Food in your future?

July 28th, 2017

A new stream, creek, brook or river may wander changing course frequently during its youthful years.  They all have a source and a downhill invitation to explore, some born with a route and others develop their track within the range the path to the ocean.  All streams must adhere to conservation for the available supply of water is finite in a closed system.  If two or more streams merge, one or all will lose continuation of its label; not the fault of the path but the choice of the one who names.  Purpose is also left to chance with no requirement for a stream to do, only to be.  Slope and volume provide the drive but these elements offer no more importance than distance and service.  Beauty brings attention to a stream and fall adds charm and sound.  The stream banks form to secure the boundaries reserving the privilege to outstretch when required.  Its destiny lies in the hands of nature and man.  The value of all is eminent in the movement of water.

Dear water, clear water, playful in all your streams,
As you dash or loiter through life who does not love
To sit beside you, to hear you and see you,
Pure being, perfect in music and movement?

Stream by Szots Andras

When you are a small part of a very large scheme it is difficult to comprehend the whole so we design a metaphoric model.  Great tool but risky when you attempt to compare the process of an object to the process of a human.  Void of documented proof that aliens have contributed anything to our plant renders our world a closed system.  Conservation stands but I believe we are not lacking anything, the distribution is only way out of balance.  People are self-corrective systems, and unsecured, they maintain this state of imbalance as a redundant anchor (survival).  The avoidance of change and the fear (threshold) to embrace a random potential generates some interesting and familiar scenarios.  How many folks are waiting for someone to provide a plan to produce this needed balance?  How many accept this “state of lacking” anticipating balance post-mortem?  How many participate in maneuvers (distractions-sex, drugs and whatever) to avoid the gateway to potential—threshold;  an engagement moving faster than you can control?  Every stream begins as a flood; out of control water.

To develop the personal discipline to secure no as an action in your everyday life is the first step to converting those human filters from expecting less to accepting a preference as a gain.  Our immune system is our biological no.  Laws form our cultural/social no.  We inhabit the “water” planet and what we both share is a need for containment as structure to guide the movement to a useful potential.  How many floods have we humans incurred in our history?  How many floods have you experienced?  Time to take the action of securing “no.”


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