The First Magic

September 24th, 2017

In my preschool writing tablet I recorded my name, age of six and two sentences: “Everything is a glow.  Everything is united.” I saw “glows” in and around people, animals, most plants and some objects.  These glows when quizzed talked to me; in my head of course.  Yes, I spent a lot of time alone but magic for me at six was communication from a perceived glow of light.  I recall seeing a cool “art deco style chair” in the dump.  The chair of a king, perhaps, and in our local dump.  From the safe edge of the dump I noticed a faint glow in the chair but it was reluctant to respond to my inquiry about  its association to royalty.  I persisted with “why are you there?”  The glow raised above the chair and replied with a resounding “I hold form.”  I got a clue to the source of my glows and I never believed glows to be guides, ghosts or souls of the dead.  By age seven I experimented successfully with creating an image of an object, sending it to someone and observing them act on it.  No words, clues or body language utilized.  At seven I inspired my mother to buy me a pipe rack and humidor.  I had no idea what the thing was but I saw it in a store window on a walk alone and sent the “picture” to mom.  And I have no idea how she even found the silly thing or why she went into that little cigar store downtown.  Magic by seven had matured for me to having my statement of will materialize.

I discovered that glows are “imagined ideas” with enough attention on them to make them “glow.”  I also learned that it is a challenge to hold a subconscious idea conscious and attend to it for any length of time.  And the physical object, the pipe rack, was my anchor to keep the experiment in reach of my conscious awareness.  The story felt very much like a dream and would have been quickly forgotten or perceived an imagined event.  The glows eventually faded and transformed to pure kinetic perception and today I know that it is the repetition, the redundancy, of the attention and not the duration.  Is that not what the advertising industry does to put a purchase idea into our world?

All the atoms in the Universe blink and therefore we must blink.  I know you don’t feel the exchange when the atoms in the chair you are sitting on transform into the mass called you.  That is fine, there is a very long list of ideas we hold true that are not really a truth in demonstration.  As all of this starts to become conscious the nature of truth will be shaken for all of us and that is why I’m facilitating a webinar on “Surviving the Cultural Change.”

The magic in your world will change as your world changes.  It lives just at the edge between structure (what we know that works) and imagined potential (what we don’t know that may work better).  The Cultural Memes may grow the structure but you need to cultivate your magic.



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