Need More Range

June 1st, 2021

Our task this year is to mark what influences us and to learn how to manage, direct or avoid such influence.  The lengthy goal in mind for us humans is to become global citizens—one culture, with perhaps many subcultures and we see samples of that possibility even today in many countries.  Traditionally, most cultures attempted to “convert” the subgroups to the larger groups’ concepts and that still is policy today in many nations.  If that didn’t work, the options used in the past were to exterminate or imprison the “irregulars.”  Obviously this term of action is not congruent with our projected goal so we need to imagine another solution.  Perhaps we should review what points we have identified over the last few months.

If you are still reading my blogs since the first of the year, then I must have influenced you to join in a search to find or imagine and share an idea that we could all participate in to support humans uniting instead of conflicting.  Thanks, and I hope together we come up with some great ideas.  I believe we need to pool a huge array of thoughts and they don’t need to be tested, logical or even practical.  The first influence I noted in my blogs is that we all have a preference and that is usually based on past experience.  The game has changed so get over it and pay attention.  New and novel approaches usually show up as clues and at times very abstractly.  The energy to make something happen is not an issue but interpreting the clues we discover may need group discussion or even debate to refine.  No one may be delighted with this detail but we are delving into the unknown.  The best we can hope for is a map or at least a starting point and perhaps a direction to move.  Remember, being human is never perfect and this game will always end in death.  There may not be a happy aspect but it does illustrate that there is no absolute right way to overcome this logical game of human life in form.  Perhaps it is of more utility in this short span with quality of life, social integrity and healthy existence.

Time to integrate some more bridges between the creation system and the logical system.  Relationship is a factor that we are created with and we have already hinted at balance.  We should explore the concept of range (from creation system) to foster more questions in the logical system.  Decision in the logical system is not an end point but a selection for testing.  A lot of attention opens the terrain for questions that point toward a decision to test a hypothesis but this could be restricted by the size of the range being attended to or the ability to integrate ranges.  Zooming in and out, like with a computer map, will lose details as you enlarge and conceal location from larger range points as you move in.  Working with range is essential.


Changing Parts

May 1st, 2021

When I awake in the morning and hear the pitter-patter on the roof I know that as a clue it may be raining outside.  When I discover a package of chicken defrosting in the kitchen I know that as a clue that dinner will include some type of chicken meat entry.  I read a lot of psychology books assorted with a few easy read fiction or thrillers but end of last year I ordered three political science books.  All makes sense with the action in January but what was the clue last year when I ordered the books?  I was searching the web for places in the Covid-19 world that would allow us in to visit and got distracted by a comment from a traveler who was delighted to have had time on a trip to read “Why Leaders Lie” by John J. Mearsheimer.  Some clues are just not so obvious at the time of interaction.  We are attending to clues that will help support decisions of value in our yet unrevealed future.  Pay attention and don’t discount any hints or offers.

You probably came into life as a clue supported by a vision created by a couple of parents as to their potential role and how that would play out in a story they both or separately imagined.  I’m sure they were eager to discover your gender early to help create another possible story called “their child’s life.”  You are not in the habit of noticing clues because you began life with a plethora of them; all imposed upon your attention.  You may also not have noticed with all the over- stimulation that the world, referred to as background by Martin Heidegger, was already there.  You grew very quickly both physically and intellectually; learning on average a new word to define the “symbols” in this world every 90 minutes.  Yes, it is not a picture-book world but still full of stuff and the terms define the stuff.  You learned your role in the family and culture with, I’m sure a little rebellion at least, and assumed the values of the group.  Over time all of that probably changed and your story altered to accommodate anchor points you secured as important to your developing vision of self.  We humans refer to this as growth or even spiritual growth—spiritual meaning along a theme and not about a ghost. 

The background also changes but at a different pace.  Few of us humans enjoy sitting and watching as paint peels off the walls of old buildings.  All stuff has entropy with “nature” having seasonal changes we like to note with greeting cards.  Climate is the benchmark for human conversations about change but the whole package evolves at what feels like alternating rates.  Relocating does contribute to this fact and explains why I don’t miss my ocean kayak after moving to the Northwest and selling it.  My diving gear is gathering dust in the garage and I no longer feel any desire to plan another ocean dive.  Do you see how changes in background generate changes in value?  These types of change may not be part of your personal growth vision but they influence it at variant magnitudes over time.    


