Here and Now

October 23rd, 2016

What if the trends in our culture were more than an opportunity to react on Facebook?  What if this stream of data was a type of guidance or, at least, a suggested direction for the group?  This concept is part of an emergent system based on value put forth by Dr. Graves in what became known as Spiral Dynamics.  I incorporate my interpretation of Dr. Graves work with memes in the model I teach.  To grasp the nature of this concept you need to zoom out for a much larger view of life and time.

Two hundred years past, perhaps the first existentialist, Soren Kierkegaard pointed out the basic insight that man is a union of opposites, the physical body and the self-consciousness.  Near unlimited potential but not enough time in form to bring it all into fruition.  Faith in spirit or potential may not be enough and thus back then man needed an all powerful external symbol to balance the tension.  At that time we were thick in a meme that suggested an immortal deity that oversaw humankind with a promise of a reward after death to balance the inadequacy.

About one hundred years later, Freud perceived that the religious meme was coming to an end and he put together a system to prepare for the next coming step—the moment now.  He changed the old term soul to self with the goal of training the new self defined in humans to be cognitively present now.  His system has matured and expanded along with a plethora of teachers and authors contributing over the next one hundred years (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, etc; Ken Wilber is presently training folks for the next two memes after this cycles).  This year’s Presidential election was a demonstration of this new meme but to see this I may need to point out some components of this meme.

I like to term the moment now as the “beloved”—the state of being loved or being preferenced now.  The range for humans unsecured would be from total narcissism (I love me) to near phobic obsession with a project or a service (my work is very important).  A secured individual would be a resource (a go-to person) due to their presence and their secured state of being.  To be in the absolute moment now you would need to lose your past and future.  Say goodbye to ethics, integrity and morals (all based on past performance).  I think it is difficult to trust a person with no past or future and therefore, sadly, gossip and assertions will tend to rule the moment for the unsecured.  A secure person will need to perpetually walk-their-talk and get accustomed to no expression of gratitude and very little acknowledgement from their unsecured counterpart.  We are seeing strong samples of that in our culture today and all these points were demonstrated in the recent election.

This is not a bleak picture, we have had over one hundred years to prepare and we have done our work.  Losing the old story is always the difficult part.  For a time, unsecured folks will be running around hoping someone will bail them out.  Of course, if they haven’t figured it out in the last hundred years, the next hundred will clear their concerns.  The art we need to develop over the next hundred years is how much energy we assign to the elements comprising now.  For the folks that can’t discern, we will continue to legalize pot and whatever else they need to distract them until their time runs out.  The ultimate accountability is what you are doing right now.  Be present, pay attention and secure the concept of you.


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