Parts needed for magic

November 19th, 2017

In my late twenties, a review of my concept of magic would have been that I could generate change in conformity with my will if the structure was in place to support it or if I could discover the correct structure via trial and error.  The statement of will would need to be formatted as a request and supported internally with an iconic consideration of value.  At this point of my life I began to entertain the idea that everything (atoms-the base of all objects) is unstable and in fact “blink” and thus a change would be only a different creation and not an adaptation.  A creation is a request to be with a vector suggesting potential (stages, steps or levels as creations) which would produce the internal concept of value.  For example, a change or new version of me “feels” appropriate (of value) now; or, I need to do things that make me happy, etc.

New also to my life at this time was a growing number of requests from other folks to teach them “magic,” help them with it, or do it for them.  The third being the most prevalent and, of course, absurd.  With my education and background I started teaching and learned a few “tricks” from helping some folks along the way.  For most students, what they thought of as their will was in fact someone else’s demand for them, a failed expectation with no statement of will, a belief which is a form of trance and/or an assortment of other “shadow” experiences.  Everything was a demand, though at times polite, and rarely indicated any reflection of value.  I started teaching students to discover “their will,” anchor into it via the body and become present while learning to discern from where distractions sourced.  The long journey of learning to secure “no” and “done” began; converting all demands to requests.

I didn’t teach from my knowledge of anything but I did create some structure or guidelines.  The training material was revealed from the students as I pried open the doors of their experience.  The content was framed by structure as I learned life potential was and the context emanated as students generated opportunities for learning.  Sweet, simple and profound.

Most folks see life as a task and they wish to know what to do to enact their will.  Difficult to hear that life is about being and not doing—the will to be.  And most folks don’t understand what being present and conscious is.  We have all experienced chatting with a friend while driving and missing an off-ramp—a shadow of you was driving and not present or conscious for the exit.  Perhaps less dangerous than crossing the street while day-dreaming, climbing a ladder or proposing marriage while “in love” with a stranger.  Don’t be blindsided by the concept of human potential.  It would need to include all the opportunities for failure as well as success.  All are options and the selection is performed as a person “sets-up” for their next “blink” into consciousness.  It happens like magic.


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