End of Cycle

December 3rd, 2021

I believe that as your brain takes form post-conception, its first job and most important one, to keep you alive.  Perpetually in the dark it receives data and interprets it to produce your metabolic balance in an ever-changing external environment.  Stimulus response is too slow for state changes.  The brain must predict (or imagine) an external condition and adjust as data input flows in.  Making an incorrect prediction ahead of time and adjusting is a normal operation—we expect to be close (the story index, “right on the mark”) as adults but not so for children.  We watch out for them because they are “not old enough to know yet” as is the accepted story.  Also not old enough to have developed a large database (inductive or intuitive) and the brain has not yet developed the logical functions (deductive).  (refer to the work of Jean Piaget)

You don’t see you except through relationships (and other types of mirrors).  The next job for that brain is to generate a conceptual you and a view of the external world from that perch.  I believe we secure this perception of self with a complexity of sensations as feelings to represent you; then we secure this package into the environmental background that our brain is receiving descriptive data from constantly.  For more details and proofs from neuroscience, check out Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book, How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain.

This is an amazing biological system with the ability to heal and repair, at least for a time, and it’s birthed with range in the form of patterns.  You probably look something like the rest of the members of your family and culture.  These patterns may seed your unique range of potential.  I believe these patterns are so intense that we humans need a small amount of conscious processing to experience different influences as references for seeking out the potential extensions of our range.  Of course, we process our potential consciously with stories and that inspires us to imagine the idea of self in a projected context.  Perception within the range of our secured feeling marking self should provide a clue and utility for testing.  In theory, how we feel when modeling a new stream of potential should indicate utility in perusing the test stream more.  An amazing system but not perfect which supports my theory that each unique thread has boundaries.  In other words, you can do anything with your unique thread of potential and definitely more variance than one has in a lifetime—the limitation is a clue to direction or time and not accomplishment.  Movement is the most essential addition from the logical system.

If we lose balance we become ill and die.  We can thrive without human relationships as long as the background (nature) is secured (all bets are off during evolutionary change).  Our focus from the phenomena system is range and that requires support from the logical system to flourish—the platform of becoming.  In 2022 we will focus on range and how to improve it.  I recommend the book Noise: a flaw in human judgment by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Siobony and Cass R. Sunstein.  Please put this on your Christmas list, the story for the season.


Predict and Adjust

November 1st, 2021

Our plan is to secure into a larger range and hopefully several ranges.  “When we sync up both our output (motor movements, vocalizations) and our input (seeing and hearing one another’s movements and sounds), we may extend our body’s awareness and sense of self to the larger collective.” (Sarah Rose Cavanagh, Phd; Hivemind.  Now I think we should look at a concept that will facilitate this action.

In my late teens I discovered the word cybernetics in an article about guided missile systems.  During the “cold war” days weapons were news.  My thought was that it was similar to the way I see humans function.  No computers back then but I did research and follow the development of cybernetic concepts in our local library.  This path led me to Gregory Bateson’s book, The Ecology of Mind.  It was not data per se but inspiration that I received from his works and I formed a loose concept that human brains make predictions and use input to adjust.  It is not stimulus/response but stimulus/adjustment and the stimulus is massive.  This explains why we all are subject to influences and assumptions.  In this model, relationships are essential and they support range development.  That is as long as you don’t always hang with people that “think like you do.”  With similar thinkers, movement and vocalization may secure range size or even reduce it.  The same sharing with diverse topics and thinkers will challenge small range and compel larger conventionalization.  Change is pursuit into the unknown and not dwelling in the familiar past.    

With a theory of constructed concepts and emotions we can reopen the conversations put forth by Steven Pinker in his book The Blank Slate (also work by Chomsky, Paul Bloom, Skinner, Locke, etc.).  Not to challenge theory of mind but to examine how much structure is generated in the nine months in the womb.  How quickly might a brain predict patterns to interface with that first human in contact that is essential for life?  A new-formed brain would have to assimilate patterns to support metabolic needs for life and possibly download all patterns from mother (father, family and culture).  By birth the brain would have a perception of preferences for support and nurture.  I have no idea how such a concept could be tested but I believe this theory is more open to change.

Change does tend to produce states of politicization and moralization but human history demonstrates that over time most humans re-center in range along new threads in thinking and behavior.  I naively thought that over time the difference between camps of thinking would become so small that change would become less burdensome.  That is most certainly not a reality yet.  We are very close to the point technically that an implanted chip could wipe memory and augment the process but who would we trust to program the chip?  I’m not personally quite ready for that step.  Instead, next month we will look at current research to better support and empower our ability to shoulder up and change.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid yet.


