Real Magic

December 16th, 2017

I have continued to note the magic in human life for the last 50 plus years to date but I doubt if I could provide a clear timeline for the realizations.  Some paths of discovery take years to unfold and others circle or merge into new trails of revelation.  Science has been the greatest resource.  It appears that we humans make up a lot of stories, we believe it all to be true, we don’t like being wrong and we see patterns even where there are none.  And I guess, real or not, it all has an effect on us but science is looking for what is real.  I’m good with all of this but I thought we made it all up.  Over the next few blogs I will muse over the simple human magic, real or not, that affects us all.

Today, science believes that a child is not born a “blank slate” to learn about life but comes well equipped with a battery of data.  This data is more like a guidebook than an encyclopedia.  It aids in facilitating the segment or section of human life that we integrate into (family, culture, location).  After a few years most of it is dumped or uploaded onto some cloud site that Google doesn’t own yet.  Now that is some pretty cool magic.  Perhaps, in a universe with no time, there are no past lives but every human is born with a current update.  And a newborn’s perception is that they are all of existence.  Not one with the universe, not connected to all but they are all of it.  What a relief when you discover that you are not everything and also a huge break in property taxes.  I dig this new science/magic but I’m still confused about what is real.

Remember, by magic I mean producing an effect in life by your attention to your statement of will, a consideration for your presence now.  I’m not referring to the “magic stage” of development that the human race instigated hundreds of thousands of years ago.  As a result all children go through the “magic” stage of development starting around 18 months.  This is when they start to make the distinction between self and other on an emotional and feeling level.  While learning to differentiate between self and the exterior environment they encounter a superstitious, fantasy, magical mode of thinking that lasts for a few years.  Careful, don’t allow all the research and predictability to mute the magic.  The fact that a child is born thinking and feeling as if they were the entire universe and over time develop along a schema to believe they are limited in life as an internal package located in a sea of stuff does not negate the mystery.  Science has no idea how or why this happens but they have a story and labels.  Yes, we all make up our best bet stories for what we don’t know, we believe them and defend them, name all the stuff external and stay perpetually confused how we feel internally about all the above.  Now that is a truth and a real magic trick (maybe-go easy on the certainty).


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