A Path to a Goal

February 5th, 2020

Before we step deeper into “becoming” I should define my ontology.  We are a product of creation, a state of all potential, but we observe it and converse about it as an onlooker.  From our logical system (mathematics) all possible would most probably generate non-deterministic chaos—no-things would be produced in the creative system.  However, assignment is a potential that introduces logic, language and limitation; the potentials for our sub-system.  Logic is the grid, language labels the symbols in the grid, and limitation exists because each space is a part of all that is possible.  Our life system, all humans and environment, are projected in a moment as now (time is introduced) along a potential pattern for each symbol and moment of time.  The concept of language provides a window as past and future for framing ranges but not as paths.  The energy from creation “shines” through the symbol and is then reflected back, creating both ascending and descending streams; a feedback that provides information about location and path guidance at every moment in time.  I know this short version is way oversimplified, but we have a game and all the limiting factors may open the possibility for deterministic chaos—all paths lead to the same goal.  

Because of the introduction of logic and limitation, the symbol will produce all versions of potential within the scope of the limitation of the symbol as patterns or structures.  Think car navigation; we select a location and the device logs a route given selected parameters and will recommend adjustments for incorrect moves.  The parameters limit the frame of potential but many routes may lead to the same goal.  We can make a choice, change parameters or change our destination.  A good quality device may consider traffic patterns and construction detours, but not likely back-seat-drivers or well meaning friends.  

Sundials, compasses and car navigation devices are pretty simple straight forward tools when the path is orderly and not obstructed.  Test out a compass in underbrush in a mountainous area and you quickly learn how difficult following a course may be.  Life paths can get very complex and obstructed.  We may think that we need to know something, the correct thing or just know more but  knowing is part of our logical system (parts of the whole).  In the creative system we would need to imagine it differently but that is already set up and mapped.  The secret is that the map from creation is not for a location but a different state of being.  The guidance is for “becoming”; a state not yet established but to be created in our system.  You move along your course looking for what I call “clues”; an indirect communication, a hint or just an abstract offer, and all of this with no logic so you will need to pay attention and act.  This requires movement, balance and relationships (I will explain more on this in the next blog) to navigate.  We just need a goal for all humans to set our sights—right now it is death.  Perhaps a little work ahead so we need to get creative.


The Art of Becoming

January 22nd, 2020

A concept that appears difficult for students to comprehend is “becoming.”  If you think in terms of my last few blogs, a space once assigned a symbol must become that which is represented by the symbol.  Assignment is usually treated as language but you can see that its scope is much larger.  Language is a name (word, sounds, character or vibration) that marks a symbol.  With language we create the concept of time and the symbols with all potential become a pattern over time (think sundial).  To become is an act of creation or the energy of creation but to discover may just be luck or logical steps which derive from the process played out as life.  I believe that the creative act of dividing the scope of creation by a grid creates logic and in turn language.  Life is a system detailed by humans as stories and creation is an experience without language or logic.  Such a fun puzzle. 

Perhaps too many details above but a larger view is sometimes helpful.  There are two different systems from our view as functioning from within the second system but the first system created both.  Language, logic and form are expressions of our system related in human drama, relationships, plans, concepts and stories.  Living within this subsystem, none of our cognitive skills, except perhaps poetry and art, allow us to examine or discuss the primary system of creation.  Take my example above of a sundial and notice that the shadow from the marker will appear to change by a distance assigned as one hour between 5 and 6 PM.  But any sundial created will have the potential to mark all daylight time when the sun is visible.  The sundial therefore does not change but our view of it is limited by our concept of time.  At 6 PM the sundial becomes “the 6 o’clock time reference.”  Yes, the Earth spins but the sundial never changes.  Because of our human limitation a person would need to observe the sundial for the entire light of day to view its potential.  To realize this potential the sundial must maintain a relationship with both the spin of the Earth and the presence of the Sun.  We need a lifetime to reveal our potential and relationships to secure it.

