Falling into Grace

November 20th, 2014

Grace brings to mind charm, elegance, ease of motion or action and perhaps favor by a superior.  And I’m sure we have all experienced falling from grace; an occasional faux pas, bumbling, lost, confused and even upsetting your boss.  We have been tossed out of “paradise”, guided by a fallen angel, lost our soul and paid good money to be saved–repeatedly.  The subjective view of conserving the energy of creation and redirecting it into a redundant pattern hoping to sustaining that energy for a “time”; the encounter we humans have come to perceive as life.  This is a prevalent tale from both mythology and religion.  But in the shared human history if some such event occurred, and the fact that we are digital, on each “reboot” we would again encounter the energy and effect of that event.   The dreadful nightmare of the Shadow.

Don’t forget we made it all up, or we prefer to say perceived it in a specific way.  “Falling from Grace” does feel like you really screwed up.  But the frequency of missing the mark (sin) is substantially reduced by practice (discipline) and a normal experience in everyday life.  And there is no time–only a perception.  We could make it up different and change our routine and as a facilitator I can support that process.  In retreat I title this “Falling into Grace” and implement mastery of four simple steps to establish a practice of returning to bathing in the energy of Grace. Falling because it marks a historical event; Grace because we humans believe “it could be better”; practice because it changes outcomes in human affairs and validates the objective effort side of the human experience.  In a relative short time those digital blips transform from “I screwed up again” to “I need to attend to outcome.”  Attention directs the energy of creation to flow into an event and “light” up the potential, a reliable mapping for new direction.

When posted my retreats fill in a few hours.  This doesn’t need to be a problem if you have eight to ten friends and a space to meet.  The targeted goal from this meditative/cognitive wisdom style retreat is to become a resource.  Not a consumable item but an inspiration in your community.  Your presence (you as a creation) supports and inspires if you demonstrate the flow of grace in your life.  I invite you to start “walking your talk” now.  E-mail me to get on a waiting list or create your own retreat offering.  Day-to-day living may require effort for us humans but the vision of potential is the magic of imagination.  The creation of you, the idea of “I am a specific expression”, is the grace of life imagined by all humans.  Imagine the time to be your potential now.


Art of Attention

September 27th, 2014

To entertain larger than life (normal span of life) concepts we employ imagination instead of “I know” and other limited states (intuition, analysis, etc.). If we consider creation as an event without bonds to a system of time (random), this event would always be and have always been. The energy of creation would have no movement or location but it may hold potential; an abstraction preferenced by a strange attractor (conscious observer). The projection of such potential (again imagination) by a digital repetition of a moment from this event produces a demonstration represented as a life.

For emanating humans, reports from awareness would vary depending on their level of consciousness (the story of what they are aware of “now” including them). Irrelevant of the framing, the stories traditionally reference this potential as “attention.” Attention transforms energy into an objectified demonstration of the bias attracting the energy. And, since a projected potential would be the same directed towards a point as directed from a point, both points experience an increase in objectification or a schedule of development for us humans.

Thus a human experience is an interactive story with a demonstration (action or form) projected via a set of proprietary patterns. Each unique set of patterns are formed by the strange attractor in creation. An interaction between humans would normally be interpreted comparatively (intuitively) due to these dissimilar unconscious pattern bases. All parties to this event would intuit the differences and be triggered (learned response) to a state where they would define action to balance or to justify a personal position. And for more fun they could polarize this position as best, good, right, perfect or inadequate. The thoughtless seed of human drama and it is automatic.

Yes this is an unconscious act but imagine what would happen if one person could set aside their position and simply attend to one or all the participants in the event. You could “set aside” the story and for a moment, sample the other persons position and pause. No need to fully identify with them, support them, be converted or do anything. Attend to the energy and observe as it raised in both you and them. Lose the “speed bumps” and you become the source of attention; creation shows up. How cool is this?
e use attention to objectify (label or define) and effort to move, store and collect the spoils. More and bigger is the goal but in the end the only object you get is a tombstone. Personal discipline (spiritual training) is not managing to control unconscious automated programs but observing them and attending to potential opportunities to allow creation to structure new, more expansive and integrated concepts. Not using your attention to discern but instead as a path to the source; allow creation to update your potential.


Value Threads

August 27th, 2014

I worked for an insurance company in my twenties and a 459 error was a client address that could not be confirmed. I needed to see the client and obtain proof for their address. A few years later I worked for a bread company and a 459 was a product line; a type of bread. Again in my next career as a police officer in California, a 459 was a burglary. In all these occupations I did a lot of driving and needed a license to drive and had to obey the traffic laws of the State. The larger system, the State, had structure, defined terms and values that were universal and held precedence to all three of the subsystems. A lot of the structure, terms and values of these smaller systems were different but all were required to be congruent with State Law.

