Magic Child

January 24th, 2018

From my experience I believe most children have a “will” to speak.  It is evident from the fact that a few children choose not to speak—at least not on a “normal” schedule.  Learning on average for a child during developing years is a new word every 90 minutes.  That type and length of a power learning curve is sheer magic.  If you are a parent or work with children, research has found that reading to children is more effective than phonetics, TV shows or silly YouTube videos.  Learning to read early will increase a child’s rate of new word mastery and including  young children in family discussions aids in their emotional growth.

To discover the magic and usefulness for the pool of data children are born with but seem to lose the unnecessary portions by around age six took a few years for me to realize but I was directed by a clue from a fiction novel.  This extra data is similar to a “universal” part where you only use attachments needed for specific applications.  I always feel a little wasteful tossing those extra pieces away.  At best I think you need to be content with recycling those extra parts but the extra data children are endowed with may have a very practical use.  In the book Practical Demon Keeping by Christopher Moore a young man is bonded to a demon that feeds on humans.  Learning the meaning and power of choice in “no” was essential to their forced relationship and being “done” seemed the only hope for this young man.  I think we are all strapped to a demon and securing no and done is an element we humans all share.  In the story, as the hero completed steps to secure done he started to generate relationships with a mixed bag of individuals that in no way appeared predestined for him to meet or even have associations that were beneficial.  These connections materialized from this extra internal data to blend with any type of group or persons and not from the character’s life experience disclosed or his existing developed structure.  As a facilitator for years I recommended this book but never told my students why.  I was hopeful that what I discovered from the story would be seeded into their unconscious to assist them when they were ready to look at securing “we” in their lives.  “No” and “done” secure balance between movement and nutrition but “we” secures potential.

The magic update that each child appears to obtain upon birth we will discuss next month but I believe we have space to take a quick look at the consequences when as children we become aware that we are not the universe.  The “truth” was incorrect; lots of stuff and other folks here.  We spend our life virtually in a trial and error struggle to discover the nature of a “truth” that defines the state we were born into.  But the state of creation is a state of imagination and can’t ever be an absolute—a state that disallows change by definition.  We might preference some patterns (or a lot of patterns-survival) as story indexes but the daily changing stories we tell ourselves and others is the very nature of creation.  Every moment we create life, the belief in that moment evokes the energy to generate a demonstration.  And as long as we don’t  take any of this process seriously, the next moment, the next imagined story, the next new belief, the refreshed demonstration, is a creation.  We have a game and it is magic.





Real Magic

December 16th, 2017

I have continued to note the magic in human life for the last 50 plus years to date but I doubt if I could provide a clear timeline for the realizations.  Some paths of discovery take years to unfold and others circle or merge into new trails of revelation.  Science has been the greatest resource.  It appears that we humans make up a lot of stories, we believe it all to be true, we don’t like being wrong and we see patterns even where there are none.  And I guess, real or not, it all has an effect on us but science is looking for what is real.  I’m good with all of this but I thought we made it all up.  Over the next few blogs I will muse over the simple human magic, real or not, that affects us all.

Today, science believes that a child is not born a “blank slate” to learn about life but comes well equipped with a battery of data.  This data is more like a guidebook than an encyclopedia.  It aids in facilitating the segment or section of human life that we integrate into (family, culture, location).  After a few years most of it is dumped or uploaded onto some cloud site that Google doesn’t own yet.  Now that is some pretty cool magic.  Perhaps, in a universe with no time, there are no past lives but every human is born with a current update.  And a newborn’s perception is that they are all of existence.  Not one with the universe, not connected to all but they are all of it.  What a relief when you discover that you are not everything and also a huge break in property taxes.  I dig this new science/magic but I’m still confused about what is real.

Remember, by magic I mean producing an effect in life by your attention to your statement of will, a consideration for your presence now.  I’m not referring to the “magic stage” of development that the human race instigated hundreds of thousands of years ago.  As a result all children go through the “magic” stage of development starting around 18 months.  This is when they start to make the distinction between self and other on an emotional and feeling level.  While learning to differentiate between self and the exterior environment they encounter a superstitious, fantasy, magical mode of thinking that lasts for a few years.  Careful, don’t allow all the research and predictability to mute the magic.  The fact that a child is born thinking and feeling as if they were the entire universe and over time develop along a schema to believe they are limited in life as an internal package located in a sea of stuff does not negate the mystery.  Science has no idea how or why this happens but they have a story and labels.  Yes, we all make up our best bet stories for what we don’t know, we believe them and defend them, name all the stuff external and stay perpetually confused how we feel internally about all the above.  Now that is a truth and a real magic trick (maybe-go easy on the certainty).


Parts needed for magic

November 19th, 2017

In my late twenties, a review of my concept of magic would have been that I could generate change in conformity with my will if the structure was in place to support it or if I could discover the correct structure via trial and error.  The statement of will would need to be formatted as a request and supported internally with an iconic consideration of value.  At this point of my life I began to entertain the idea that everything (atoms-the base of all objects) is unstable and in fact “blink” and thus a change would be only a different creation and not an adaptation.  A creation is a request to be with a vector suggesting potential (stages, steps or levels as creations) which would produce the internal concept of value.  For example, a change or new version of me “feels” appropriate (of value) now; or, I need to do things that make me happy, etc.

