Find Chriss?

Chriss gets around 25 phone calls a day and only has an average of an hour of day time unscheduled to reply.  E-mail is faster.  Although he averages 60 e-mails a day he can reply between 1 AM and 3 AM (not so with the phone)

Calendar and event flyers on the “calendar” page


September 12; Dr. Lemmon’s fifth webinar-Happy

October 10; Dr. Lemmon’s sixth webinar-Happy

October 19-October 16; trip to Southern CA

October 27-October 29; An interactive personal training event

October 30-November 7; return trip to Vancouver

November 14; Dr. Lemmon’s seventh webinar-Happy

December 5; Dr. Lemmon’s eight webinar-Happy

January 9; Dr. Lemmon’s ninth webinar-Happy

February 6; Dr. Lemmon’s tenth webinar-Happy

February 13-February 16; Valentine trip to Leavenworth

March 6; Dr. Lemmon’s eleventh webinar-Happy