Find Chriss?

Chriss is retired and does not except phone calls unless scheduled.  He would love to chat with you but please  E-mail him to get on the schedule.


Calendar and event flyers on the “calendar” page

January 9; Dr. Lemmon’s ninth webinar-Happy

February 6; Dr. Lemmon’s tenth webinar-Happy

February 13-February 16; Valentine trip to Leavenworth

March 6; Dr. Lemmon’s eleventh webinar-Happy

April 10; Dr. Lemmon’s twelfth webinar-Happy

May 10-May 14; New Orleans

May 15-June 17; Vancouver WA

May 16; First Wellness Code Webinar Q & A 6PM PST

June 18-July 4; Peru Vacation

July 5-July 31; Vancouver WA

August 1-August 3; Birthday escape