Retirement Stream

January 21st, 2016

How many times have you seen or heard the phrase “go to the light”? What is at the light?

Did you know that somewhere in South India over 2,000 years ago a “holy man” in meditation discovered a light somewhere external and labeled it the absolute moment of creation? He marked it in external time somewhere past because he had no awareness of the light out of trance. The foundation of religious stories to date—the presence of an absolute. Also created the need for a past and future.

How many times have you seen or heard the phrase “I know I’m here for a special reason”? Obviously, we humans reserve the task to discover “value.”

I teach that a human is a design produced by references in space (compressed nothing—no value). We map movement and sensory data in form and personality in mind. Our sense of individuality indicates unique personal mapping. Individual development to be functional would require independent time and some type of guideline structure or direction for movement. What if there were markers or a “flow” along the path for the first few to discover? The rest of us follow well. This concept is called a meme and the gravity of it tugs on us all.

The universe and everything in it evolves. Change is evident. What doesn’t change becomes existent. This affects humankind as a group; because of the conscious of self piece, we are afforded the privilege to develop at independent rates. Not sure if some force holds our group accountable to keep pace but the memes set the tempo and direction for movement.

Infinity reflects on the size of the container. Infinity for a one gallon container would be one gallon. What would be infinity for any human potential if we, the space designers, could continue to update the container or allow our assessment to mature (reveal)?

What we attend to reveals, at a pace, all that is contained within it. We can reassemble the pieces and produce both a re-framed whole and a different demonstration (healing). We can move any subjective concepts and a few not so heavy objective chunks. Bump into a box often and we move it out of the way. May we move the pretense of “the time” for the light of creation out of the past and into the moment now? Leave it external but reference it in a far more useful way. Do you recall the design pattern that incorporates proximity, frequency, duration, intensity or tempo? We could have a new fun game.
The above is what I call a stream and the nature of advanced work. Not advanced as superior but advanced as a “larger view of potential.” The above is a list of assertions in the objective world but the subjective world is all assertions. Potential is unknown but asserted possible. Not for everyone but the level I choice to teach at post retired.

Adventure in India

December 25th, 2015

Thirty days in India was most certainly an adventure. India is a “two star” country and if you believe you purchased any higher level of service you either feel disappointed or “ripped-off”. The people are very open and warm but the country is very dirty and polluted. High population density, crazy road and foot traffic conditions, low quality food and intense air pollution in all the cities we visited. The countryside was breathtaking, but, again, no infrastructure to dispose of trash. All the businesses were very professional and honest but burdened with antiquated paper work and poor un-craftsman repairs. I was impressed that anything worked but the India people are very industrious and hard working. This report sounds like an oxymoron but is that not the nature, if you understand Spiral Dynamics, of the move from the blue meme to orange. I would not consider a return visit but I had fun and enjoyed contact with all the folks I encountered in India.

I got asked often if our reason for the trip was spiritual. Not sure how most folks define spiritual but I assume they are focused on the great spiritual tradition. Once a powerful training for awakened states but what I witnessed during the trip was a very commercial enterprise today. I cannot comment on the teachings but I would never return to any of the centers I visited.

The true spiritual value for me was to visit the country that implemented the concept of “absolute”. The oldest record of a “0” being used is from Indian roots. Our math and computer science would be lost without the place holder. And the marked absolute moment of time—creation occurred the moment Vishnu awoke—concept of an absolute is the base for most all religions. Creation being at an absolute moment in time past producing an absolute power or being and an absolute truth. To engage in what is often called the blue or religious meme you need to polarize truth and lies; right and wrong; good and bad; and be prepared to judge anyone that doesn’t accept your assessment (meme membership). You would also need to account for your past from creation until present and produce a future to map your path to the one polarized truth. Sounds like a lot of work but we have all been there and done that.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Can you envision moving this “absolute moment” to the moment in time now? Imagine, that would make creation now and your life a creation and not an effort. You could drop your Facebook page and your Christmas card list. You would discover your future as a process of creating one day at a time. What would a life feel like without a past to justify and a future to chase? Big questions to look at but if you do anything rash you will get judged. But we are already being judged. Have fun.

That Time Again

November 22nd, 2015

I doubt if there is such a thing as absolute time; like absolute truth it would simply be a bias. The absolute act of creation would need to be void of time and truth. There is an expression of time in our universe that is based on movement of planets or perhaps updated now to decaying radioactive material (still movement of stuff). But in the human package the marker for time is metabolic and not the same for every person. To be healthy you need to honor the internal clock in your body but to be externally accepted you may need to show up on time. The imbalance between the demand from the internal human clock for wellness and the demand from the external clock of accountability is labeled stress. Not easy to find a balance when our judge is in the external world.