Open Range

October 1st, 2021

Yes, death is the most predictable forecast in life, although constant changes in state are also assured.  The elements in the logical system (attention, questions and decisions) usually are sufficient to manage these changes that are often called growth.  This procedure is inadequate for evolutionary change which is an outside or background change.  For example, imagine you and your friends got together to pay some poker.  To everyone’s surprise, the fresh deck contained 6 suits and 71 cards in total.  All bets are off for any information you had about poker and you are going to need to generate a new game.  Some of your friends may just leave, some will get drunk but a few may engage to develop this new diversion.  Do you get it?  This is not your personality change, nevertheless you will need to address this act of evolution at some point.  It is not only an effect on you but may alter your concept formation.  We may get into that later this year.

To manage balance, the phenomena system will divide all the “pieces” in the logical system making each less of a prominent influence.  This is the nature of evolution and it usually unfolds over hundreds of years.  Can you see how the elements of the phenomena system (balance, range and relationship) are generating this change?  Balance is imposed so it is wise to explain range and when terrain is secured we can delve into alterations in relationships.  Now we have a plan; maybe not hundreds of years worth but a start for life now.   

We think of an expert as someone that knows most everything about a specific topic (range).  However, since everything is always in a state of change, being an expert cannot endure.  You may know of Yo Yo Ma who is famous for his skill with the cello.  At master level and for some years now (performed at age 4 1/2) but the cello was his third instrument of study.  Yes, start young, work hard and you may become the best for a time.  Engage in multiple options and discover some range you have a passion for and focus—become a long-standing expert.  We are not talking about an instrument, a sport or an academic topic but a concept that you create and master called you. 

Every year in Nepal, after the earthquake season, the villagers examine the houses that withstood the quakes.  All the villagers help rebuild the damaged homes but with the knowledge they gained from the homes that survived.  They believe that their God provides the earthquakes to instruct the tribe on how to build a safer house and protect themselves.  The secret is not only a bigger range of construction knowledge but also inspired ideas from nature and visions found in meditation.  A simple change in background (from earthquake) and the wisdom to explain range and integrate that into a relationship of working together to secure the village into the new paradigm.  When the work is done they take a week off and celebrate with food, dance and songs to honor their new learning. 

When I had a training center I used to facilitate a workshop titled “reducing the pain of growth periods.”  Of course a “growth period” is just a person’s resistance to the state of change they were evolving into.  The work focused on expanding range by reading diverse books, trying a new game or sport, talking to strangers and meditation to target a novel option to explore.  It worked well for most but some folks just love the struggle.


Point of Balance

September 1st, 2021

So we have done a good job and now we all move up a step into the unknown.  Relationship is still essential to balance and our first task is to develop a new way to communicate and find our voice in a global world.  Remember the logical system operates with attention, questions and decisions.  Your old tribe members may not be with the program yet but everyone is influenced by the evolutionary mandate.  Pay attention, you are looking for hints or clues, and ask those familiar folks lots of questions.  Not a time to debate but to gather information.  Again, a reaction is not a decision but if a reaction commandeers your attention the energy will flow and you will travel a fruitless path.  Recall, you create the energy flow by attending to a plan as a course of action.  You create your emotions.  Your newly afforded alone time is for contemplation and development.  Not abandonment but an offer of quiet time to create a plan of growth and test the concept for you.  Perhaps not fun but practice and do your research.

Life in form is about movement and balance.  To start life we learn from our family and culture and secure into that habit as action.  Either boredom or potential eventually inspires us to tackle an unfamiliar terrain.  Adventures can be fun but for most this step feels more like a push, necessary or required.  The secret we have been teaching for years is to find the balance point between what you feel secured as you (I know what I can do) and the potential for you that you are exploring (I don’t know if I can do this).  You will never know until you move, but to maintain that state of balance increase with your attention the idea that “you can” to a small percentage past the concept that you have no idea what to do.  We used to title that as confidence, later as certainty and now as arrogance.  Act as if you were 51% or a little less arrogant but greater than 50%.  Don’t get intimidated by the word—arrogance is not proof that someone can do a task, only that they believe they can.  A journey always starts with the first step and your story is how you process that step.  Make up a story to launch yourself; get it.