Not uncommon to find a smaller organization nested within a large system and the smaller component sheathed in more rules, more complexity and different semantics than the larger. In my example above I used numbers but those are symbols that could just as well have been words. For example, with an economist, the word “utility” means something different than the power company you get monthly bills from.

The human packages are designs, each individual somewhat unique, based on a model of development (potential) in a universe based on useful in compliance to evolving system changes. Evolution establishes balance by conservation (extinction) as a preference to complexity. Not unusual to find priority language in human subsystems but today it is fashionable to utilize sub-set language at higher human levels. Sort of a badge of membership or symbol of prestige. However these content specific terms often fail to transfer value in the larger system and humans today are established in many more subsystems than apparent in the near past.

Relate this to a person in a family, in a sub-culture, nested in a culture within a state, all within a country on this planet and in this universe. A person steeped in a family structure might be forgetful of the law of their culture but they are held responsible (defined in response to the culture). Truth is, a lot of the parameters in the subsystems reflect basic structure ingrained in the larger package. Most folks know what is required, they just have no idea which level requires compliance. Who can we trust? What is the promise in an advertisement? Is a warranty ever of value? When does “no” mean no? Lots of evidence to indicate that we are not doing a great job in communicating base value.

I propose a retreat to master another avenue in processing human value data other than audio processing; specifically internal filtered audio processing. The present level of complexity and abstraction has mutated the threats of communication such that we now impersonalize (remove the human) by texting folks within earshot. Time in reflection works to re-establish presence and refine techniques to launch an improved or at least a more congruent update to our human systems of communication.

Developing Value

July 26th, 2014

I’m told that a child on average learns a new word every 90 minutes growing up. And if the child reads more than average this skill expands exponentially. I think that is truly awesome. If consciousness is the story that defines you in every event that you are aware of and this is how we choose to contribute then language is a very practical tool. Story telling is the building blocks of conscious awareness. And like developed skill with words, reading and listening to stories expands proficiency in framing your own conscious stories with rich relationships to power and decisive accomplishments. We are deepened by reading books, attending seminars and listening to friends The myth of you is more valuable than any report on facts or truth.

“Energy work” is redefining the story of you with a improved association to energy. Yes, our primer is practiced abstract protocols but the real work is securing sensory reports to validate the new self vision. A secure valid human has the power to implement a choice. The most important choice is pursuing the discipline to produce demonstrations in life that are congruent with this new valence. Not a silly “Mirror, mirror on the wall” quest but an authentic personality emanates from this congruent story. When requested we “move a little energy”, tell our friends to lose their “dumb” story and assist them in mounting a more dynamic one along with accountability for their action. Keep it clean and simple to support them and walk your own tale.

Intuition is the means that we employee to filter the copious influx of stimulus the Universe gifts us every second. Selecting one alone with a comparative item to hold our attention fabricates a veil that buffers threshold. Works great but this is not a choice unless we consciously initiated the search within the context of our story. Choice begins with attention, migrating to comparative (intuition), thinking (analysis), planning and implementing demonstration to support the choice and thus the story. Careful, the Shadow will have you chasing “ghosts” and failing to embrace wholeness. Attention is a authoritative utility and the Shadow is distraction. Don’t waste your energy with clever distractions molding a history of failed choices.

The incentive compelling this human drive to master language, stories, decision making and attention is the preservation and transfer of value. Value is also a story and it could take the form of a moral, ethic, principal or even an object. Perhaps the purpose for human life is to assess, define and hold sacred these fabricated jewels of value that projected build community and global consciousness. Value seeded in a congruent human story builds a human race. Perhaps in the near future we will start to play with some of these concepts in retreat. Don’t stop reading.

Is a level level?

June 8th, 2014

I like the concept of language as an instinct in a human and I believe it was put forth by Noam Chomsky. In any case the book THE LANGUAGE INSTINCT by Steven Pinker covers the topic in great detail. Language is how we humans communicate what is important to us. We are great story tellers and we can invoke any energy in our story just by the telling. You attend to a person’s story and you can feel the energy from the event emanate.

Consciousness is our story about us set in the environment we live our life in. Done well the package consists of the concept of self at the tune of around thirty-three percent and the balance made up of our awareness. This formula is sufficient to allow the energy of you to emanate along with the content. That small percentage does not make you appear narcissistic but definitely personally involved with the tale. But there is another special advantage for attending to this piece.