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Guidance & Clues

April 1st, 2021

We need a pattern, a map or some type of guidance to implement change.  To secure any type of modification we need to practice a different habit of being in the world.  We may have a new vision but without the guidance of a practice we will be led astray.  Our intuition, by design, automatically drives us in the direction of familiar.  A new terrain is never familiar and that is why a few guide-points or pictures are of great assistance.  Yes, a map is not the terrain but it gives us clues.  Meditation at times provides pictures (an image) even as detailed as one may find in travel books.  Neither often tell you where or what the picture is but it does open up a stream of information.  Asking questions to others on a journey or just an assigned space in meditation may provide more hints.  You have to be vigilant for signs, traces and inklings. 

I have helped people find a reference and frequently hear the reply, “Now I know what I have to do.”  But very few actually pursue the lead offered and never very timely.  Most use insight as a temporary distraction and sadly find themselves in the same sort of pattern they were intent on alleviating.  Not a total loss because I usually see some change, but growth by trial-and-error can be slow and painful.  Translating a novel inspiration into a productive habit in your life, even with a well thought-out plan, falters when confronted by the wall of intuition—”the way you always do it.”  The intent here is not to condemn your intuitive database.  It is a great guidance when sorting through what, by experience, you know to be true for you.  And of course, to “switch to an unproven approach” is rarely validated by friends and family that may claim they “know you better than you do.”  A practice is just that; you practicing to obtain your goal and being willing to change directions with new clues or momentary failure in movement and balance.        

A practice, no matter how simple, is vastly improved by the addition of reason or logic.  Common engagement into the logical system is often via attention, questions and decisions.  Attend to all clues—that is anything that is unusual, odd or not the normal course for you.  Ask yourself and others about hints or oddities that catch your attention.  You will not “know” and your “feelings” may abound with apprehension.  This is just a practice and your decisions are for testing.     

Let us not get ahead of ourselves, to notice a trace that leads into the unknown is not an easy task.  Start with attention and seek information.  Build a reservoir of data to secure the hint and then make a decision to test it with a plan.  You need both courage and wisdom to sample an unknown.  Remember, it is important to practice and secure each step into discovery.  We will explore these threads for a few months.


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Source of Power

March 1st, 2021

We began this year with a vision, something imagined as possible for you in this time of change.  We bridged from one operating system to another by attending to this vision, asking questions (research and meditation) and compiling preferences to decide which path to explore.  Now all we need is the energy or power to drive this venture.

It is difficult to comprehend where power comes from but we know it would require balance and movement to generate it (think power generator).  Imagine the difference between an observer and a participant.  An observer asks the question “what just happened?” and they build a story to explain or define as best they recall.  Do you get how this is part of the creation system?  Research with court testimonies confirm that the average witness makes a lot of assumptions.  A participant asks the question “what can I do?” or “what did I do?” and searches their memory for facts and often discovers gaps (unconscious).  And yes, this is all part of the logical system where we settle for nothing but logical facts.  A fact may be an associated truth or a relative truth but not an absolute truth.  The switch from the creation system to the logical system produces the power.  Should I repeat that statement?  Movement back and forth between the two systems generates power.  It is from the movement created by the nature of relationships.  The creation system creates the logical system when you bridge from imagination to logical steps (i.e., questions, attention, decisions).  And when faced with questions lacking answers or an absence of attention we bridge back to the creation system to imagine a solution.  The creation system is simply a state of being possible without supporting demonstration and the logical system supplies a temporary structure as a demonstration that represents the imagined potential but only if the structure can stand the test of balance.

Your imagined potential is powered by the relationship of all potential that created the logical system to house demonstration.  No problem except in a deterministic chaos venture (defining a state of balance) no paths may cross and this logical fact dictates how much change you will experience to fulfill your new state of being you.  The other interesting fact of the logical system is that with each paradigm change the network of potential paths increases making mapping way more intricate.  In fact, before the move last century into modernity this network had been consistent so long that is was called tradition and considered an absolute truth.  

