Happy Webinar

April 25th, 2017

I know I retired, but I miss saying the same thing over and over in a different way each time hoping that someone might get enough inspiration to produce a demonstration in life called happy.  We do all wish to be happy.  I learned my secret from my mother.  I think she was happy when she complained and the family loved her spotlight on what needed to be done.  We all need to learn to be done.

My present complaint story is that we humans need to be done with the outdated group cultural guidance and embrace the new package.  To a great degree we are in fact doing just that but with a lot of resistance.  The old psychic saying: The greater the resistance the bigger the truck wreck.  Wake up and read the news, we now have a truck wreck and more trucks are en route.  I’m happy because I’m old and retired but the rest of you need to embrace the new cultural theme and raise a creative process that may assist the resistance group to abandon the now dysfunctional past.  Stop the trucks!

If none of this makes any sense it is because it is all unconscious; and that fact  does not liberate you from the effect of the event.  The good news is, if it can affect your state of being then your action in being may affect it.  Now we have a game and games are fun.  I’m happy and I love to play games so I’m going to facilitate a webinar for one plus hours a month with techniques to “Survive  the new cultural premise and secure done with the last one.”  I’m not getting any younger so perhaps we can complete this in a year and get everyone happy.  I know I will be happy because I’m going to charge you something.  But just in case you are a little like my mother was, I will field one e-mail a month from you with your complaints or questions.  Of course, if you can join in at the scheduled time for the webinar you may also ask questions live.  We are all going to be happy and have fun.

Load a free application from zoom.us to prepare for the webinar. The first of the twelve webinars will be May 16th at 1 PM PST and you will get an invitation with a code to enter the event.  If you don’t get an invitation—it is not because I don’t like you—I’m just getting old, but I would be happy to send you an invitation in reply to your e-mail—just make the request.  This first one is free; are you happy now?  The next eleven are $15 each paid in advance (you need a new code each time) or $100 for all eleven in one payment.  You may send me a check (8016 NE 30th Ave. Vancouver WA 98665) or use PayPal on the side bar.  If you’re not retired like I am you may be busy working at the scheduled time for the event.  When each webinar is over I will post a video copy on my private YouTube channel and send the link to all the folks that paid.  I will add a page to my website (wizardscache.com) that will have the projected schedule for the series, hopefully a copy of the first video and some notes as needed.  Wait a week after the webinar and then send me your one e-mail with any question(s) related to the content.  I will field your question(s) and this process will continue for the remaining months.  I’m happy to be of service.


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