Vision for 2017

November 21st, 2016

I still get queried about opening another center with the vision of teaching grounding, Gold Sun, Center of Head and edge of aura again.  Some of you remember those days.  I have no plans to ever open another center or teach basics again.  I’m retired and playing with “larger concepts.”  Larger not meaning more complex or even more important.  In fact, I am still teaching the same old essential elements for embracing change but at a more abstracted level.

The idea of discovering your body’s potential to house a more accountable expression of you in demonstration is still valid.  I now refer to the process as securing the idea of “no” in your life practice; entertaining the idea of being “done” by securing and relinquishing the past; and embracing the idea of fully attending to another person without your bias (field) veiling the experience to encounter a plural “I”; a “we.”  No threat or fear, within a few seconds both parties automatically start to identify with their uniqueness and energy starts to surge up independently in both bodies.  So much for basic tools but faster and more connected.  We all appreciate a healthy immune system and no one really wishes to live in the past.  Another human is an opportunity to connect in a very friendly way and initiate energy running through your body, as a creation and not as a reaction.

I’m more concerned today with developing practice (discipline) around attention and presence.  As you mature in your relationship with power (the ability to exercise choice) the shadow effect (operating without being present) billows, increasing opportunity for error.  Discernment flowers faster than discipline but in a few short years it stabilizes.  A caution is wise for this time slot.  Next to emanate is the awareness of demand from guidance systems like culture and social expectations.  Humans operate by creating symbols and states.  A symbol is any external reference outside the “space” of you and a state is a template for efficient human operation.  State templates may be stored and managed external within a created symbol.  Higher states (higher brain functions) are created in symbols, update regularly, communicate in metabolic time and have wider bandwidth.  Culture is such a system and I think we can improve it.  Way too much demand and expectation on one side and very slow migration on the other end.  Learn to convert a demand to a request and you reaffirm your power.  This refresh establishes your autonomy and the seed for a less stressful guidance.

It is my intention in 2017 to establish a monthly on-line discussion of these “larger concepts.”  If you subscribe you get to listen to me espouse on an assigned topic for an hour plus; send me an e-mail with your questions, concerns and comments which I will answer; and the videos will be available for you to ponder repeatedly.  Now that sounds like fun.


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