Amy Chua (author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Jed Rubenfeld have written a great little book titled The Triple Package.  They argue that superiority and insecurity along with impulse control are the keys to success.  America has long provided this platform and is its historical key to past success.  Today this still drives upward mobility for immigrants to the US from most countries in the world but traditional Americans have lost that fragile balance point needed to implement.  We  Americans still hold sacred the idea of superiority (arrogance) but have long lost the balance point with insecurity—any impulse control is only a weak memory.

I hear lots of folks say “I deserve it.”  You can create, you can imagine and you can make something happen but it all ends in death.  Is that not a clue to what you deserve?


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Alone at Last

August 1st, 2021

Being human is never a perfect game but we have done good and are ready for another evolutionary step.  By nature we have been tribal folks with the sizes of tribes growing into nation states.  We perhaps need to bring an end to all those delineations to discover how to connect globally.  Growth or change initiates usually by clearing the palate from the past norms.  We have to get lost to ignite the innovation to create a new paradigm.  I don’t believe someone hid the maps or some aliens are going to present us with directions.  We are going to create a new schema and tune it over time.  Welcome to the lonely century.  To drop out of living with family, caring at home for seniors, being members of clubs, teams, neighborhoods, or religious groups is almost unimaginable but look at the news.  Are we not headed in that direction?

I’ve been around a lot of years and thought I was watching this progress until I read the book by the similar title, The Lonely Century by Noreena Hertz.  My range was way too small and all the information was a shock as well as a wake-up.  I see    Covid-19 now as just a bonus to kick us when we are down.  I was glad her last chapter was titled “Coming together in a world that’s pulling apart.”  I remember the outcry in 1994 of the devastating genocide in Rwanda.  Shame on me for not following up on the progress.  Not perfect perhaps, but the rule in place now is for weekly three hours of public work along with required community meetings and this is called Umuganda.  That term translates as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome.”  The author gave several great examples in that last chapter that got my mind going.  I’ve been calling my most innovated friends to spark new ideas and potentials. 

I don’t utilize texting because over 60% is misinterpreted and thus a waste of time as a medium of communication.  I’m also anti-social for social media programs because the content presented is mostly deceptive and pathetic.  I think the idea to censor violence and crime was wise but why politics?  Being lonely is a huge issue but if you don’t believe something is working for you, just stop it!  Recall the norm in growth is to clear the palate first.  Space and need sparks innovation and there may be many constructs along our journey until we fabricate a system that we can secure future styles of communication into.  Send me your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to open up dialog.  I love discussions and prefer them in person but Zoom chats for now are a fair stand-in.  The task is to imagine a reason for every direction we now turn; illness, cure and truth lead to dead ends—and follow that thread to create that new human paradigm.  We are here at this time because we, as a group, are up for the job.  


View the Facts

July 1st, 2021

I have been doing the research (books, classes and videos) and answering your questions (thank you) on the wizardscache channel on YouTube.  I think the place for us humans to start being conscious about our development towards being global citizens is to look at our score card.  Over the last 200 years we have worked together more than ever in our history.  Not a shining example of cooperation but we have accomplished some amazing feats.  Yes, someone has been keeping records.  The access I like best to this data is with www.gapminder.org and the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling.  Free to check out their site and they’re not marketing you.  We have a tool secured in information (a form of relative truth) for expanding or adding ranges.

We all know first-hand that human change is not easy or fast to secure.  More range is very helpful if you can manage attention.  Of course, personal growth is all about making decisions as to which and how much you attend to a stimulus in each range that you have conscious access.  You may have taken some training from organizations like EST or BPI (there are plethora of such systems) and discovered that folks can “get in your space.”  Our human nature to defend which is counter to join.  Now here is the fun part.  What if you just gained conscious access to a range and discovered that you had relationships unconscious but active with influence in place?  Not a personal property, but a shared range or theme of ideas.  If you drove around your neighborhood this spring you may have discovered some new homes built over the winter.  Do you attend to the designs that you like the best or dislike the most?  Only a preference to note and not important because they are “now in your space.”

Mice are very social creatures but in a lab if you isolate one for a time and then introduce another mouse they will fight to the death.  Wise not to get into a lonely mouse’s “space.”  Mice might need some “spiritual” (potential theme-spirit of) classes but did that help us humans?  The act of creation would have all humans connected to produce unlimited potential.  A new range is just a new space and it may not be empty.  What influence do you as a human wish to present as you explore a new range of potential for you?  Did your empathy for another human deposit you into a range not formerly conscious to you and it was busy?  Can you see how this is similar to emotional reactions (not a decision) that some folks gain from social media comments?  Good thing we don’t allow mice to participate with our social media.

