News or Expectation

August 28th, 2016

I’m retired and travel with my wife.  My blogs are inspired by questions from friends, former students, books and self reflection.  I like to believe, by design, I’m responsible (respond to) myself, my wife, and elected friends; redundancy in life however bears the nature of trance.  Any level of certainty, less yet an absolute, would require 100% of my attention to being present 100% of the time.  Not a very normal human feat.

How often do we find ourselves in an event where our “knee jerk” reaction exacerbates the situation instead of resolving the tension?  We may “know better” but still habitually fail to consciously adhere to the wisdom in that awareness.  A learned reaction doesn’t need your presence to activate.  It seems that with some training a secure no would become a habit that could replace the running alternate.  Perhaps in a moment of clear logic—life steeped with triggers and the default of familiar—the intended replacing response is quickly overturned.

I’m not addressing addictions where blood chemistry is affected.  With sugar, alcohol, pot and drugs you will need assistance to develop range in your unattended potential.  Obsessions and compulsions at the phobic level may also drive you away from such lofty goals.  My discussion is with simple oversights from living a life of habit and trance.  A promise to be on time, to pay more attention, to be more thoughtful and/or remember special events or plans.

On vacation I’m exposed more to “the news.”  Research indicates that we humans, perhaps police and politicians also, weigh expectation more than real observations.  I was in law enforcement for a time and it seems that folks don’t realize that police encounter the same habitual criminals frequently.  As an officer I was prepared to kill an armed assailant in defense of life.  I was accountable for my decisions but I carried a hidden “throw away” gun as a safeguard.  The “eraser on the pencil rule.”  Glad I’m not in law enforcement today.  Yes, I’m talking about the news.  We all agree that voting is important and I recommend we all show up and vote.  I will vote but my uninformed perception is that we have a “narcissistic circus clown” and an “ambulance chasing” lawyer running.  I don’t know which should be president but I’m glad that neither is in local law enforcement.  Just the news and in time none of this may be important.  But your participation and not your decision is very important and that is the news of your future.  Is your tomorrow grounded in a plan or just an expectation?



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