Levels of Healings

February 20th, 2017

If you are in the habit of frequently misplacing your keys, you might try a key tray or key rack and locate it by your entry door.  If this proves successful for you and alters the old habit you could say that the change was supported by a shamanic healing.  A ritual to change a dysfunctional habit.

If you are in the habit of running out the door with a mental list of places and tasks to accomplish but find that the first distraction empties your short term memory queue, try tagging your list items with external associations.  For example, assemble the list points in your head with a reference to the order of their logical progression of distance or a sequence of appropriate “times” that are most effective.  If these external attached references anchor the list points you could say that this change was supported by a healing from the magical realm.  Assigning internal thoughts to external symbols for structure.  Any external point is a symbol and the associations are assignments.

Are you in the habit of building a great story of success from your envisioned future plans?  Perhaps in a nostalgic moment you notice that rarely do you fulfill the visions in your stories.  From scientific research, you might expect a 1 1/2% to 2% change that a human might implement.  Stories are a design piece (software) to entertain (consider possible) or justify.  We create a story to perceive a new potential in our life and then another to justify not producing a demonstration for the prospective.  Inspired, you schedule daily meditations for yourself to reflect on your latest story and re-frame it congruent with your past demonstrations plus a “pinch” to seed as probable.  You could consider this a psychic healing.  The art of observing the flow of energy as a story unfolds; congruency.

Life as an illusion does not allude to the absence of reality, only to the deception of what we perceive as reality.  We learn to translate our sensory data and produce an internal image of what could be an authentic presentation of reality.  Do you get it?  From the childhood days of developing formal operational systems, possibility has led reality because it needs to.  Our relationship to the perception of life is at best a possibility; the most probable possibility.  We then corrupt or at least influence our data with expectation.  We literally filter out most alternate representations to maintain a story or imagine congruency with expectation.  We learn to believe!  If you start to put belief aside for that most probable image of self and learn to discover the possibility for you to perceive self in a different way you would have trumped the limits of reality and opened  the gateway to a profound new probable you.  You could consider this a healing from Chriss—nothing to do with me but I would be happy to take credit or blame.

I intend to start teaching, or presenting concepts again, but on the web.  I taught most of my life and operated as a not-for-profit corporation in Southern California for over 14 years before retiring.  Like a retired actor that reports missing their audience, I miss the interaction with students and the inspiration they provide in my life.  Watch here for announcements and schedule for the launch in the next month or two.



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