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Deborah Martin — Eye of the Wizard
(Spotted Peccary , 2015, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2016-01-04

“Inspired by the realms of wizardry and alchemy, Martin’s latest release on Spotted Peccary uncovers a mysterious meeting ground between acoustic music, floating ambient, symphonic sounds and powerful melodic phrasing that dances between dark shadows, and bold colorful brilliance. This is closed-eyes headphones-on soundtrack music at its finest, and though the composer’s intent is to evoke images of wizards, faeries, and such, the music presented here could fit any number of possible scenarios driven only by the fertile imagination of the listener, though there is an earthly connection that permeates these dreamlike vistas. The eight pieces herein were created on acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, synths, percussion, and loops by Martin (all composed by Martin) along with engineer Matthew Stewart, and guest Paul Frye playing e-bow on the album’s title track; Spotted Peccary regulars Jon Jenkins and Howard Givens both have a hand in the mixing and mastering as well. For those familiar with Martin’s earlier works like Ancient Power and Deep Roots Hidden Waters, this latest collection measures up to those without being a replication of the past, covering new ground using a compatible template, remaining adventurous and innovative. The cover illustration matches the music perfectly, although this is a case where the small CD sized packaging doesn’t really provide the expansive effect that a good old-fashioned gatefold LP would have, but let’s not lament progress, one can be thankful that the sounds herein are not competing with the clicks, pops and surface noise of the old format.”  If you would like your own copy of Eye of the Wizard, Deborah will sign and sent to you one for $20 (includes shipping) in USA.  Go to Pay Pal link on side bar and don’t forget to indicate a “CD” sale plus your address.  Thanks


Wizardscache is a vehicle to entertain, define and integrate concepts in personality development presented now as a series of meditative style retreats.

Notice that your life, all those events that just happen, strung together along with the ambient that it occurs in, are a series of repetitious, habitual or redundant elements.  Random is not very common in human life and no ware near the assumed 50% as in coin tosses.  Every redundant event in the universe was at one time a random event, and since the system has cycles, it is possible that every random event is redundant in time.  I believe we have all planted enough seeds and pets in our backyard to understand the presence of cycles.  Creation by definition just is and everything possible is, perhaps not all in demonstration now but all possible events in time.  We humans like to imagine all that is possible is waiting out there for us to activate.  What if it was all waiting for the right time and not the right human or what if it all is now and we are waiting for the time to perceive it.  Nothing would need time except us humans because our limited attention does not perceive it all now.  We could say there is no time, creation would not need it nor would have created it, but time is useful to us humans.

Space is also useful to us humans.  We sell space, rent space, give space and need space.  Energy has measurable effects on time and space but doesn’t claim such distinctions for itself.  As we know our thanks go to a conscious observer, whatever that is, for transforming energy into particle.  This objectification process must include the parameters of time and of space or the space/time package.  That is good news because I don’t remember creating either.

Is spiritual growth a mandate to guide humans to attend more to their energy base and less to their objectified form and human needs?  Then, is acquiring a gargantuan body of knowledge and mastery of all human desires and drives a wrong direction?  Of course.  How long do you need to be lost before you realize that there is no need to be found.  If I told you I was a wizard and I could turn you into an immortal god, you would probably say, “What do I need to do?”  That is funny.

OK!  I, the wizard, suggest you update your relationship with cycles.  Cycles have a start and a finish, otherwise they are not a cycle.  Is everything you ever started done?  The exception is what cycle you are in now or the package of space/time you are currently attending too.  If any of your “past” cycles are not complete you are holding them objectified (plus the energy associated).  How much can you hold and still be you?  At some point the distortions could diminish the idea of you.  Holding on to more objects is not congruent with downsizing for spiritual growth.  Stop it!

The wizard may not know all but he is certain that being done is not quite that easy.  He needs lots of practice with meditation—losing the objectified stuff—and will facilitate four retreats a year.  You are invited and for a small fee the wizard will include loads of useless knowledge.  You too may become an enlightened wizard.  Nice distraction while you are lost.