If you are reading this blog you are very likely more interested in change than philosophy.  Innovation (imagination, creation) could turn the pole in the sundial vision to a lamp post, a maypole, fence post or a surveyor’s stake.  Any change would require a similar change in relationship to support it.  A human can generate a change in vision but doesn’t have the range to implement all the changes needed to secure the process.  In theory, just the change in vision should be enough if we were operating from the primary system of creation.  From our subsystem, we just change the story.  We have all heard the rare tales of someone that pulled such an alteration off and secured it.  My guess is they commandeered energy support from a large group of folks.  They may not have known them but the vision change collected them.  I have learned to monitor the pattern (the change in the shadow) and see it as art.  I “see” the pattern and “paint” in areas to comply with what is needed to realize the change.  I make an assignment to an empty space (any space) and request a sample of what the pattern should look like to monitor the change.  If I can stay conscious with the process, only a little “painting” is needed to focus the required vision.  In truth, it is more like feeling the pattern and adjusting by a felt nudge here and there.  With the pattern developing in an appropriate manner, the rest is just becoming the new vision.  No tasks to do but trust and a feeling of some level of certainty help keep the energy flow high.  In other words, enthusiasm and excitement support energy flow whereas depression and feelings of failure impede it.  This process of “becoming” always unfolds in a trail of clues so you need to pay attention and be aware.  Not a logical process, not normal, not predictable and very easy to over-think or overreact.  Not something new to learn but something old to remember.    


The Year is Done

December 30th, 2019

Language is assignments to symbols (to spaces in the grid) to create communication about  variables.  Within a culture we know the symbols the words represent.  This act allows us to encounter the world as something always already lived in, worked in, and acted upon.  That which is not obvious is made manifest  through language.   The world in our everyday dealing is a familiarity that pervades our situation and every possible utterance presupposes this fact.  

Habit or tradition are assignments that repeat until deleted.  This time of year, end of cycle, is all about being done with selected habits.  We don’t do well deleting conscious habit but remember, consciousness is only 7 plus or minus 2 bits.  These fragments are a challenge to drop because on some level we selected them to attend too.  The un-conscious habits that require deletion fade or entropy build momentum and life fades.  Remember, human life is all about  movement and balance with majority of adjustments being unconscious.  We humans do much better than random supporting life which indicates that we do engage change.  A good indicator of the existence of human will and preference for growth or change. 

I still see a propensity to believe that evolutionary change is personal growth from my counseling work.  Remember that evolutionary change is a mandate to embrace the change or suffer the consequences.  Convert that demand to a request and secure your health within this field of force.  If you have taken my Wellness Code Webinar, I recommend that you revisit it and I will continue to answer any e-mailed questions that arise.  The second time through produces greater results and if you have not taken this webinar, e-mail me to sign up.

I took a break this year to follow my own advice.  I have been attending to my continued health at seventy-five and investigating if any of the tools and techniques that I have used and taught all these years need updating.  My current blogs reflect some of this work with “assignments” and “becoming.”  Assignments is language and becoming is our relationship with creation—both concepts hold strong.  The force from the evolutionary mandate tend to intensify the average persons nature or state of being which we would expect.  The nature of demand is usually an increase in stress.  With the younger folks this increase in demand intimidates  their state of being  which shifts quickly from outrage to fear and then apathy.  I believe this is a product of the fading traditional influence—no one hammering  “respect” for God, Country and family regularly.  It will be interesting to see what manifests over time with the new levels of influence.


View of Creation

November 29th, 2019

The process of assignment that we have been chatting about is not a new idea or new technique.  As I mentioned in a former blog, Aristotle played with this concept and today your computer uses this same concept (F.A.T.—file allocation table) to store your files on your hard drive.  The act or power of creation could produce anything but what would an unlimited supply of one potential serve?  Our needs as unique members of the human group is to have available a uniquely different range of potential for each person.  The concept of an “imagined” grid dividing potential into unique segments could support this vision but the issue is what or who made those original assignments.  This leads to the idea of an absolute element initiating the process; the gods, a God or, perhaps a witness with no form.  I’m not attempting to step on any religious concepts that you may hold sacred but how do you balance the idea of freewill in a world with an absolute power as prime mandate?   

But creation is imagination and any steps to bring an imagined idea into form is an expression of form; logical steps, path, pattern or some kind of code.  Creation was before any form, not logical by design because it is imagined.  To get this just imagine anything assigned to an empty space that is also imagined and all in no time.  The logical you (idea of self) is a product of an imagined idea before time and imagined as limited to a location or box in a grid.  The concept of time starts when the pattern generates to produce an expression in form flowing from that imagined location.  Now you have a game and a world of logical thinking that is a byproduct of this creation.  Our human passion is to generate stories based on assumptions that are entertained as truth—how we convert creation to a process.  This process does not start from someone or something making that assignment but creation imagining limitation.  If creation is the potential for all possible now (no time) then limitation is a possible and that is the game of humankind.

