Wise to have a bigger view

September 9th, 2017

As many of you know, I have all of Ken Wilber’s books and I like his written material.  With his training programs, his model and his target group are different than mine but I believe his work is valid.  He is working with the leading edge “Post-modern” group of “elites” that are destined to enact their Post-modern cultural change and his model is a little complicated for most.  I prefer the larger wave of “modern” folks growing away from the “traditional” period and acclimating to this rational but quick changing wave of cultural change.  I think most folks need time to secure into the demand of the “modern” wave.  The absence of an absolute truth is not an easy adjustment and some training will aid in learning to secure into other options than the partial truth, the truth now.  Ken speaks of partial truth being a property of Post-modern but I see that predominates in the Modern wave group I’m working with.  I imagine this could be the “green meme” bleeding into my otherwise “orange” circle.

Ken has just released three new books and in Integral Meditation he makes point of the fact that everyone needs to Grow Up as well as Wake Up.  For all of you out there that participated in my Preceptorial Training Program, he is now acknowledging working with stages to mature (Our first two years of training) as you Wake Up to progressions in states.

The next book is Trump and a Post-truth World.  Short and a good read. Ken believes all this chaos is a self-correction and his material does support a bigger view of the destruction we are witnessing every day in the news.  Nice to find something hopeful to entertain.

And the last is a monster 800 plus page book entitled The Religion of Tomorrow.  Big books are difficult to carry around and it took me over a year to finish Sex, Ecology, Spirituality.  I scanned through the new book and have not found a compelling page to lock in my attention but I’m hopeful.  I recommend all three but have not read the third one yet.  But with “Rome” burning I think we all need something to fill the time.


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