Your vision for proposed change is an influence that will emerge in story and action anywhere within the range of a slight modification of past elements in your life to the elimination of all past elements resulting in a convention that barely resembles any of the interacting elements.  This result we call a practice to convert the habit of your being.


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Love is in the Air

February 1st, 2021

February is marked by the collective legends of the Saint Valentines’ from religious history (there were several) but I prefer the earlier pagan ritual.  The tale told is that one of the gods could grant a couple a one year trial “marriage” to test their love and skill in a partner relationship.  That would have saved me a lot of money on divorces and perhaps set me up with a different attitude.  For me love is an indication of preference.  After many trips to the altar I can testify that I prefer my wife.  We don’t always agree but most of the time I’m not totally convinced that I agree with what I’m thinking, less yet doing.  For most folks it appears that a requirement to pay more attention to what is going on around you is an abuse.  We need an alarm or a nag to wake us up in February and notice that all those great promises we made in January are not being attended to.  That commitment rarely makes it a month.  It appears that this year we have added an evolutionary mandate, or at least its consequences; to our list of commitments we may need a “love god” to help maintain those preferences.

I’m suggesting we start with more attention, not to all the threats, claims and demands to control via fear but the vision of being part of a new united human relationship.  Now that is love for you!  The question is not whether the danger is real but can we focus on this supplementary information and still pay attention to the goal of creating the foundation for a global culture?  I imagine this will take more years to bring to fruition than you and I will live.  It has to start by attending to the offer of change and stepping away from the bias of polarization.  Forget the “old ways;” a demand that never really worked very well and embrace innovation, partnership and all the other stumbling that comes with new relationships.  We are all investing in a future with a very slow return and a very bold solution.  Like all journeys, it will start with that first step so wake up and pay attention.

Most folks start to pay attention when they notice they are lost.  Look at the news, the internet BS and your neighbors with posters hung-up with barbed wire.  In the old days the bad guys wore masks and now everyone wears masks.  You are lost!  Please move your attention to all the people doing double duty with working and home-schooling children.  The people helping older folks get groceries and maintain their living quarters.  The huge increase in the homeless population in America accompanied by mountains of trash.  All this does make love a challenge.  You can add to the list but I think we’ve reached a point of agreement.  It is time for all to step up and pay attention.

The best tool for attention is a short meditation (a singularity or one focus) but words of encouragement to a neighbor keeping up with home and family maintenance, employees working under the strain of extra tasks from imposed restrictions, and all the people waiting in line for yesterdays services that they lost need acknowledgment.  One globe, one humanity and one “family.”  Not there yet but on the path.  


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Picture 2021

January 26th, 2021

New Year’s morn, after a delightful breakfast out, my wife and I decide to drive across the creek to visit Portland.  They have had their share of riots and homeless in 2020 but with Covid-19 we had not been over to check how they managed.  Below are a few pictures from a creek side road near the Portland airport.  The tempo on January 1st for 2021 does not demonstrate much progress but we still have 364 days to manage the obvious issues.  How is your neighborhood doing?  What can we all do to help?

Update and salute to Portland along with a thank you from your northern neighbor. Today, Jan. 27th, the PDOT was out cleaning up the mess displayed above. The question left is why do folk that are down and out have to live so uncivilized?

Attention, Questions and Decisions

January 1st, 2021

Can you recall ever driving down a road, maybe headed somewhere or just out on an adventure, and feeling pretty good after you notice that you hit all the lights green through town?  How cool is that!  Maybe just a chance event but it influenced your mood.  We are easy to influence; ask any advertiser.  We can also influence other folks and often a lot more than we think.  It could be intentional or not and you may recall how or not.  Whether a skill or luck you can do it and most of the time you can do it with intention.  The science of probability states that our attention can change the state of an electron from a particle to an energy wave.  There are a lot of “steps” between those levels of influence but both are real and we have a game.