Within this human adventure we have some limitations and need to deal with time but creatively expending ranges opens options for limitations and time.  A low stress life with good habits and lots of exercise buys most of us a break with the clock.  Assignment  yields an opportunity to circumvent some limitations within our unique pattern.  For example, we humans have a limitation on flying but we have created ways around that limitation.  Place an idea in a space or grid and request a path to your goal with that idea.  It will not give you a story (sorry) but it will map all potential paths for your idea to generate your goal.  Now download that data into “your space” or grid.  You may feel it filter out the paths not compatible with your set of limitations but it has all possible trails to your goal.  When it finds one or several the trial begins to test the results—you may just feel inspired.  Yes, this too consumes time but the clearer your concept of self is (number of assumptions you hold as true) and the wider your ranges of consciousness with you in the center of all, the faster the process will unfold.  Regular meditation, like good health habits, is wise.   


Wizard in the Space

October 2nd, 2019

Last month we explored assignments between people and this month I will continue that thread looking at assignments between humans and space.  Aristotle, from the traditional meme, professed that if God was everything then one possible way to know God would be to imagine a grid in the space in front of you.  Assign each cell in the grid a projected aspect or value of God.  Systematically relate (perhaps meditate) on one cell at a time and notice how and where you feel that aspect or value in you.  Like Neville Goddard, I would label those cells aspects of creation today and not God but either will work.  In practical terms, you could assign anything you don’t know, understand or even have a clue about it to any empty space and relate to that space (i.e., label, feel and record location).  Your set-up is very important because in your lifetime you may never cognitively understand the answer to your query.  Don’t request an answer or mastery but a clue and a path to a possible “enlightened” response.  Remember in working with space it is not “how to” but “who I need to become” to create the experience or value for you.

As a young teen one summer I was participating in a form of hide and seek at a mountain camp.  With over 100 boys looking for me I planned a path through some woodlands to reach the safe zone.  It was so dark in the woods that I couldn’t move safely even one step.  I looked up and saw a small sparkle of light through the branches.  I assumed that was the moon and asked that twinkle to share some light.  A blue faint light appeared around me and moved with me as I tracked through the forest.  I have no intellectual definition for what the apparition was or how it came about.  The bonus was that once out of the woods the searchers could not see me until I walked over to the table in the safe zone and sat down.  Cool!

It does not need to take the form of a formal request.  Henri Poincare, a nineteenth-century French mathematician, was attending to some arithmetical questions without apparent success.  He wrote, “Disgusted with my failure, I went to spend a few days at the seaside.”  At the bluffs one morning the insight suddenly came to him “that the arithmetical transformations of indeterminate ternary quadratic forms were identical with those of non-Euclidian geometry.”  I also have no intellectual idea what all that is about but the seaside was the space.

At times it is not a space but a frame of mind.  Another famous mathematician, Carl Gauss, reports working on a theorem for four years with no solution.  Then, one day, the answer came to him “as a sudden flash of light.”  He could not recall the thread of thought that connected his years of work with that flash of insight.

Why the puzzle?  Science believes that your brains work tirelessly and unconsciously on a problem until it solves it.  If that takes considerable time the answer would feel like an inspiration.  I believe the solution already exists but you need time to become the person that can hear and understand it.  That is why I think it wise to assign the task to a space outside.  For me, the act of occasionally checking into that space with my attention invokes the inspiration with me as a conscious participant.  Moving forward is the act of becoming and not an argument for a past approach, an unsolvable issue or limiting “truth.”


Stepping up to Relate

September 13th, 2019

I’m going to continue our conversation from last month in this blog because I don’t wish for you to get the idea that assignments are simple or just a cool trick.  You could research on line or talk to friends to find the highest rated local person to do a specific job for you and have the work turn out a flop.  You could make a request to an empty space, a guide, an angel or your dead aunt to find you a unicorn and grow very old waiting for that vision to materialize.  We live in a Universe embracing two systems; balance in form with structure from logic builds the stuff and the “empty space” which is full of energy registered as emotion and imagination that defines possible.  For example, it is possible for you to fly but your structure requires that you utilize an airplane for that endeavor.  Lots of folks in history had the imagination to fly, had the energy or passion to pursue the idea, held sacred a vision and plan but the structure was not yet in place.  It did not go well for them.  We need to take a closer look at the details.

I was a ski instructor for a time and it was great fun guiding blind athletes down the slopes or teaching amputees to ski.  I have heard of a blind guy that climbs mountains and others that ascend the rocks from wheelchairs.  Possible has a wide range but they all face limitations in structure.  Structure is a look at “how to” and there is obviously some wiggle room.  It may be a matter of learning, getting fit for the task or building a better plan.  But being a human is not a perfect event.  Prepared we still encounter questions, levels of “burn-out” and plans that fall short.  Some of the creative innovation and energy from potential will assist but you have to keep an eye on the balance.  It is the relationship, like most things with humans, that makes it work.  The empty energy space is the realization of you becoming.  We all understand; you need to stop being the person defined as you and become the person living the potential now.

