About Chriss & Deborah


Academic education: engineering, psychology and religious studies

Research: forty years professional business experience in sales and service; thirty years as a facilitator in classes and seminars working with human potential and founder of a metaphysical church in Calif.

Very Right Rev. Christopher T. Lemmon, Ph.D

The Order of the Ascended Rose Creed:

We are a religious order of spiritual teachers dedicated to the instruction and preservation of western occult knowledge.  We hold sacred our universal origin, the divine emanations of Spirit.  As a community we provide sanctuary, stability, and structure for those doing experiential study work with metaphysical concepts.  This safe haven for sensitive, aware people encourages the discovery of the individuals’ own truths and principles within the framework of the disciplines taught.

Present project: Wizardscache, a professional vehicle for developing human personality integrating art, knowledge and discovery.  Media for presentations are seminars, interactive computer classes and personal counseling.


Academic education: theatre arts, music, anthropology and medicine

Deborah has been a professional musician since age fifteen.  Today she is a recording artist and a partner/owner of an independant record label, Spotted Peccary Music.  Deborah has facilitated groups from Choir Directing to Music Therapy.  She also has an extensive background in law as a managing administrator and holds title as Bishop with the Order of The Ascended Rose Church.