There is an event all us humans share but we tend to forget about it. That is creation and we probably don’t remember it because we didn’t need to do anything. In a digital universe with no time creation always is present as an occurrence now. If we include us, a product of the energy of creation, we invoke the energy of creation into our story and into our life. Discipline enough to include this force into every moment in our life we could then say we have secured the concept of self. We would thus have a relationship with the supreme, no-effort, no limit, non-personal source of energy in the universe. This is what I term level one growth.

Getting a student to have such an experience and even to entertain the perception of it is not that difficult. Guiding them to secure it is far more difficult and time consuming. From this I have retired. Abstract techniques or psychic tools are very useful for the times you are not secure in this bond with power and as a master teacher of these levels I have also retired. My focus now in life is level two growth. I don’t feel beyond these lower levels of training but my goal is to delve into level three growth and I discovered that this is easier to launch from a level two environment.

Level two growth, solely my label, integrates three essentials. You need to abandon what you “know” to discover what you need to do to develop new potential. It would not be a new potential if it was part of what you knew. This necessity for disorientation never ends. This next step that you discover is only relative to you in this measure now. You have no need to continue to build a massive data base of stimulus/responses.

The second point is attention from a very broadband base that we obtain through meditation. Focus of attention is very useful at level one growth to filter out distractions but the bandwidth is too narrow to allow for discovery. At this level data is imparted to us like a set of directions for a task or location but only one piece at a time. I’m fond of describing this as a “trail of bread crumbs.” At level two filtering is done with polarity; we make the old distractions unimportant. We don’t stop being human and freedom lends to distractions.
The last point is your willingness to search out everything that emanates into your attention, especially during meditation. Remember, we are looking for a “trail of bread crumbs” and often what shows up appears irrelevant to the task at hand. The good news is that there are far less distractions. We are not building a platform of data to make choices as in level one but a sequence of mapping to acquire potential. The game of “I know” is not discarded but nests within the game of “I am.”




May 3rd, 2014

Dr. Carl Jung coined the term Shadow to refer to the unknown ‘‘dark side’’ of our personality. It could range from a narcissistic desire to control, exploit and manipulate others to a self-righteous compulsion to help and cure others. In my work and teaching my focus is on the energy. Creation as an energy would have no need for survival, evil, failure or even empathy. Lots of evidence from our human history and our peer group today that negative actions and emotions exist and oodles of stories and mythology to explain why. Do we care why?
If our universe and everything in it is also a product of this same energy of creation, perhaps it wise to examine the properties of this larger chunk. A self-organizing universe would need ranges to select points to organize around. A strange attractor or conscious observer would reflect a bias–right?

It makes sense that we would jump ship on creation. As a “holum” (whole and complete) we may have all the potential (and therefore the ranges) but we humans operate off of slow sensory feed-back. We need the recursive pause that produces enough time for our limited focus of attention to migrate around to all the various points in those ranges. We make this designed life package personal by naming everything. We even drew the line in the sand on all those ranges and made one direction good and the other bad. Not good to kill anything but a cheeseburger sounds good for lunch. Now which half of the oxymoron is negative?

We don’t know anything but we have a game and if we engage we will discover what action produces which effect. Still working top-down I can entertain two strategies that may produce desirable effects in this game of life that we constructed. If we could move back into creation for a term we would lose effort energy and gain abundance. We would potentially become a resource for the balance of our group. You would still need to address the good or bad issue but you would be carrying a “big stick.” No effort but threshold of attention and in both directions.

An alternate plan would be to name all the stumbling blocks (we are good at that) and thus gain seniority from all of them. It may take a little of that precious time to master state changes but that would be a helpful investment. We would then need to create a symbol outside of our designed field and allow this to be a search engine for the data we need to operate in that chaotic creation energy. Probably need to squash all those cool design titles (biases) to operate the search engine but we can employ them again after we download the data. It will add confusion and effort but we got lots of time. This would produce a mapping to guide us with states as steps and we could stay safe and comfortable in a design vehicle while we navigate all that potential.

We at Wizardscache produced and facilitated the “Falling into Grace” meditation retreat to master the first strategy listed above and “Path of the Mystic” meditation retreat to conquer the alternate. When you have time and before you run out of time contact me to explore the potential for you to gain some new strategies for your version to the game of Life.