I recall meeting a young man years ago that came to a Karate Class that I was teaching.  On break I approached him about an interest in lessons.  He told me he was interested but did not have the stamina and was only watching friends work-out.  He reported having brain cancer and only had around six months to live.  I inquired of this 18 year old as to what his biggest dream was.  He said he wanted to play guitar and was taking lessons from a friend but didn’t have the funds to buy his own.  Funny, I had just purchased a used guitar at a great price and had it in my car.  I not only loaned him the guitar but promised to host his debut as a guitar player in four months at my Karate studio.  The story went out and on the appointed date we filled the house for his performance.  To my surprise, he played song after song for over an hour and sounded great.  Not a virtuoso but we both fulfilled our assignments.  He passed three weeks later.  My class roster grew but in less than a year I moved out of the area and stopped teaching Karate.  I never had the heart to approach his family and get my guitar back.  Future became something different for both of us.


Notice the Demand

August 31st, 2019

I was born into a culture and a world that held sacred the concept of an external absolute rule perceived as right, true or correct.  Even as a child I valued structure, scheduling or habits of life but was very frustrated that I had to settle for learning the correct way to be in life.  Yes, an oxymoron and that fact made me, at a very young age, doubt the concept of external absolute.  At 6 a personal experience lead me to think it was a local issue; at 10 I had moved to another state and was saddened when I discovered it was not local.  For the next several years I struggled with visions, external sounds or voices and emotional balance.  My family thought it was my impatience or teen hormones.  I was happy that they had a story that worked for them but I didn’t learn until 14 that I could make external assignments.  Practice with making assignments quickly lead to deleting assignments irrelevant to whom or what activated them.

I have known people that all their life have had noises in their head, heard voices, had visions or simply saw something moving out of the corner or their eye.  I’m not attempting to say overcoming this is a simple task or that I have any special talent—or that they need to.  I had an experience at 18 with directing my attention away from a source of real noise and noticing that the sound reduced.  I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that; like talking to a friend in a noisy restaurant.  In my experience I had a counter-force pressing from the opposite direction of the noise.  I played with moving attention and intensity back and forth for a time; then simply moved my attention to the center point, to me, and all stimuli subsided.   

The Universe is made of some stuff and a lot of space.  The stuff includes all objects, rules, unshakeable ideas and most belief systems (i.e., I believe I am).  The space is energy and light; the force of creation and having a relationship with these two elements is what I perceive as enlightenment.  Not a big deal today because many authors and teachers have proclaimed us post-enlightened.  When I look back over the last fifty-five years this was a big deal for me personally and has taught me to better balance habits and creation.

Setting an alarm clock is an external assignment.  When it goes off in the morning I’m not always immediately cognizant of why I set it but I’m awake.  And if I don’t turn it off it will ring for a time, reset and do it again every morning until I do shut it off.  We have all had this experience, right?  At some point post-conception at least two people started to make assignments for most of you.  I assume there was a conversation about name, a family vision within a culture, a potential future and lots of other stuff.  You grew up listening to that “alarm” that I term a demand and probably added numerous elements to the evolving story of you.   Evolution is an assignment that demands change and even a recluse has a difficult time squelching that alarm.  Meditation provides an opportunity to distance the demand and notice the space and this may take a little practice.  Can you find a moment from the demand to create something in the space?


The passing of Alice Bandy

August 22nd, 2019

For all of you that remember the Order of The Ascended Rose I’m sure you remember Alice Bandy. She held title as Bishop and worked with the Preceptorial Training Program. She also taught many programs that she created and was active in The Church of Religious Science. This Wednesday she passed after a few years dealing with cancer. Very sorry to lose an old friend and fellow teacher.


Sneaky Change

July 31st, 2019

We dined with some visiting friends at a local Chinese restaurant that my wife and I have frequented over the last several years.  I placed the order for the group and requested rice bowls and chopsticks.  To my surprise, the present staff had no idea what rice bowls were.  The senior wait staff lady came to ask us if our intent was to eat like Chinese people with rice bowls and chopsticks.  I confirmed politely and she presented us with the requested implements.  I inquired and the staff were not American born Asians.  How wild; can you imagine a cultural change at that level?  I cannot.

