The Happy Wizard Webinar: “Surviving the Cultural Changes”

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Life is a process to support the concept of “being” by movement, real or imagined.  Change is essential and time is the variant; slow change over time being easier to adapt to.  With fifty plus years experience working with folks embracing or resisting change, I feel confident that humans are still up for the task of integrating new potential into their lives.  However, two present observed phenomena may impede expediting this goal.  I believe we can simplify the process.

Change in the past occurred within a familiar looking world.  Science today confirms that our world is not structured the way we have always perceived it to be.  I believe the sign of this pending development was noted by Gregory Bateson in the seventies in his book Steps to ecology of mind.  “But what worries me is the addition of modern technology to the old system.  Today the purposes of consciousness are implemented by more and more effective machinery, transportation systems, airplanes, weaponry, medicine, pesticides, and so forth.  Conscious purpose is now empowered to upset the balances of the body, of society, and of the biological world around us.  A pathology—a loss of balance—is threatened.”  To update this for the present concern I think we need to add AI.

The second phenomena is the strong social support for reactions and the idea that a reaction is a choice.  Reactions are learned, the matrix of habit or redundancy.  It has value because familiar may be safe and in a life as a collection of habit pieces (structure) change is always highlighted.  The good news, our attention goes to change and we discover potential.  The bad news, we resist the change and therefore the potential.  With attention on reaction we slip into the “shadow of self” and miss all potential.

I know, I’m retired.  I’m also traditionally a live audience facilitator and the web poses a big challenge.  I speak and watch where the “energy goes” and from that I gauge how to present a topic.  But this program is all about change and how to embrace it as happy—I think we are all up for it.  Besides I always wanted to work with Gregory Bateson’ s material and the goal is to generate a change in state with the emotional energy of happy.  I believe this will be a fun adventure with lots to learn at all levels of awareness.  We will chat next month.  First assignment is search and recall a felt response for “I feel happy.”


Second webinar-range and resistance

Surviving  the new cultural premise is our theme.  And our strategy is to be happy with the process.  Surviving refers to your perception of value and not bio-mass.  Humans historically have been able to accomplish that within some range of ease to dis-ease.  But the world view didn’t need to change much in the past.  Today the world we perceive and the world that is being revealed from science is not the same.  We need to learn to secure into something to anchor for the storm.

This chat today is to examine our range for processing life.  But first we need to review two concepts.  Abstraction is how removed we are from the action incorporated in an event.  And framework is a system of levels of inversion nested within the wholeness of any given event.  A concept developed by Gregory Bateson that explains why folks seem to “resist” new ideas or broader views.  These levels serve as filters, or as I prefer, algorithms (filters ignore something, algorithms select something).

Without moving, without doing anything notice how large a chunk your attention is on right now.  This is your range of awareness and if I ask you to attend to this awareness the range becomes smaller or more filter to make room for the projection of you into the range.  You are attending now (one point) and you are aware (second point).  This is conscious range with is around 7 points, more or less.  When we zoom in (magnify) we build discernment and when we zoom out we gain a overall view (with lots of filtration).  More points or more “consciousness” puts your over threshold and into chaos (think deer in the head-lights).  When you zoom in you will always find imperfects, it is just not a perfect world by design.  The question is how may we improve this process to gain a more desirable world view.  Processing is movement, read or imagined.  Simple, we add an algorithm instead of the “default filters.”  We add GRACE and our new affirmation is: “moving with grace makes me feel happy.”

For the advanced group out there, entertain the idea that if you were to work through all the inversion levels (resistance) and arrived at a view of wholeness what would you notice.  You’re not in the picture.  When you become “one with” you corrupt the whole.  What is the end game; perhaps to reach the potential point where you are the whole.  Yes, when you find a really cool hidden lake in the mountains and stop to take a selfie with the lake in the background you are not adding anything to the whole; you are reducing it.

Range for a living organism incorporates genes, somatic, environment.  Quote from Gregory Bateson, Steps to ecology of mind.

“What is required to give a balanced “theory of evolution” is the occurrence of genotypic changes which shall increase the available range of somatic flexibility.  When the internal organization of the organisms of a species has been limited by environmental or mutational pressure to some narrow subset of the total range of living states; further evolutionary progress will require some sort of genotypic change which will compensate for the limitation.”

Third webinar-securing range

The cultural premise is an unconscious coupling for humans with their biological environment.  We are designing a consciousness coupling—I feel happy.  With attention on movement, balance becomes paramount.  We added grace in movement to expand the limits past threshold last month.  This month we will examine the nature of the ranges we are expanding.  Polarity or dichotomy ranges lack a single consistent elements running the total length of the range and thus interfere with the assumption that adding energy is a positive increase in potential.  Also, with any alteration we only need to attend to the difference proposed by the modification and not all the data describing the changed state.  By securing one element the length of the range we may produce a consistent demonstration where increase in energy is congruent with increase in range.  We will initiate this process by attending to securing “no” in our life.  No is a concept consistent with increase in discipline.

For the advanced group, the issue with dichotomy ranges is that “0%” is in the center and the extreme right and left points are maxed at 100% and that is not possible.  We leave on a sphere and any two point may create a line—in both direction in this special case.  Such an assignment to points would lead to corruption and distortion as the data circles the loop.

Forth webinar-moving and centering in range

Remember, a secured range has a common thread from end to end.  It is not a statement of absolute but it is your statement.  Unsecured you intuitively compare the present event to a past similar event and conclude that this is like that.  This awareness of a familiar calls for same action; a re-action.  Culture implements change over 100 years to cycle perhaps in 200 years.  Such a slow process sets us up to always being at re-action; feels the same as yesterday.

Our goal is to move ranges around and set them up with us in the center.  We can take a quick look at Law of large numbers and probability.  Hard to explain this is a short talk but we have a tool to play with and explore.  Imagine the secured range from humble to arrogant.  Zero is extreme humble (remember, no good or bad), half way up the range we meet a point when humble diminishes to a small arrogance.  At the top end we could become president.  If we mark the range from 0 to 10 than at 4.999 someone else by assignment could/would  be arrogant enough to hold the center.  At 5.001 you would be arrogant enough to hold the center.  Not a competition but a set-up.  Greater level of arrogant would be useless and inappropriate.  Felt ranges (how arrogant do I feel) are difficult to code and gauge comparatively.  Play with this and notice what happens.  The homework is to do  meditations and request a felt response for appropriate arrogance (20 minutes, often) until you secure a level that works—your friends and family can tolerate.  The magic is your intuition is now in training for a new task and it will assist in finding the sweet spot.

For the advanced group:  From Gregory Bateson: “Probability, being a ratio between quantities which have similar dimensions, is itself of zero dimensions.  That is, the central explanatory quantity, information is of zero dimensions.”  You may compare similar stuff but the comparison is not stuff.  Intuition is not a stuff but a comparative tool and therefore free of location—we can reassign it.

“Coding devices characteristic of verbal communication differ profoundly from those of kinesics.”  Yes, we have more than one active systems of communication.  “The human communication which creates redundancy in the relationship between persons is still preponderantly iconic and is achieved by means of kinesics, paralinguistic’s, intention movements, actions, and the like.  It is in dealing with the universe, message plus environment, that the evolution of verbal language has made the greatest strides.”  Our internal coding is not universally congruent with similar coding from another human.

Future Scheduled dates:

September 12, Tuesday at 1 PM: redundancy, coding, securing done

October 10, Tuesday at 1 PM;  the learning curve for the new cultural demand

November 14, Tuesday at 1 PM

December 5, Tuesday at 1 PM