I like people and I’m inspired by all this personal and evolutionary change that we humans are experiencing now.  However, you cannot text me or find me on any social media platform.  Don’t take that personally, I just smell a rat.  I’m still learning to share this space called Earth.


Need More Range

June 1st, 2021

Our task this year is to mark what influences us and to learn how to manage, direct or avoid such influence.  The lengthy goal in mind for us humans is to become global citizens—one culture, with perhaps many subcultures and we see samples of that possibility even today in many countries.  Traditionally, most cultures attempted to “convert” the subgroups to the larger groups’ concepts and that still is policy today in many nations.  If that didn’t work, the options used in the past were to exterminate or imprison the “irregulars.”  Obviously this term of action is not congruent with our projected goal so we need to imagine another solution.  Perhaps we should review what points we have identified over the last few months.

If you are still reading my blogs since the first of the year, then I must have influenced you to join in a search to find or imagine and share an idea that we could all participate in to support humans uniting instead of conflicting.  Thanks, and I hope together we come up with some great ideas.  I believe we need to pool a huge array of thoughts and they don’t need to be tested, logical or even practical.  The first influence I noted in my blogs is that we all have a preference and that is usually based on past experience.  The game has changed so get over it and pay attention.  New and novel approaches usually show up as clues and at times very abstractly.  The energy to make something happen is not an issue but interpreting the clues we discover may need group discussion or even debate to refine.  No one may be delighted with this detail but we are delving into the unknown.  The best we can hope for is a map or at least a starting point and perhaps a direction to move.  Remember, being human is never perfect and this game will always end in death.  There may not be a happy aspect but it does illustrate that there is no absolute right way to overcome this logical game of human life in form.  Perhaps it is of more utility in this short span with quality of life, social integrity and healthy existence.

Time to integrate some more bridges between the creation system and the logical system.  Relationship is a factor that we are created with and we have already hinted at balance.  We should explore the concept of range (from creation system) to foster more questions in the logical system.  Decision in the logical system is not an end point but a selection for testing.  A lot of attention opens the terrain for questions that point toward a decision to test a hypothesis but this could be restricted by the size of the range being attended to or the ability to integrate ranges.  Zooming in and out, like with a computer map, will lose details as you enlarge and conceal location from larger range points as you move in.  Working with range is essential.


Changing Parts

May 1st, 2021

When I awake in the morning and hear the pitter-patter on the roof I know that as a clue it may be raining outside.  When I discover a package of chicken defrosting in the kitchen I know that as a clue that dinner will include some type of chicken meat entry.  I read a lot of psychology books assorted with a few easy read fiction or thrillers but end of last year I ordered three political science books.  All makes sense with the action in January but what was the clue last year when I ordered the books?  I was searching the web for places in the Covid-19 world that would allow us in to visit and got distracted by a comment from a traveler who was delighted to have had time on a trip to read “Why Leaders Lie” by John J. Mearsheimer.  Some clues are just not so obvious at the time of interaction.  We are attending to clues that will help support decisions of value in our yet unrevealed future.  Pay attention and don’t discount any hints or offers.

You probably came into life as a clue supported by a vision created by a couple of parents as to their potential role and how that would play out in a story they both or separately imagined.  I’m sure they were eager to discover your gender early to help create another possible story called “their child’s life.”  You are not in the habit of noticing clues because you began life with a plethora of them; all imposed upon your attention.  You may also not have noticed with all the over- stimulation that the world, referred to as background by Martin Heidegger, was already there.  You grew very quickly both physically and intellectually; learning on average a new word to define the “symbols” in this world every 90 minutes.  Yes, it is not a picture-book world but still full of stuff and the terms define the stuff.  You learned your role in the family and culture with, I’m sure a little rebellion at least, and assumed the values of the group.  Over time all of that probably changed and your story altered to accommodate anchor points you secured as important to your developing vision of self.  We humans refer to this as growth or even spiritual growth—spiritual meaning along a theme and not about a ghost. 

The background also changes but at a different pace.  Few of us humans enjoy sitting and watching as paint peels off the walls of old buildings.  All stuff has entropy with “nature” having seasonal changes we like to note with greeting cards.  Climate is the benchmark for human conversations about change but the whole package evolves at what feels like alternating rates.  Relocating does contribute to this fact and explains why I don’t miss my ocean kayak after moving to the Northwest and selling it.  My diving gear is gathering dust in the garage and I no longer feel any desire to plan another ocean dive.  Do you see how changes in background generate changes in value?  These types of change may not be part of your personal growth vision but they influence it at variant magnitudes over time.    


