September 12th, 2016

No idea who or what the “I” is in “I am.”  No clue who or what “you” are and I believe I can feel something in the dynamic “we” but not sure what that is.  David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine, states that he likes science because science is good with “I don’t know.”  Most folks need a story to fill in the blanks.  Worse yet, their stories are believed by other folks and occasionally these fans borrow the same story.  They call that faith.  I grew up happy with “I don’t know.”  The mounting curiosity that produced allowed me to explore mental models that didn’t need to be approved or ever proven.  Some generated demonstrations and a few positive demonstrations more than once.  I fell prey and created a bunch of rules.  Some were useful for a time but most required far too much effort to maintain.  I still hold sacred a list of most probable outcomes but expectation can be a powerful demon.

I don’t believe you are your biology or your personality.  I can witness me from a reference outside the bio-mass.  Not sure what that reference is but the report is powerful (may produce an effect) and accurate (compared to reports by other observers).  With attention on “the energy of me”, or the energy associated with any living thing, data is revealed.  Again, surprisingly accurate but all very subjective.  Stories may be the software we operate from but the quantum of energy associated to what I bear witness appears more location based; sort of like a URL with web pages.  The intensity, compression or distortion from the energy frequently generates an observable torque.  I have experience with meta patterns and I think they are a random assortment programmed into the mass with particle spin. Crazy perhaps but no worse than some of the stories we are led to believe.  Remember, I’m happy with I don’t know but data can be useful for creating demonstrations.  We all wish for achieving potential in life.

Personality is a personalize expression but it can easily be altered by booze or drugs.  Not much real credit to anchor on to except as an interface.  Here is why I read material based on research by scientists like Eagleman.  Do you know how your personal interface works and trust the wisdom it provides?  Scary if your need to know quashes your curiosity.  A potential is something you could perhaps do or become but, by definition, you don’t know very much about the how or why.  I recommend you read at least four books a year and learn a new word or a deeper meaning for a familiar word each month.  These are tools to enrich the interface.  You don’t need to believe you could be wrong or misdirected but you don’t need to know everything is true and correct.   To invoke a new potential in your life you need to learn how you operate and what movement to trust.  A new potential state of being is a modification of the unknown package called you.  What if life is not predetermined and you just create it on the fly?  That would be a fun game.  Curious?


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