Resources for Value

Next scheduled retreat July 25th in Vancouver WA

Path of the Mystic

Traditional Shadow work, a walk through the valley of death

You spent your youth, with the support of family and community, learning to operate within the confines of your definition of personal self. I don’t think it matters if the definition was random or by design. You had a game and you spent a lot of years mastering the term “I believe I am…..” You employed filters, imposed polarities, and set up events to demonstrate the validly of your belief. Whether that process was ever secured (done) or not, you pushed those parameters out encroaching into unmanaged territory. The new task was to tame the uncharted and many termed that process “spiritual growth.” The new domain grew larger than your span of attention and your repertoire of learned stimulus/response. You invented past and future to store the excess making you vulnerable to triggers that could layer one “time track” over another. Emotional threshold was the normal outcome for such a compilation and that froze you in fear, disorientated you with distractions, or frustrated your misdirected efforts. You have discovered the shadow. Stuck in this shadow of creation is historically termed the “dark night of the soul.” The mystics were famous for suffering through the trial and learning to trust an external reference to guide them free of the imprisonment. In this retreat we will accomplish the goal in a less disabling format. You will find, label, and destroy the trigger reinstating your ability to choose state of being and not be pinned into one. You then find, label and master this “survival” state. With this state secured, you will generate an external reference, an “eye in the sky”, to guide your selected course for development. Yes, a very simple set-up but don’t forget the process of integration requires time.

Falling into Grace

Ascend and return to the state of grace

Creation would have no need for survival, empathy or energy distribution. In fact, creation would have to be a static state. No time, no movement, no location and no bias; only a dark pool of energy with infinite potential. The “big bang”, life in this universe and any other expression of force would have to be a projection of potential. Creation conserves but the projection of potential would sort in compliance to the bias projected. Static is boring but projection is fun and now we have a game. Choose a potential bias or be attracted to one and project a small redundant piece to produce a sequence and enter the game. To select one potential would generate a fall from unlimited potential. There could be no error within the whole of potential but limited states would require designed limited support to project and develop. The fall from the state of creation would generate three questions: How do “I” survive; How do “I” get help; and What do “I” need to do. The game just got complicated but there is an easy solution. Fall back into Grace and in this retreat we will do just that.


The greatest force in a projected game

If science is correct, the attention from a conscious observer transforms energy into particle─on some level spiritual growth would just be total objectification. But if you can set aside your bias and attend to energy you become the source. “I’m a creation” without the I am would be a creation. A body of knowledge is an object and a task is movement of objects. As a projected flow of energy you would need to discover within each event what energy needed objectification to be done with that event and move on to the next event. The perception of being done secures the attention of the conscious you to move fully to the next event. Life would still be a series of events, the redundant nature of life. On this path energy would be projected in one direction and there is no shadow. No shadow does not mean that you are perfect and always right. You don’t need to be correct if you are valid by design and energy in one direction is the characteristic of confidence.

Energy Accountability-special three day retreat

It’s great that we don’t need to wake up earlier each morning to create ourselves. Creation is not a task but a state of being. Nothing for us to do but just be. The morning bowl of Wheaties or cup of coffee are habits and may not be essential. Life is made up of a lot of redundant pieces or events and most of these habits are useful. Your potential is not a habit or a task. It is a random state that realized may make for a useful habit for a time. Humans process events as tasks, something to do, and states, someone to be. You work hard on a project and when completed you get a reward. The project was a task but the reward put you in a state of accomplishment. Get it?

Have you ever received a reward and not needed to do a task? Think gift or prize. It still feels great and it is an accomplishment—to receive. For a task you need a to-do-list but for a state you need a change in definition (i.e., winner). Easy to work with a step-by-step list and if you have the habit of completing your tasks you may be perceived as an accountable person. Not so easy to change states or manage them. With a little training we may become skilled at determining how much energy it takes to complete a task. How much energy does it take to change your mood, attitude or state? Too often we assume such change is the end product of a task but it is not; remember creation this morning or winning a prize.

