Time for a Habit

March 3rd, 2017

Recall please the nature of the particle/wave relationship from science.  Testing (expectation) determines the state of a unit of energy.  With a particle (object) you have something doing nothing; and with a wave (force) doing anything possible to nothing.  (Reality is the expectation that most energies perceived are objects.)  The nature of creation is pure potential in a state of equilibrium with no demonstration (preference, bias, action, movement).  However, in this static state the streams of potential could be defined (sorted), without movement or position, of course.  We would still have no actions or locations.  Toss this into a deterministic chaotic system (our universe) and we get vectors marking the possible directions and locations of all the streams of potential.  Still no action but a perception of locations to support movement (reference point).  A preference would be a demonstration in “time” of a you (or I) with attention to a preferred stream of potential and that would yield a location associated with the stream.  All of this exists in a state, a chaotic case, in equilibrium.  At the moment of bifurcations (right time) the you/I could insert with its attention a preference (choice) and then we would have a game.

The stream now moving along a chosen path is programmed with linear spin and now we enter the human life game.  Yes, no idea what the you/I could be as an object but I could imagine a force with drive to sway a choice.  I believe that it could be possible to play with every occurrence in a stream of potential as a force.  In the human life game, obviously along with the inception of form is a certain level of objectification.  Transference from the state as a wave to the state as an object establishes entropy and the game ends before all potential is realized.  The way of the grasshopper.

The skill you will need to play this game of life would be a span of attention long enough to generate a state of force; the power to execute a choice (capable of operating from any of the options) and the discipline with awareness to execute your choices from being present as a thread in the stream of your potential and not a shadow produced by a distraction in the stream (perhaps you at a different moment in time).  Practice in securing parameters and past experience (real or imagined) are essential along with the skill to relate to other humans and differentiate their potential stream choices from options within your stream.  Others are a very large source of distraction because we are such social creatures.  In other words, we need to pay attention because the actions of the person next to us will have an effect on us, realizing it consciously or not.  This is a fun game with the end result being the same no matter how well you play—we all die with the best players perhaps gaining a few moments of time.  Enjoy the time spent in the habit of being you.


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