Another Complection

May 22nd, 2017

Special thanks to all of The Order of The Ascended Rose staff and teachers.  Because of your diligence I was able to initiate the Preceptorial Training Program and the Advanced Healing Techniques Program.  Fun programs and they both continued for a time after OAR closed down.  Three years ago I taught the final Healing program and dumped the material, handouts, notes, etc.  The last two folks in the PTP program should have graduated in September of 2016 but instead we have our final meeting this May.  I have closed that program but saved the core of the material to design the site next winter.  Perhaps another fun adventure and a chance to share again with past staff and teachers.

The goal of Preceptorial Training was to provide folks with an opportunity to learn that a reaction is not a choice.  Power is the ability to perceive two or more options and choice a preference; consciously.  All choices bear consequences and the most important fact may just be making the choice.  When I started PTP my vision was to provide four post-PTP Graduate retreats.  The events started out as a Spring Break retreat weekend but the topics were too large to do in a single weekend.  I attempted to split the topics but difficult to hold continuity for two events a year apart.  I redefined the four topics as four week-long meditation retreats.  Great when at a retreat location away from home but weak when done close to home to accommodate folks price-wise.  The 2016 Spring Break Retreat was beyond the range of the four topics and I only did it because I got inspired by some of Ken Wilber’s events.  The 2017 Spring Break was the final PTP event and an in-depth version of the 2016 event.  We are now done!

As closure to the Preceptorial Program I would like to comment on the need for the four follow-up topics.  These created more confusion and questions than anything else in the body of work.  As a metaphor, imagine talking a friend into purchasing a hand gun.  They might gain a sense of power and security with their new acquisition.  For sure they will need to increase their attention.  This act alone should make them more conscious and accountable for their actions.  An unconscious reaction with a gun places you in the realm of a shadow experience.  You may have lost control but you are still accountable.  Two much structure may also blind-side a person.  There is no perfection in the human experience and even less in the unconscious habitual side.  If you follow all the rules with attention on the rules and not the gun you are open to shadow also.  You have to be present all the time.  To make that stipulation you need to perceive a value for your relationship to and with a weapon.  A value may establish a state of you being a conscious pistol shooting enthusiast.  These four topics complete the work and secure the range and potential for you to fulfill your initial vision when joining PTP.  Thanks—it has been fun.


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