In 1882 philosopher E.R. Clay introduced the term specious present for the duration of time a state of consciousness is experienced as being in the present. William James defined the specious present to be “the prototype of all conceived times…the short duration of which we are immediately and incessantly sensible”.  David Eagleman and his research lab inform us that different types of sensory data (auditory, tactile, visual, etc.) are processed in the brain at different speeds. The brain learns to overcome these speed disparities to create a temporally unified representation of the external world. The brain coordinates among different senses and sensory modalities. To get events time-wise the brain may need to wait for the slowest information to arrive. The disadvantage here is pushing perception into the past. The tenth-of-a-second window may be the smallest delay that allows higher areas of the brain to account for the delays created in the system while still operating near the border of the present. I don’t believe life revolves around the function of the brain but its mapping is a great marker.

Emotions also change our perception of time. When in awe by an insight or an immense perceptual vastness the perception of time slows down. When we entrain or just “hang out” with a person that is incredibly slower in any way our internal clock may slow down. A threatening situation may increase the internal clock rate and time perception may speed up as body temperature rises, and slow down as body temperature lowers. Lots of variables affect our perception of time.

We know that the experience of life occurs in the present moment. Any past event may be remembered but it is an “object” and not an experience even if it invokes emotion. Same may be said for perception of anticipated future events. The power to change, choose or direct an experience requires that you be present (conscious and aware). Our internal clock is far from consistent and therefore being present now may be a state of being and not a perception of time. I invite you to spend some time with this idea.

A Hug and a Push Count

October 2nd, 2015

If you compress “nothing” into something (a space) and leave it alone it will decompress at a rate (time) back to “nothing” again. The nature of a space/time continuum. The nothing could be a potential and the compression could be invoking energy into the potential to produce a demonstration. The potential releases the energy instilled in the act of decompression; the demonstration could be perceived as becoming a past event. Now we have a time experience. You could say the Universe as a chaotic system is a state of selecting potentials to compress and allow them in turn to decompress. This of course would be going on continually producing the perception of a consistent space/time package. Now we have a playing field for a time with the habit of change but with the illusion of being permanent.

In the act of compression the system would induce spin to code the potential and direct the activity of demonstration. In any cycle a given potential with a different spin rate could produce a uniquely different demonstration. Now we have a game with the power of choice expressed in spin rate. We have also created a future as a choice for potential.

You would think the system would just be random but chaotic systems generate strange attractors that sort the potential. Because there is a sorting agent and a future we would have a potential preference. The system would of course preference what selections supported its continued existence or it would show signs of entropy. Ah, a timeless process creating the illusion of a progressing space/time experience. Any potential uncompressed would have near infinite energy but compressed would expend energy in activity. However the activity would quickly become past and the level of energy in the potential would return to near infinite. Near infinite because of the small amount of energy used for creation of spin for coding activity.

Therefore we have a universe that is a chaotic system, self organizing and conserving but conscious of survival enough to code activity. Any element in the system would be supported if it was useful to the continuation of the system. However, any part that was conscious of its participation in the system would also be part of its conscious of self feature. These elements may not be able to control the system but could on some level be able to influence the system by their participation in choice. And now we have the potential for a human experience.

This may not be your story and this may not even be correct but it has potential and a giant view. If you can envision the usefulness in this story join us next year in one of our meditation retreats. Looking forward to your potential.

“Eye of the Wizard”

September 13th, 2015

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You are Special

September 2nd, 2015

We all have had the pleasure to meet people that “know they are special” or “have been chosen”. They are “spiritual”; “they know their body”; “they have the gift of intuition” and a giant story to justify their view. The rest of us humans are aware of around nine percent of our ambient world and we lock two or three of those percents into fabricating a story that inserts a “conscious of self” piece into that awareness package. Not sure where the idea of “self” comes from when only ten percent of our body is human cells, less than one-tenth of a percent unique genes and all those special thoughts are just a shared stream with the world. I suppose that if you can produce a ubiquitous self from such little resource you could qualify your story by quoting something your mother said to you; or God, your angel or a guide spoke to you. Nice to have a report that someone or something found that elusive self to confer with and produce a story we should all believe in. Perhaps a clue why I retired from facilitating entry level classes.

The only thing to work with in the previous paragraph is the story. What if self is just an imagined story? Yes, the world is full of stuff but we are talking about the
potential of who you are and not the stuff of you. If you “imagine” a story that supports you entertaining an activity that produces a demonstration in life (an event) that is congruent with the real world (world of stuff) your story would be valid. Valid meaning the imagined self is real by virtue of association with everything else that appears real. Crazy doesn’t matter if we are all crazy and we get along most of the time. If we could become disciplined enough to attend to what or how we wish to be in the world we would discover steps or a path to the demonstration. We would need to be willing to lose our story quickly and create a new informed one to meet the designed set-up. We all do design set-ups unconsciously all the time—look at culture, fashion, advertising, social media, etc. And the good news is that if we pull this off two or more times as valid in the world we secure the process—we feel confident (trust our story making).