Two days later I was chatting with a new Asian woman employee at my bank while waiting for a notary service.  I shared my Chinese restaurant story and asked if she had noticed any trend in eating differently in her home country.  She said that she graduated from college in Asia and came straight to America for a job.  In college she had not been around family or anyone that ate the traditional way.  Her facial expression did not indicate to me any surprise with the possibility of an eating style change.  What would it take to generate such a state of change even if just with young folks?  I don’t believe such a change has accorded in China, yet, but that is a profound example of the power in an evolutionary mandate.

Most of us talk about change, spiritual growth, high demand stress culture, complexity; but we seem to resist all this change or at best struggle with it perpetually.  I fully agree with the need for some type of “slap in the face” to wake us up and I’m willing to embrace such an experience.  However, the evolutionary mandate is sneaky and it undercuts our values (utility) to present a new path, habit or pattern, not for the same goals, but for newly presented goals that are not conscious  or supported yet (no story).  We got taken, again, by a system that must have a bigger database than Google.  But in truth we are awesome in our story telling, less awesome as a global citizen, only 40% human by DNA, fully indoctrinated in a family drama and a community or tribe.  The story of “I” is habitually the story of family and community with only a hand-full of unique twists mostly generated by random meta-patterns.  Our fingerprints, gut biome, DNA, an assortment of meta-patterns and a few story indexes may be all that produce the proud “me.”  In the last few thousand years most of us have bridged the gap from “me” to “us” as a tribe or community.  The gap from “us” to “them” is much larger and our next human goal.  We are one planet; one people with a mixed up batch of human stories, rules, ethics and politics.  We got this far from securing “no” and entertaining “we” as an extended and enriched identity.  Talk to your grandchildren and gain their views on all those characteristics, concepts and belief structures that you may still hold sacred.  Spend some time reflecting in meditation and see how many of these you may secure as “done” and extend your range.  Uniqueness is a resource to humankind that we don’t wish to lose.  Instead of killing folks for it we need to respect them for their distinctiveness.  And don’t forget that the evolutionary mandate will more than likely change the game and the goals; unnoticed.


Visit to the Muslim Sample

June 22nd, 2019

Northern Morocco and Western Turkey were both green and lush; both rich in agriculture with a few really big cities.  Southern Morocco, of course, is part of the Sahara Desert but surprisingly quite a lot of agriculture.  Both countries were littered with historical artifacts, more so in Turkey going back to 3,000 BC.  All this to Deborah’s delight for she loves history, flowers and open countryside.  I in turn prefer culture and food.  Not much can be said for the food except lots of fresh bread but the culture, the people and the religion were very interesting.  We had a great trip and lots of adventures.

I knew going in to abandon my foodie/health views so that was not an issue.  All the food was fresh and well prepared; just not food I would dine on at home.  I had three goals and we accomplished them and then some.  I studied with an old Dervish from Turkey for a few months in my late twenties but he was not a dancer.  I wished to see and did a group doing the Whirling Dervish ritual and they let us take some pictures.  Very powerful ceremony.  Second desire was to see how they carved an underground city in rock in Cappadocia.  Tons of ash from volcanoes filled the valley floor thousands of years ago with a thick heavy layer of rock on top.  The compressed ash is solid but you can carve into it even with wooden tools.  Amazing site to see and even better from the hot air balloon.  Hard to imagine people lived underground for over two hundred years to avoid religious persecution.   

 The third point was to look at the practice of the Muslim Religion.  I know from my studies that Muslim is a kind of Arab reformed Christian religion but I’d never seen it in practice outside of a few Mosques that I have been to in the US.  Both countries were 99% Muslim but different levels of devotion.  Morocco was definitely steeped in the traditional meme.  When they got their freedom as a country in 1956 they selected by popular vote a Kingdom for their form of government and their form of Muslim Religion is the most liberal.  Women do not wear veils, they get the same free government sponsored education as men, get the same opportunities for jobs and the same pay and rights.  This country is open to all religions and you see traveling many different types of churches.  In the cities the people are more laissez faire about religious practice; they have liquor stores, they party and show respect for women and non-Muslims.  The villagers are far more traditional and often decline their free education after primary school to develop agricultural skills, sheep and goat tending and start having children early.  Lots of organizations have started up all over the country designed to implement change and improve life opportunities for these village people.

Turkey is more in the Modern Meme, more industry, more population and only 4% attend daily prayer at the Mosques.  I believe that both countries present the statistic that they are 99% Muslim because Religion and Government are not separated.  Government builds the Mosques, pays the Emmons (priests) and controls the content.  One level of corruption that we have avoided in the US so far.