My intent this year is to work with this game of influence.  Back one hundred plus  years ago we believed that there was a one true and correct answer to solve a problem.  Now we have a lot more problems and even more solutions that didn’t work.  Lots of conflicting claims and a host of good people working hard to reveal even a partial “truth”—anything to produce some results.  We still have folks pushing the old promise to have faith and trust;”the lions won’t eat you.”  That didn’t work out too good last time around and now we are all confused. 

There is a little caveat we gained when the “one and only truth” idea went south.  Ranges switched from dichotomies  with opposite poles to ranges that started at a “secured point” and expanded until those ranges bifurcate.  Evolution produces more variables so every element, concept and possibility split in each epoch.  Input of more energy into these new type ranges produces diversity of results.  No perfect idea but lots of concepts and a solution in our future may be a unique adaptation of a type that works for your version of the common issue.

This new evolutionary change will take a hundred years or more to fully mature.  Wise for now to be wary of any pitch “for the snake oil” fix that is a promise to cure all your ills or even one ill for all people.  It’s going to become even more complex so pay attention, ask lots of questions and know you are going to have to make many decisions.   

Please avoid polarized conflicts and any version of yesterdays search for the one truth.  Old habits die slow and the tools of evolution, wars and pestilence, weigh heavy on lost souls supporting forgotten dreams.  I’m reaffirming my personal commitment to daily exercise and meditation for the new year.  I love new games and look forward to playing with you for many years to come.


Starting in 2021, Dr. Chriss Lemmon will produce a short chat each month in association with his monthly blogs.  This is the link to January chat:

Happy End of Truth

December 1st, 2020

There is a part of me that misses the concept of a truth out there.  As a kid I went along with but never really believed in Santa Claus or that a show of affection would heal a wound.  Growing up my interpretation of events was always quite different than my peers.  I didn’t believe that one of us had to be right, I just thought it odd that there could be so many different views for a topic or an experience.  I liked science and math and headed towards higher education in engineering but discovered the field was adrift with change and uncertainty.  I switched to psychology because its solutions were more “intuitive.”  Searching for an outcome that worked for an individual in their real life situation had more appeal to me than the demand to adjust to the facts (truth) of life. 

However, this did not become the path of my work experience.  No real truth in law enforcement; lots of rules and most trumped by politics.  No real truth in management but profit and more politics.  No real truth in teaching but ridiculous rules and again politics.  It took two years and a lot of “non-truths” to get a non-profit rating from the government for me to open a training center under the guise of a church.  My vision was to operate outside of the scope of politics and truth as an absolute.  Great idea but students came looking for a real truth.  Funny!

My view of politicians is that of an animal trainer (or most teachers).  They say whatever to direct the flow of thinking towards the vision of the folks “in power.”  When we discovered that whales eat their trainers we stopped training whales (perhaps no net profit).  I’m not advocating we give up on government!  I’m advocating we get real and give up the idea of an absolute truth.  What I have learned is folks are looking for guidance and willing to trust.  My education in psychology points to an expectation for an unconscious rebellion by people to the lack of truth fed to them.  Is that not what we see today?

I have been teaching “forever” to pay attention to what you create and not how you react.  Not easy because reaction is automatic and unconscious.  I’m glad my wife is tolerant.  Give yourself a break and a little time to move past the automatic reaction.  Your attention can manage and create your vision.  Success comes from patience and practice.  Did I say it takes patience and practice?  Yes!  Correct is not a reaction or compliance to a truth because there is no absolute truth.  Stop looking for a ghost and create your dream; but don’t ignore the path in form to allow your dream fruition.  Covid-19 is a creation that is real in form and it can kill you and me.  It could kill everyone and who believes that science will find an absolute cure in a world with no absolute?  We are all going to die at some time (perhaps the only absolute) so why react to this?  Respect it like every other creation in this universe (remember whales) and attend to your vision for you.


Value in Growth

November 1st, 2020

I have been teaching and counseling all my life.  Most folks describe this work as healing but the truth is a majority of the time they don’t fully heed the teaching or the counseling.  I have always accepted this as part of the human condition.  The “negative” influences in their lives are so strong that they can’t raise beyond them or fear to do so.  That is the nature of growth or change and I have learned to accept progress as profound and limited.  I’m human and I don’t always respond to my learned wisdom.  Our culture has moved with this current evolutionary influence to shake loose from the concept of one absolute correct solution for all human development.  I’m contemplating the idea that the folks who did grow from working with me found value or utility in doing so.  Most saw change as a task or a demand and way too much effort to tackle even when this fact was unconscious.  Healing was the wrong word,  wrong theme, and in fact, just a judgment.  Healing assumes there is an absolute state and that is not a truth today. 

