What do angels feel?

January 20th, 2017

Jean Piaget did one of his now famous experiments with a group of children and recorded the results.  A year later he did the same experiment with the same children; now a year older.  His premise was that the results would be different because of their development in psychological structures.  He was of course correct in his assumption and what struck me was the fact that the children, after viewing the results from the year’s previous experience, denied that it ever happened.  It was not just a lack of memory, they could not envision themselves thinking in such “an obvious incorrect way.”  Piaget went on to prove that the different structures each year build to form the operational development of intelligence.  Growth builds states of being with structure and not social calendars—consciousness is a statement framed in the “moment now.”

Somewhere around my age 5 or 6 I interacted with a young girl in such a sad state of loss because her grandmother had passed.  This affected me deeply and I couldn’t shake the feeling.  Later I asked my grandmother why good people die.  She explained that God rewards good people by taking them into heaven so they don’t need to suffer anymore on Earth.  Yes, the default answer for all existential questions at the time.  None of this made sense to me but everyone accepted that answer, even the sad little girl I shared it with—I felt better.

In our world today a 9 year old girl named Olive reported: “Everybody’s got it all wrong.  Angels don’t wear halos anymore.  I forget why, but scientists are working on it.”  Cute story and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a 9 year old boy just after his ill mother died.  I asked him why did this happen.  His response was that the doctors had not found a cure yet but they were working on it and soon kids wouldn’t lose their mom’s anymore.  Same existential question but the story is changing.

There is a stream in the human development of interaction and value similar to the stream in the development of human intelligence.  We are likewise affected and we filter the tiers from our conscious stories.  All of this works fine and no problems to solve or any tasks to perform.  We are refining states of being.  But I’ve been troubled with a sense of meaning in how I felt since around age 5 that the filters just don’t eliminate.  I believe that great people had in common a sense of these emanating elements and this accelerated at least part of their development.  This feeling of value or meaning may merit attention in preference to the denial of change.  This is the heart of my years of teaching.


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