A Stream

June 28th, 2017

Can you imagine having no form and being somewhere in weird formless void?  You could be a thought, a comparative thought rather than competitive thought.  Human children seem to arrive in form with comparative awareness for which Fisher Price has made a fortune.  A comparative thought would not need to be an element of space and time (object), but it would need a consideration that something preempted such a state of being—a creation for potential to be.  Such an act would by design be impersonal and timeless or there would exist a preference (bias) rather than a potential to compare.  A comparative though would be essential if you were to select a preference.  Of course, choosing a potential would be the only act you could orchestrate and you could perform such a task by attention to that partiality.  Consider attention as a state of consciousness characterized by a concentration on a single thought, especially one preferentially selected from a complex, with a view to limiting or clarifying receptivity by narrowing the range of stimuli (dictionary reference).  I consider that such a level of concentration would generate compression leading to form but if you’re uncomfortable with that, we could at least agree that it would produce a force.

Potential is the capacity of being or becoming.  Aware is the state or condition of having knowledge; consciousness.  The root for the word aware is wary or cautious.  The force has become an energy that has moved the potential into a range from known to new; out of a redundancy or survival.  Now we have a game that may lead to experience, the state of having done something.  To maintain the initial state of balance from being potential without preference, all potential would need to be energized into a chaotic deterministic state—still in balance but activated (modeled after but independent of the creation state—a movement from timeless).  Each created potential would those become a vector, an expression of force with a directional arrow.  An attention to a preference in potential would direct a comparative thought into an energy force that I call a “stream.”  Can you imagine being a stream of energized potential with a starting point and a direction?

I envision compression because I believe form is coded by torque or particle spin which sufficient compression would cause.  The number of streams may be finite but within the containment (again, compression) of a potential each stream would be near infinite (all possible within range).  A moving stream needs to deal with speed bumps and distractions.  When humans experience such they torque, get ill and adrift of their stream (or path); my view.  Perhaps this is a large enough splash for one month.  Next month we will explore the potential of a meandering stream.









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