When you become adept at change and secure in “self” you are ready for what I refer to as higher level training. Not more difficult but rather concepts instead of tasks or abstract techniques. A task is “What do I have to do?”, whereas a state is “Who do I need to be?” The training is to guide you around unconscious speed bumps and release the effort in the demonstration. A task will need effort to accomplish but a state is just a change in definition—a better story. Not after the fact justifying story on how great you are but a story that consistently produce validation in the world. To improve your state you need to redefine as the new potential of you. Thoughts and tasks don’t count here. Not hard but there is a learning curve and a guide proves useful. I’m a guide and the tool is meditation.

Spider Human

August 12th, 2015

Have you ever seen spiders interlock webs? Not be close but attach to each other’s webs. David Abram in his book, The spell of the sensuous, reports witnessing three spiders building interlocking webs in a cave opening in Bali. I don’t believe I have ever noticed connected spider webs. In July there are a lot of spiders seeking a warm lunch on our property. On break from facilitating the new Path of the Mystic retreat, I scouted our garden for joined webs to no avail. This retreat is “in the female voice”, a teaching style not different audio or gender. This change in style along with the content of David’s book inspired me to ask a spider. Now, I didn’t expect the spider to chat with me, less yet preference a male or female reply, but I got an “inspired” answer. The “spider” said that in the opening of a cave there would be nothing else to anchor with except the angle of another web. A larger web would yield more success for all.

The Path of the Mystic is a meditation style retreat dealing with the Shadow. A large part of the resolve for the shadow issue in this format is working with human interconnectedness. You don’t need to know more answers but a moment of connecting with another human enriches your human “intuitive” data-base. The ranges that your intuition uses to compare data with familiar to provide quick choices. The Shadow is just a shadow of a potential piece of data but not supported; not familiar from your personal experience and not grounded or secured as valid normal human activity. A good hunch but more fantasy than real and the choice lacks success as a result.

Asking a question of a spider is very similar to a Google search. I don’t believe my computer is talking or writing to me. We know today that even thoughts are not personal but a shared stream for which you may have added threads which is why it sometimes feels personal. Information from both above sources is impersonal but logical potential data that may prove useful, inspiring or just more human trivia. Potential is a better interface with the experience of life that may produce a better demonstration. Being able to access a more diverse range is a wise set-up for a better quality life-style. Better choices come from better potential data to choose from.

The other Shadow retreat I facilitate, Falling into Grace, incorporates working with higher brain states. Also very useful but more elements to manage and the outcome appears quite different. In this retreat you become a resource for other humans and that connects you. Both share the concept of becoming whole as a community of humans (all potential)rather that the person with the biggest brain. Perhaps a larger web would yield more success for all.

Relationship to Wellness

July 27th, 2015

The special Wellness Code Training for wellness coaches that I have been designing this past year is done and first round of testing the material completed. Feels good and the next test is customers in the wellness end of the insurance market. Please check out and I encourage you to leave a comment.

After digging deep this year into over forty years of my teaching and facilitating with alternative healings I discovered a theory. Remember, an intuitive theory with all my experience is apt to be one to one and one half times better than chance. I don’t recommend you rush out and change your life but this may be a fun concept to toy with and if you have lots of money you could do some real research. I’ve observed that folks in general establish a sort of benchmark around age thirty-five based on their prior twenty years experience with wellness. If fifteen to thirty-five was a productive positive healthy time or at least an above average mean, the next thirty to forty years bode well for good healthy habits. I have watched people make at will (not sick) healthy lifestyle choices and at thirty their plan secures in a few years as a life-time demonstration. At forty or later it appears to take at least ten years to produce the same caliber of lifestyle change. These observations are based entirely on at will self-control motivated changes. A sickness or being run over by a truck does change the parameters but it still appears tougher in general to secure later in life if the benchmark is unhealthy. My hunch is that those critical twenty years form a Bayesian network.

The first markers I look for to determine a healthy lifestyle are addictions, obsessions and compulsions. The second is a story that justifies your present state. Any type of addiction, OCD or just BS is counter to any form of self-control. A perfect plan is impossible in our imperfect world and all the label awareness will never compensate for markers one and two above.