I’m reframing my view and my language to propose value as a real utility in a person’s life.  I don’t care if they call it a healing but I will affirm with my words to propose the opportunity to gain value in their life by attending to the offer for growth or change.  This is not odd when you stop and think about how many folks don’t take the pills prescribed, or the correct amount by a treating physician.  Only with attention on the gain do we act with discipline and only for as long as we can maintain that attention.  Yes, attention is one of the bridges between phenomena and logic.  Real value in replacing the offer for another task to a chance for a miracle.  Less than three percent can pull off making a change in state as a logical step.  It is a miracle beyond that point.

I have taught a lot of students and a fair share of them are teachers today.  If you took classes from me or one of my staff I would be delighted to send you the “healing” six week class material in the new format.  If you are teaching I will, of course, send you the updated material and be happy to answer any of your questions about presentation.  Just e-mail for the update.

I’m retired and don’t teach basic classes (energy essentials, energy utility or energy communication) anymore but I still do talks in the states that will allow meetings and I have chats posted on YouTube at the “wizardscache” channel.  Send me a request and I will post a chat this winter on that channel to share.  Good communications support relationships and discourage polarization.  The future is ours, not mine or yours exclusively.  A blessing for you to find utility in this new global state of being.  An old mystic would remind you that 2020 is double judgment and 2021 is judgment and the world.  Now that is a fun old idea.


What is Absolute

October 1st, 2020

I have had several requests to explain why I reference our present cultural (perhaps global) state of change as “no absolute.”  I’m not anti-religion and I don’t care what you believe in.  I would prefer you believe in your potential for change but that is my bias that I need to balance with the fact that an infinitesimal number of real people fully integrate change.  I also believe that nothing will happen until you take responsibility (take action over time).  We have a question of standards and where did they get created?  Someone made them up!  Do I need to affirm this statement?  I’m sorry, you need to affirm this fact like everything else that you believe works.  Are we clear here?  The speed of light, the power of gravity, the concept of calorific intake and its consequences are all fabricated based on the idea of what is the most probable.  The most probable is that you will die and you will fail with your vision for you.  I can’t work with this fact so I write blogs, teach techniques (that work sometimes—do you recall the words of Abraham Lincoln?), and counsel folks.  I do all of this to compel change for me.  I like you because I have a pattern labeled proximity and you play in my “sandbox”; are we good?

The above may feel harsh but it is not absolute.  An absolute is the benchmark and ultimate standard for everything.  Free will and autonomy are oxymoron’s in the wake of perfection.  Is wholeness all possibilities or just the one correct way?  Even though we may not agree I need to hear your counterview.  I may be right this time and most of the time but that is just a probability.  I cannot be of service in life to me or anyone else if in the most important moment my view falters.  The fact is that I have learned everything from my failures and still have a lot to learn.  I have no idea what your story of confidence is but I’ll bet you have made a mistake or two.  A mapmaker is always lost and never found or what use are they?  But a map is still not the territory.  What is the utility of life but to discover, have experience, make friends with a few special ones and be of service to the balance?

The evolutionary change is like zooming in one level on a computer map.  With each step you gain some information on screen and lose other labeling.  A map of California marks San Francisco as a dot but when you zoom way in you get streets, hotels, restaurants, etc. but lose sight of all the other cities in California.  Zoomed in may look more complex on screen but it is just different information.  For us humans each window is a different frame in consciousness; the information at that level that we may be able to process consciously as self and environment.  It feels like a change and it is with the task to discover value in each frame.  Each level of information provides a different perception but they all represent the environment within that you create the idea or concept of you in.  Evolutionary growth is more frames and more states of you needed to balance self as congruent across the levels.  No one absolute version can represent you in all those different environments.  Life is not photo-shop process of you onto a background but you creating a state of being in a different environment.