Part of the issue is that we are not very certain who we are or how we define self. You are not an object, task or even a thought. Energy accountability is a three day meditative style retreat facilitated by Dr Chriss Lemmon that will target how you may become accountable for your states of being. Dr. Lemmon has been facilitating seminars for over forty years and is in the habit of exploring human potential from states. For blogs and bio see wizardscache.com.

1. Day one: Description of perhaps a better model to entertain this universe and the game of life. Defining terms and a look at reframing the events in your life. Discover your preference and how you secure validation. Meditate and explore the concept of internal/external references and their “magical” connectivity.

2. Day two: A look at emotions and what they do. Discover how you assign value to events. Play with your design and make some changes. Notice how it feels to be in charge? Look at the nature of discovery and compare it to knowing.

3. Day three: What do we trust and who is doing the trusting? Again, from meditation restructure the concept of you. Nothing to do but watch and trust. Now we can have fun with the celebration.

Retreat Testimonials

-“I feel like someone handed me the keys to my soul. Things fell into place after the last retreat. The roller coaster I was on leveled out. My pause button is working again. Solutions come before I knew there was a problem.”

-“The biggest shift I’ve seen over the last two years is that my body seems to respond very well to meditation. I get more sensation in the body and most times find levels of euphoria in meditation. And occasionally God says something nice to me.”

-“The retreat was one of the most, if not the most impactful retreats I have attended. The insights I had and continue to have are amazing. One of the biggest after my return was to realize that instead of constantly trying to heal my sister and feeling responsible for her I could be a resource for her. Since that day her health and emotional state have been consistently improving. There have also been examples of abundance in my life.”

-“I have been noticing so many places where I allowed ‘responsibility’ to triumph over being a ‘resource.’ So I am playing with noticing this and shifting to being a resource when I do notice. It is a lot more fun!!! I also did not get to still point in PTP, so playing with holding that space in my body (when I remember). I occasionally wake up with mild sensations of fear in my body…but I am able to notice them and gently push them aside most of the time. Thanks for the difference you have made in my life…giving me tools to stretch beyond the mundane, to trust my own experience more, and to help myself and others more. I am most grateful for the depth your teachings have provided in my life.”

-“Since the Path of the Mystic workshop my experience of Absolute has changed. It used to be something I went to and experienced and it felt very profound or healing or peaceful or expansive or whatever. Now it feels more like I incorporate Absolute, like it’s not someplace my higher self has gone but that I am in Absolute. The I that goes to work, gets hungry, has good days and bad days, the human I. I knew on an intellectual level that Absolute includes everything so it would include me but this is different. I actually feel like i and I are both in there along with everything in the Universe and beyond. It’s quite amazing and humbling at the same time. I finally get how you can say that you are the strongest energy on the planet with such certainty. I don’t know if I am explaining this very well, it’s hard to put into words. It is such a difference for me that I wanted to share it with you.

There is no safety in I know, no discovery, or curiosity, or exploration. What if not knowing is a more interesting way to live? What would you find, where would your life go, what miracles would unfold? What if life is in the questions?”

-“After years of clairvoyant/psychic training from a variety of talented teachers, I feel relieved and blessed to have access to Chriss’s remarkable workshops. I happily travel diagonally across the country to participate in one of his workshops. he is the only teacher I’m aware of that effectively blends psychology, clairvoyant/psychic tools, mysticism, kinesthetics and quantum physics into his heavily researched & dynamic methods. The more I hear him teach and speak, the more I’m amazed at his wealth of knowledge; but more so at how he puts all of it together to create novel, effective & simple methods to ‘model’ life. They offer a way out of our numbed culture & open windows of possibility to live life according to our highest potential as creative people.

His workshops do not require a lot of activity; on the contrary, the primary requirement is to be present. Then, have sufficient awareness to observe his teachings expressed in daily life. If you have the guts to show up, pay attention and attend to yourself in a new and increasingly accountable way, all kinds of doors can open that you may not have even thought of.