I have had great success with people later in life (over 35) that just came out of an out-of-control span of life and now desired change. I recommend establishing an external reference with metabolic references added to define a state (emotional mood or attitude). They will need a well mapped ten year plan and the discipline to follow the protocols as close as possible. Not easy but building a new habit that feels good is much easier than discontinuing a bad habit, or a number of them. The secret to success is changing your story and ending all addictions, obsessions and compulsions. Remember, with addictions you may need professional help. Without this step it is rare that I have observed any level of progress toward a life of wellness. The exception is illness or injury and in my mind that is waiting too long to generate change. What motivates you?

Check out Integral

June 9th, 2015

A lot of my students know I have read all of Ken Wilber’s books and now that he is expanding his audience with Superhuman OS, they’re asking if I plan on teaching some integral techniques. I am already doing that, but I frame the material differently. I structure my work on what I observe when people integrate. For example, when we assemble a puzzle we integrate all the pieces into a whole and complete image that resembles the cover of the box. But the experience for most folks is to start by securing the parameter with all the pieces that have a flat edge. Next you sort by color or sub-image and secure an internal part of the design. You systematically process and secure the whole image one piece at a time. Yes, at times you get lucky and find a piece you just intuitively know the location for, but that is not the norm in the process. We don’t say we spent the week integrating a puzzle but we did spend the week securing all the pieces by interlocking them in proper order.

When you stage into another level you explore, sample, discover and secure, and move along. Of course, here too you may have peak experiences but most of the work is securing what you discover. When you manage to secure your parameter by “no” and past agreements as “done” you open up to more interconnectedness as “we.” As you sample through entrainment you secure range in the human data-base, a body reference but not necessarily a personal experience. A reference “like me” but does not need to be “me.” Writers refer to this type of experience as empathy but this term does not account for all the different levels of empathy. At the lowest level it is a request (or demand) for help. I use a different title for the process at higher levels to note the distinguishment. These tastes of other human traits and characteristics enrich your life and the people you share a vulnerable moment with.

With these three elements secured you open to higher states (higher brain states as well as whole complete visions) and meditation reveals new preferences. Selecting and securing a preference directs you to a “gateway” that identifies your unique patterns and loops you back into the creative cycle. At speed these loops become an enlightened experience. You carry your selected preference through the “top” connection of the ascending/descending columns and your selection is created as a demonstration in your life. A creation is not a task so validation is not a required step to support the loop. A fun game and even more fun to see how Ken guides you there. Enjoy the experience however it is framed.

Ten Second Rule

May 9th, 2015

I appreciate all the questions you folks send me and I attempt to answer them all as a personal reply but when I get several questions on the same topic I prefer to respond from this venue. An example is some 10 second rule I mentioned in a past seminar that I believe will become clear as I address our short human “span of attention.” Entertain the concept of sitting outside on a beautiful day staring at a seemingly perfect rose in your garden. How long does it take for you to be distracted from your act of admiration? The average of a minute and a half is not unrealistic. But this time limit reflects the point when you are totally adrift from the then forgotten rose. Difficult to pin down just how long the rose held your total attention. I’m eluding in my “10 second rule” that the drift begins at 10 seconds and completes departure in 90 seconds. May not make an impact on your rose but it will your intuition.

The automatic intuitive system that humans use as a shortcut to evaluate a course of action is triggered by a cue in an event and opens a range with your normal (familiar—worked well in the past) reference as a center point and the two extreme ends produced by your definition of self (limit to what you will accept or expect). Fast, efficient, and works well if the parameters in this event are the same or acceptably close to the benchmark. If there is a deviation your intuition will toss on top another reference. If this is relevant it may guide you to a quick automatic action. If still unsure, intuition will continue to toss out an array of samples. Great automatic system but two flaws show up quickly.

“Power” by my definition is the ability to entertain all sides and points in a decision and have the autonomy and resources to act in any direction you choose. Attention is the key and every distraction reduces attention and accordingly access to power. The power is a consequence of creation which is akin to your presence at the moment of creation—now. With intuition, every few seconds you are distracted by design and all from the past. Faced with a snarling dog you may recall having attempted to pet one in the past. Probably was not a positive experience. If you process this intuitive data fast your hand will be in your pocket, if you get distracted or trance from the terror of the past event your hand may be in the dogs mouth. Ouch!

The second potential mishap with dozens of ranges open is threshold. When there is too much going on you need to pause and start thinking. Thinking filters out intuition and allows you to expand the range (employing both hemispheres of the brain); move the range right or left by “thinking” up (imagination) a new normal; zoom out and make the whole event less important; or just walk away and find your presence before you address the event again. Rarely is anyone satisfied with a decision they made under threshold. Afterwards you are forced to make up a story to justify your action and become custodian of the illusion.