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Guidance & Clues

April 1st, 2021

We need a pattern, a map or some type of guidance to implement change.  To secure any type of modification we need to practice a different habit of being in the world.  We may have a new vision but without the guidance of a practice we will be led astray.  Our intuition, by design, automatically drives us in the direction of familiar.  A new terrain is never familiar and that is why a few guide-points or pictures are of great assistance.  Yes, a map is not the terrain but it gives us clues.  Meditation at times provides pictures (an image) even as detailed as one may find in travel books.  Neither often tell you where or what the picture is but it does open up a stream of information.  Asking questions to others on a journey or just an assigned space in meditation may provide more hints.  You have to be vigilant for signs, traces and inklings. 

I have helped people find a reference and frequently hear the reply, “Now I know what I have to do.”  But very few actually pursue the lead offered and never very timely.  Most use insight as a temporary distraction and sadly find themselves in the same sort of pattern they were intent on alleviating.  Not a total loss because I usually see some change, but growth by trial-and-error can be slow and painful.  Translating a novel inspiration into a productive habit in your life, even with a well thought-out plan, falters when confronted by the wall of intuition—”the way you always do it.”  The intent here is not to condemn your intuitive database.  It is a great guidance when sorting through what, by experience, you know to be true for you.  And of course, to “switch to an unproven approach” is rarely validated by friends and family that may claim they “know you better than you do.”  A practice is just that; you practicing to obtain your goal and being willing to change directions with new clues or momentary failure in movement and balance.        

A practice, no matter how simple, is vastly improved by the addition of reason or logic.  Common engagement into the logical system is often via attention, questions and decisions.  Attend to all clues—that is anything that is unusual, odd or not the normal course for you.  Ask yourself and others about hints or oddities that catch your attention.  You will not “know” and your “feelings” may abound with apprehension.  This is just a practice and your decisions are for testing.     

Let us not get ahead of ourselves, to notice a trace that leads into the unknown is not an easy task.  Start with attention and seek information.  Build a reservoir of data to secure the hint and then make a decision to test it with a plan.  You need both courage and wisdom to sample an unknown.  Remember, it is important to practice and secure each step into discovery.  We will explore these threads for a few months.


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Source of Power

March 1st, 2021

We began this year with a vision, something imagined as possible for you in this time of change.  We bridged from one operating system to another by attending to this vision, asking questions (research and meditation) and compiling preferences to decide which path to explore.  Now all we need is the energy or power to drive this venture.

It is difficult to comprehend where power comes from but we know it would require balance and movement to generate it (think power generator).  Imagine the difference between an observer and a participant.  An observer asks the question “what just happened?” and they build a story to explain or define as best they recall.  Do you get how this is part of the creation system?  Research with court testimonies confirm that the average witness makes a lot of assumptions.  A participant asks the question “what can I do?” or “what did I do?” and searches their memory for facts and often discovers gaps (unconscious).  And yes, this is all part of the logical system where we settle for nothing but logical facts.  A fact may be an associated truth or a relative truth but not an absolute truth.  The switch from the creation system to the logical system produces the power.  Should I repeat that statement?  Movement back and forth between the two systems generates power.  It is from the movement created by the nature of relationships.  The creation system creates the logical system when you bridge from imagination to logical steps (i.e., questions, attention, decisions).  And when faced with questions lacking answers or an absence of attention we bridge back to the creation system to imagine a solution.  The creation system is simply a state of being possible without supporting demonstration and the logical system supplies a temporary structure as a demonstration that represents the imagined potential but only if the structure can stand the test of balance.

Your imagined potential is powered by the relationship of all potential that created the logical system to house demonstration.  No problem except in a deterministic chaos venture (defining a state of balance) no paths may cross and this logical fact dictates how much change you will experience to fulfill your new state of being you.  The other interesting fact of the logical system is that with each paradigm change the network of potential paths increases making mapping way more intricate.  In fact, before the move last century into modernity this network had been consistent so long that is was called tradition and considered an absolute truth.  

Your vision for proposed change is an influence that will emerge in story and action anywhere within the range of a slight modification of past elements in your life to the elimination of all past elements resulting in a convention that barely resembles any of the interacting elements.  This result we call a practice to convert the habit of your being.


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