Essence presented as transformational meditation music by Deborah Martin-Lemmon

“One sunny day, the cocoon came unsealed.

Magically, a butterfly was revealed.

Seeing this miracle with my own eyes,

of caterpillars becoming butterflies,

brings real hope of the possibility

of the total transformation of me.

Quote from a poem, Metamorphosis, by

Marcia “Butterflies” Katz

Transformational Training—mapping routes to potential

Everything on this planet demonstrates changes in states.  Leaves turn in the fall; moisture may become snow or fog; tadpoles to frogs and even rocks age and decay into dust.  Humans are not exempt as the inspiring words above remind us.  All you need do is look in the mirror to confirm.  Your thoughts and your beliefs also change.  When I was five I wanted to become a cowboy and by twelve I believed that I had climbed enough trees where none could prove to be a challenge.  It may be sad but what the years have revealed is that horses and trees didn’t prove to be a big part of my life.

Your first system (complete package) of beliefs is personality.  We have all heard people say, “That is the way I am.”  Their statement doesn’t indicate much desire to change or even consider change and that is consistent with all belief systems.  Because you “fully identify” with the considerations in the belief system you perceive them true and of value to you.  This may be but only perceived sensory information informs us about our external world and “how we feel” the internal.  In our uncertain world validity and value are always at question but not always attended to or part of awareness.

I “feel” therefore I am; a traditional human internal philosophy.  If this line of thinking produces a sense of validity then anything external you fully identify with must also be true and everything associated a belief system.  This game may be an illusion but so is Monopoly, and we play it.  Have you ever seen that hotel on Park Place?  You love your pet and if the pet is an illusion you could also be an illusion.  The truth is you just landed on my Park Place and you will need to find your pet a new home.  Yes, Monopoly has a set of rules and a playing field but humans operate from a belief system and circle of influence.  You are in the game folks.

In life you don’t move a token around a board but navigate by changing states.  Since states are learned you recall what state you believe to be appropriate for the event and time.  The secret to quality of life is being in the proper state for the moment now.  Actually, state changing is quite simple and we offer short training classes to develop your skill.  The real art is disassociating with beliefs or phobias, anything you identify with and label real.  Making anything important is like zooming in on an object.  It becomes big and you see the details but nothing else in contrast.  If “you” drop out of your awareness you are in risk of being invalid.  I know it is silly because anything you observe cannot be you by definition but you lose the secure reference from sensory when you disappear.  Not present is the state of being powerless.

It is not impossible to change the game and return “you” to your throne of power.  We know that if you gather a group of people with a commitment to meet regularly over a period of time; they would by design as a product of their commitment be present and therefore empowered again.  Systematically expose this group to various different structures predominant in all belief systems and they will reevaluate their systems, not to make the systems wrong but to include self in the relationship.  They would not need to be aware of the process because subconscious does the reevaluation and secures their renewed relationship to power.  This program of discovery would also not need to be personal.  It could be fun and invoke the energy to do the work from metaphors like the ones found in mystical and esoteric tales from the past.  Once enabled they could return to the human game of changing states but without the need for overbearing blind guidance they would increase their levels of discernment and perceive more depth from each state.  The vision is to generate a level of being where our presence is of service, not by doing but by being.  This caliber of expression is not a new state but a more mature or deeper state.

The staff at Wizardscache offers such a program to map your transformation potential.  Transformational Training is a twenty-six week program that meets once a week.  The mystical and esoteric content is invoked by coloring design cards and awareness is stimulated by playing with the movement of the energy invoked.  A fun and entertaining training but you will gently feel in your body the effects of the mapping work.  Mapping is not directing but rather offering all the potential routes and proving a secure terrain to initiate your chosen course.  Contact for the next program enrollment date in your area.  Secure your relationship to life and support your community by become a better resource.

(Check out Marcia “Butterflies” Katz’s poems and cookbook—a lady with a mission)