Chriss (chriss@wizardscache.com)


Not Your Mom

April 4th, 2014

I believe I like birthdays but after 70 I’m not certain.  I think at some point in the past birthdays became less important, maybe even unimportant.  I understand abstract concepts and can communicate about them; I believe I’m a good teacher.  I didn’t know that at age five but I did know that every year there was a celebration with gifts for my birthday.  In 70 years I believe I have received more from teaching than from birthdays.  It is interesting how beliefs change.

As a teacher I recommend that you secure (ground or anchor) the idea of you to something real.  Birthdays are real, predictable and often celebrated by friends and family.  Good start if all that works for you.  I suppose having another birthday is valid proof you are real in the world but that fact doesn’t confer your value.  I would recommend a positive value; something you could do well.  We have all “heard” of folks who have secured into being slow, dumb, always sick or awkward.  Probably not a wise move but such action will work; you may grow to not care for the consequence.

When I was five I could see energy move and when those little lights entered a person their demeanor changed.  Today I know that this was a human state change but at five it was just a cool thing to see.  My interpretation at five was that somehow the path of energy was a communication or joining.  My term to describe the action was “U-N-I, TED”, or united.  At five my name was Ted.  This fact may not have been of any value to my friends or family and rarely did I ever mention the phenomenon; but I could witness it and therefore I experienced something special and had a story–my story–to support what I saw.  What was your special gig at age five: music, sports, academic, collections?

Having a certain amount of bio-mass might be of value to a butcher or an undertaker.  But we humans take pride in thinking we are all more important than the physiology.  What we do, what we accomplish and what we contribute makes the statement about our value.  But what is the first step?  Perhaps someone guided us to read, save allowance, eat healthy, manage your environment, etc.  We hope this accorded because having a list of past birthdays is really not a sufficient base for value.  We do know that we store information, that is learn, by association.  Lucky if we were guided to secure the idea of us with actions supporting the value of us; the ability to produce a demonstration of the supported value.

No, this is not a blog about good parenting.  Most the folks that read my blogs are pursuing potential.  I hear “I want to be happy”, “I wish to be healthy”, I need to be loved”, “I have to lose weight”, or simply, “I don’t know what to do.”  I guess you missed that class when you were five or you didn’t have a mother that told you to clean your room, how many times, so that you are responsible for your environment today.  This teacher is not going to do that and most of my students don’t do their assignments.  But I don’t evaluate performance with grades, life does that for me.  We know it takes two years of focus to learn something new and ten years to master it.  I’m a teacher that will teach you that lesson you missed at five but you are going to have to do the work.  Let me know when you have time to start.


Focus of Attention

March 3rd, 2014

I received an e-mail query asking if I still teach psychic tools and if I still use them.  I’m retired and seldom teach techniques to produce physical demonstration by abstracted means but I’m not sure how or why one would stop using such procedures.  Working with energy is working with your energy presence.  A mirror will give you a clue if your bio-mass is present but your energy presence is a force.  Wish or pray for something and attend to your request for a long enough period to allow your energy to build (get enthusiastic, excited, inspired, etc.) and thus increase the probability that your request will come into fruition.  If you get distracted you lose half your power; recall your “fall from Grace” and you destroy the outcome by doubt; objectify your dream and you are left with a “pillar of salt.”  I could continue with this line of thought but remember I’m retired.

For old times’ sake let’s look at the term psychic tools.  Psychic is defined as outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual; of or pertaining to some apparently nonphysical force or agency; sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature.  Tool is defined as any instrument of manual operation; anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose.  Simple, everything outside of the conscious idea of you is you as an energy field; the part of you that does not hold a location in space and time.  I can imagine an energy collection of sorts that I guess we could title “soul” but it offers no human story or drama to ground into.  Many reference these ambient elements as guides, angels, or God looking over your shoulder.  I see no value in objectifying these elements with names or titles but I do see great wisdom in attending to the force.

As a human our most productive tool is attention.  Intention is just a wish but attention with focus opens the gateways for energy to flow through our bodies.  With some practice and a long enough span of attention we may be able to direct this flow in a productive manner.  I’m not addressing the illusion of controlling it but the nature of everything in the universe is energy; as a field or as a circuit in pattern creating form.  We can’t get our head around the idea of no time but if that were “reality” creation would be “now” and the attention by a “conscious observer” (witness, strange attractor, whatever) would be facilitating transforming energy into particle.  Attention is the tool.

