated by the word—arrogance is not proof that someone can do a task, only that they believe they can.  A journey always starts with the first step and your story is how you process that step.  Make up a story to launch yourself; get it.

Amy Chua (author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Jed Rubenfeld have written a great little book titled The Triple Package.  They argue that superiority and insecurity along with impulse control are the keys to success.  America has long provided this platform and is its historical key to past success.  Today this still drives upward mobility for immigrants to the US from most countries in the world but traditional Americans have lost that fragile balance point needed to implement.  We  Americans still hold sacred the idea of superiority (arrogance) but have long lost the balance point with insecurity—any impulse control is only a weak memory.

I hear lots of folks say “I deserve it.”  You can create, you can imagine and you can make something happen but it all ends in death.  Is that not a clue to what you deserve?


A link to a chat produced in association to the September blog:

Alone at Last

August 1st, 2021

Being human is never a perfect game but we have done good and are ready for another evolutionary step.  By nature we have been tribal folks with the sizes of tribes growing into nation states.  We perhaps need to bring an end to all those delineations to discover how to connect globally.  Growth or change initiates usually by clearing the palate from the past norms.  We have to get lost to ignite the innovation to create a new paradigm.  I don’t believe someone hid the maps or some aliens are going to present us with directions.  We are going to create a new schema and tune it over time.  Welcome to the lonely century.  To drop out of living with family, caring at home for seniors, being members of clubs, teams, neighborhoods, or religious groups is almost unimaginable but look at the news.  Are we not headed in that direction?

I’ve been around a lot of years and thought I was watching this progress until I read the book by the similar title, The Lonely Century by Noreena Hertz.  My range was way too small and all the information was a shock as well as a wake-up.  I see    Covid-19 now as just a bonus to kick us when we are down.  I was glad her last chapter was titled “Coming together in a world that’s pulling apart.”  I remember the outcry in 1994 of the devastating genocide in Rwanda.  Shame on me for not following up on the progress.  Not perfect perhaps, but the rule in place now is for weekly three hours of public work along with required community meetings and this is called Umuganda.  That term translates as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome.”  The author gave several great examples in that last chapter that got my mind going.  I’ve been calling my most innovated friends to spark new ideas and potentials. 

I don’t utilize texting because over 60% is misinterpreted and thus a waste of time as a medium of communication.  I’m also anti-social for social media programs because the content presented is mostly deceptive and pathetic.  I think the idea to censor violence and crime was wise but why politics?  Being lonely is a huge issue but if you don’t believe something is working for you, just stop it!  Recall the norm in growth is to clear the palate first.  Space and need sparks innovation and there may be many constructs along our journey until we fabricate a system that we can secure future styles of communication into.  Send me your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to open up dialog.  I love discussions and prefer them in person but Zoom chats for now are a fair stand-in.  The task is to imagine a reason for every direction we now turn; illness, cure and truth lead to dead ends—and follow that thread to create that new human paradigm.  We are here at this time because we, as a group, are up for the job.