Canyonland to guide your thoughts by Deborah Martin-Lemmon


A preceptory was a subordinate house or community of the Knights Templar (a commandery) and a preceptor was a teacher.  Nothing in this Preceptorial training program is associated with this legendary order of priests except that their secret teachings were different than the excepted norm in their day and for that they were tried as heretics.  We modern heretics are also challenging a belief, your first belief, personality or “I believe I am.”

Can you imagine, we create the concept of personal self between ages two and eight, test it, improve it and hold true to it till we pass from life—or used to.  But in our quest to perceive wholeness (all pieces) life has become very complex and with our present exponential growth or rate of change in concepts of self, nothing holds true a lifetime.  No one is looking forward to spending six years again defining a new personality from a chaotic state at age fifty and drugs have not alleviated the scenario.  The wise solution is to prepare and the Preceptorial Training Program was designed to accomplish that task.

Systematically the training material introduces you to different concepts, not as truths but a stimulant to discover and secure potential changes that your body will sample and reference as “it feels right” projecting value in a new and congruent model to entertain as self.  The secret is to entertain as being and not doing.

Here is a sample or model of life as a human to entertain.  Is your story different, better, right?

To entertain larger than life (normal span of life) concepts we employ imagination instead of “I know” and other limited states (intuition, analysis, etc.). If we consider creation as an event without bonds to a system of time (random), this event would always be and have always been. The energy of creation would have no movement or location but it may hold potential; an abstraction referenced by a strange attractor (conscious observer). The projection of such potential (again imagination) by a digital repetition of a moment from this event produces a demonstration represented as a life.

For emanating humans, reports from awareness would vary depending on their level of consciousness (the story of what they are aware of “now” including them). Irrelevant of the framing, the stories traditionally reference this potential as “attention.” Attention transforms energy into an objectified demonstration of the bias attracting the energy. And, since a projected potential would be the same directed towards a point as directed from a point, both points experience an increase in objectification or a schedule of development for us humans.

Thus a human experience is an interactive story with a demonstration (action or form) projected via a set of proprietary patterns. Each unique set of patterns are formed by the strange attractor in creation. An interaction between humans would normally be interpreted comparatively (intuitively) due to these dissimilar unconscious pattern bases. All parties to this event would intuit the differences and be triggered (learned response) to a state where they would define action to balance or to justify a personal position. And for more fun they could polarize this position as best, good, right, perfect or inadequate. The thoughtless seed of human drama and it is automatic.

Awareness is the title for how long (span of attention) and/or how big (chunk size) our taste or sample of life that we are processing in this moment (making personal).  The structure we adopt as a guideline for what we identify with is called personality.  Literally this is a product of a dance of energy that produces patterns from random movements.  This is our first belief system, “I believe I am”, and it is how we learn to move our awareness from the moment “now” to some other perception in the illusion of time.  Awareness of “now” only contains awareness of creation and any belief system moves us away from this unique awareness.  If we are not creating, the act of exchanging energy to form, we are then created and a “particle” somewhere.  Awareness of creation is valid without question but awareness of life as a location needs validation.

What we call “growth” is the integration of what we learn (know), what we discover or what we create into the redundant subconscious operation of life—improving the quality of life based on this integration of perceived values.  What we believe (hold with change) produces the resistance to this act of integration.

“Body reference”, the way something or sometime “feels” based on perceived sensory sensations, produces levels of discernment that are a more reliable guide for return to awareness “now.”  Discipline is required to develop this system into an alternative for reestablishing awareness of creation.  Training maps these “references” to open a path of return.