A Work Along a Stream

August 29th, 2017

A range with a secured thread in gradients running end to end would afford you the ability to project the concept of you at any useful location in the range and to both move your location at will and to zoom in or out to determine levels of discernment.  A range secured with no would be 100% “no” at one end and at the other end “no” would be nonexistent.  Yes is the default setting to produce a state of being—yes, I am.  Some examples are, one could say no to smoking whether they ever had that habit or not.  But the end point, or any point, never forms an absolute.  You could say no to cake but on a friend’s birthday indulge.  You could be open to accept all gifts but still decline something illegal or stolen.  Do you see how this style of range gives more autonomy than a dichotomy with zero in the center splitting the range as opposites?  And with a secured range you can zoom in to make a detailed discernment and then zoom out to gain an overall view.  No is a very powerful tool.

You may enrich and expand the power of your ranges and if you have an interest, join my webinar on “Surviving the cultural changes.”  But before you chase off seeking more wisdom and tricks let us take a deeper look at life with a secured range.  I invite you to return for a moment to the metaphor of a stream from last month’s blog.  A stream does not produce the water or even alter the quantity.  At best a stream distributes water wherever it wanders guided by the direction of the lowest path.  It seeks a balance in level and “moves” to discover it.  Water is a traditional metaphor for the  force or energy of life and I used the concept of a stream as a potential with movement and location metaphorically as a human life potential.  Again, with the caution that this is just a model; a conception tool.  The question at this point is where does a “stream” disconnect from its potential.

Not just the existential, losing connection to source, but every deviation in a stream will be very abstract because it is a object.  At best we may consider a list of things that happen to streams.  Streams get diverted by landslides, beavers and power plants to name a few.  The blocking could be so great that the stream becomes a puddle, pond or a lake.  It could merge with another stream and lose all identity or contribute to grandness; perhaps useful as shipping or agricultural.

Humans also require movement, real or imagined.  But for humans balance, or structure, is paramount.  Their potential often gets diverted by distraction (drugs, booze, sex, shopping, etc.) and they confuse knowing for a direction or a catalyst.  A range from inspiration to obsession.  They frequently hold on to past concepts or events as a truth and lose sight of potential.  A range from a positive trigger to total depression.  And they crave interpersonal relationships, joining groups and altruist causes.  This range spans from being enriched by interpersonal relationships to being a burned-out devotee.  A human is not a stream but you can walk with another human along a stream and notice the “stream” of their potential, or better yet, your stream.




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