Personally, over the course of the past few years my life has become far less dramatic. My ever present and ambiguous health challenges are greatly diminished. Emotionally, I’m far less depressed, negative and full of angst. I actually wake up feeling happy to start my days. Overall, my personal empowerment and ability to affect change personally and professionally have grown leaps and bounds as a direct result of what I incorporated from his workshops. My corporate job is for once fulfilling, enriching, fun— and I’m recognized and well rewarded as a result.

My personal interactions are richer as I become more ‘authentic’ and better adept at being present in each moment. Coming from a highly reactionary, high paced, adrenaline drained background, these models are saving my quality of life every day. I’ve learned to live more, not having to constantly chase down or run away from something that I couldn’t even really define. I’m no longer driven by fear and desperate to “check out”. I live now by inspiration, curiosity, and an increasingly healthy drive to relate to our world. I recognize that is my gift to the world–to show up and be present…..after years of reminding from Chriss.”

-“The meditation work was great as usual. During the last meditation I felt almost like I was sleeping, unconscious energy maybe? Later in the meditation I actually felt my body clear and then everything became very light. In fact I had to check that my eyes were still closed. I didn’t figure out that it was a clearing until after the meditation when you said that everyone was clear. I’ll let you know when the miracles start!”

-“Life has been so amazing since the workshop. I don’t have the words to describe it and it would take too long anyway. I have been using the exercises we learned and it is very impactful. I decided to do a monthly blog, already have 7 potential topics and am researching tools to use for the blog. I am excited about doing it. I think it will give me some clarity. Speaking of which I am still feeling disoriented but I have decided perhaps that is a good thing. There is no exploration in “I know”, it can be a stagnant state.
Thank you again, there aren’t words to express how grateful I am.”

-“Chriss’s teachings and my subsequent relationship with him is responsible for more personal growth in my life than any other person I know.  I often sat in meditation with him and wondered to myself, ‘What the hell is useful here’; only to stumble on an application of that lesson days, weeks, or even months later.

I’ve learned to listen closely…what he teaches matters to anyone seeking growth.”

-“I’ve mostly been working with the sound aspects/thoughts that we did last in the workshop. I’ve re-read the whole workshop booklet and now with your summary I’m reminded on how to do the divided attention. I’ve got to create a good source of income and am so very sensitive and aware (since returning) to all the noise and to the energy I’m sitting in. While it provides some security, mostly it’s been a safe place to heal and strengthen, I can feel my discontent/intolerance growing. It doesn’t serve my highest good and I want to create a place of my own. It just takes time. I wish the answers and options where more clear and would show up. Still I struggle with not knowing what I want and with indecision. Yes, I’m aware it’s all about Trust. Anyway, just an update. I’m going for a walk. Thanks again for everything!”

-I have to tell you my life feels so very different now as a result of the last two workshops.  They really helped put the missing pieces together for me and tied up the Preceptorial Training Program.  The intensity thing (a meta pattern) has really made a difference for me.  I used to use so much energy trying to suppress it as I didn’t understand what it was or how to use it. Now I let it run and it works for me!  I have found my voice!  That was easy!

I have enjoyed writing my blog so much.  I would never have thought to do that without your prompt.  I have noticed though that what I write doesn’t feel to me at all the way I feel I speak.  I like the way I write better.

I was listening to my Sirus radio and a song Deborah made came on.  I was so excited to see her name on the radio!  Enjoyed the song.

-“Words are frequently inadequate when conveying feelings, and so those I have chosen to share are the words that best represent what you have done for me in the last twelve months. Experiencing what feels like insurmountable obstacles and genuine fear, you have helped me to regain my birthright. I am learning to extend and experience:
Powerful words which represent complex states of being.
This state of being, this birthright I am regaining, creates the ability within me to surrender. And as I surrender, I circle back to trust and go down the line of feelings and emotions and amazing discoveries manifest, and as I do, I gain confidence. Surrendering my fears, trusting in myself, that has allowed me to gain the confidence to change my entire life around in only one year. You have created an environment that allows those that are present to experience limitless discovery. I am so thankful and grateful for this gift.”