Lots of evidence to indicate that attention to someone else’s needs and requests is more effective than attending to self; your own internal desires.  The secret or skill is to generate an external reference–a non-location reference in your energy field–and attend from “out there” to that aware piece defined and secured internal as the conscious idea of self.  You can understand where the term non-dual derived.  Yes, you should first secure or ground into a defined idea of you as a value; next learn to recognize the force of you; and third master abandoning self and securing into that subjective ether discovered from the meditative path.  If you get lost, I don’t teach anymore but I do meditation retreats on attention.  E-mail me to get on the list.  Chriss@wizardscache.com


Winter 0f 2013/14

February 25th, 2014

Deborah and I have done a lot of remodel and reorganizing work inside the house this winter.  Some of you know we had steam damage from a water heater last year and that took three months out of our schedule to repair.  It has been a fun and a somewhat dry winter–we did several Scotch Dinners (one sample below) and had a few friends come to visit, play and work.

I did the “HCG” diet again this year but with no drops (HCG) and it worked fine.  I lost 20# in the 20 day course.  More proof that a little practice can produce a big change it what a body can do.

My new adventure in teaching is to do four week long retreats a year.  In 2014 I will have a five day meditation retreat starting Aug. 11th in Vancouver WA on Focus of Attention and another five day retreat on Nov. 21st. in Encinitas, CA on Falling into Grace.  The information and link to flyers in on calendar at esoterictraining.org.  We also have two PTP Trip to God retreats that are open to all graduates of the PTP Training Program.  One in Maui on May 26th and the second in Eureka Springs AR on July 22nd.  Hope to see you at one of these events or check out the Dr. Chriss Work Camp.

Scotch Dinner:

Smoked Salmon and beet latkes, dill creme fraiche, fried capers and red onion

Charred radicchio, endive, sevre cheese, roasted tomatoes, spiced almonds and balsamic vinaigrette

Roast Duck breast, fingerling potatoes and bing cherries

Braised rabbit, vanilla sauce, farrow, mustard greens and butternut squash puree

Peppermint chocolate torte

The Scotch:

Auchentoshan Three Wood, Auchentoshan 12 year, Auchentoshan 15 year, Bowmore 12 year, Bowmore 15 year “darkest”, Suntory Yanazaki 18 year.


Is Intuition an Event?

February 6th, 2014

I define an event as a moment or a collection of moments coherent to a theme.  Small events may nest within larger events.  These events may be random or redundant.  For example, say you were in the habit of going out for dinner every Thursday night.  That is a redundant event.  On one of your outings you encounter an old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years.  This is a random event; in this case nested within a larger event for you.  A large number of events occur in the world every moment but only a few may relate to you.

When an event occurs in proximity, you might react to the event (a learned stimulus/response) or make a choice to consciously process it as a personal experience or not.  The event could be perceived as an internal experience, “people in this town are rude and just bump into you while walking down the sidewalk” or external, “way too much foot traffic to get around, wise perhaps in this town to get off the sidewalk and take a break until the traffic lets up.”  Both examples are personal, the way you personally perceived the event; heavy sidewalk foot traffic.  This could be normal for that specific time of day (redundant) or an unusual large collection of folks from, perhaps a big sale or construction on an adjoining street (random).  But we don’t need the facts to support our process of these events from our intuition; reality is not the job of intuition.  The Universe is a chaotic system with both random events and redundant events occurring in an unpredictable order.  Intuition is the human interface program to operate this chaotic system.

Human life is a repetition of a random moment including all parameters, in fact all that could be from creation; the first moment of “being.”  Life is by design a redundant orderly system, that moment of “being” sustained in the idea of time, and our logical statistical thinking manages that system.  But we exist in the universe and random happens and we humans need an operating system to transform those random events (the experience and/or the data) into a human retainable experience.  Watch our language, in the first example above, if you  encounter an old friend during your habit of going out every Thursday you would claim “you got lucky” and would update personal information to stay better in touch in the future.  The attempt to convert the random event into a manageable human experience; you now have your old friend in your address book updated.

Intuition is always on and if we could shut it down the sheer volume of randomness in the universe would have us over threshold (too large to process) all the time.  When focus of intuitive attention is directed external (the universe); the report is amazingly accurate, definitely greater than pure chance.  A great search engine.  But like all search engines, the search parameters are all important to reduce the volume of responses.  And the responses are probabilities in order of most likely; data from a chaotic system.

Turn the intuitive focus of attention internal and your yield is very inaccurate; often less than chance.  Wrong tool to observe and evaluate an organized system.  With proper “framing” externally gained data from intuition may build a valuable list of most likely probable outcomes.  If you next turn on that logical mind and analyze the material you will obtain a wise course of action to reach your chosen outcome.  Wisdom is your ability to process an event and expand your human data base–growth.