New also to my life at this time was a growing number of requests from other folks to teach them “magic,” help them with it, or do it for them.  The third being the most prevalent and, of course, absurd.  With my education and background I started teaching and learned a few “tricks” from helping some folks along the way.  For most students, what they thought of as their will was in fact someone else’s demand for them, a failed expectation with no statement of will, a belief which is a form of trance and/or an assortment of other “shadow” experiences.  Everything was a demand, though at times polite, and rarely indicated any reflection of value.  I started teaching students to discover “their will,” anchor into it via the body and become present while learning to discern from where distractions sourced.  The long journey of learning to secure “no” and “done” began; converting all demands to requests.

I didn’t teach from my knowledge of anything but I did create some structure or guidelines.  The training material was revealed from the students as I pried open the doors of their experience.  The content was framed by structure as I learned life potential was and the context emanated as students generated opportunities for learning.  Sweet, simple and profound.

Most folks see life as a task and they wish to know what to do to enact their will.  Difficult to hear that life is about being and not doing—the will to be.  And most folks don’t understand what being present and conscious is.  We have all experienced chatting with a friend while driving and missing an off-ramp—a shadow of you was driving and not present or conscious for the exit.  Perhaps less dangerous than crossing the street while day-dreaming, climbing a ladder or proposing marriage while “in love” with a stranger.  Don’t be blindsided by the concept of human potential.  It would need to include all the opportunities for failure as well as success.  All are options and the selection is performed as a person “sets-up” for their next “blink” into consciousness.  It happens like magic.


Magic Growing Up

October 5th, 2017

Aleister Crowley  said “Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will” (Magick in Theory and Practice).  You might think that a young boy who understood that concept and produced several demonstrations pre-nine would be obsessed with a long list of “I wants” but that was not my state.  I was fascinated that such potential was difficult to keep conscious and the results never felt real in the body.  Jean Piaget , I discovered later, would say I had not developed the structure yet to understand the experience.  Sure enough, six years later I was lost in a very dark woods and I requested, out loud, with no real ears to hear, help seeing in this total darkness.  A glow came and lit the path through the overgrown woods to safety.  I know, this is all crazy stuff but I got a clue to my magic.

Perhaps two clues  but it took some years to sort them out.  This reported event was a “request”, a genuine need and not an experiment.  The universe is made of stuff and space with some type of force in the space.  The stuff is defined and has location; the nature of stuff is limitation.  Imagination would thrive in the space and there is force to drive or create.  I didn’t request a flashlight, map or even a guide.  It was a request to imagine seeing in the dark.  Dark would be the imagined absence of light; right.  A normal human need is a demand (i.e., “I can’t see”)—communication about stuff from stuff—a personal defined me or my issue.  If you “will” a change you need to talk to the purveyor of change.  The value of stuff and most things defined is that they are redundant and predictable; resistant to change by design.  A demand is a statement not willing to except a no, the world of redundant stuff and rejection to change.  Imagination requires the full spectrum of possible, and better yet, a secure “no” provides steps or gradients in imagination without an absolute no or not possible.  Potential and absolute are an oxymoron.

Second clue was that the request was from some felt point internal to a potential external.  It was not a request for survival for that is not even a range, and give me a break, secured on one end with an absolute; death.  This was from a genuine internal feeling that a potential existed but it was not within my limited range, which of course is why it would be external.  Uncertain, unknown but possible with a tiny bit of trust which is what potential really is.  Again, this second clue required that I mature in structure.  To understand the value of life you need to clean your room, put your toys away and do your chores.  Growing up is essential to perceive potential.  Your years of discipline work has paid off.



The First Magic

September 24th, 2017

In my preschool writing tablet I recorded my name, age of six and two sentences: “Everything is a glow.  Everything is united.” I saw “glows” in and around people, animals, most plants and some objects.  These glows when quizzed talked to me; in my head of course.  Yes, I spent a lot of time alone but magic for me at six was communication from a perceived glow of light.  I recall seeing a cool “art deco style chair” in the dump.  The chair of a king, perhaps, and in our local dump.  From the safe edge of the dump I noticed a faint glow in the chair but it was reluctant to respond to my inquiry about  its association to royalty.  I persisted with “why are you there?”  The glow raised above the chair and replied with a resounding “I hold form.”  I got a clue to the source of my glows and I never believed glows to be guides, ghosts or souls of the dead.  By age seven I experimented successfully with creating an image of an object, sending it to someone and observing them act on it.  No words, clues or body language utilized.  At seven I inspired my mother to buy me a pipe rack and humidor.  I had no idea what the thing was but I saw it in a store window on a walk alone and sent the “picture” to mom.  And I have no idea how she even found the silly thing or why she went into that little cigar store downtown.  Magic by seven had matured for me to having my statement of will materialize.

I discovered that glows are “imagined ideas” with enough attention on them to make them “glow.”  I also learned that it is a challenge to hold a subconscious idea conscious and attend to it for any length of time.  And the physical object, the pipe rack, was my anchor to keep the experiment in reach of my conscious awareness.  The story felt very much like a dream and would have been quickly forgotten or perceived an imagined event.  The glows eventually faded and transformed to pure kinetic perception and today I know that it is the repetition, the redundancy, of the attention and not the duration.  Is that not what the advertising industry does to put a purchase idea into our world?

All the atoms in the Universe blink and therefore we must blink.  I know you don’t feel the exchange when the atoms in the chair you are sitting on transform into the mass called you.  That is fine, there is a very long list of ideas we hold true that are not really a truth in demonstration.  As all of this starts to become conscious the nature of truth will be shaken for all of us and that is why I’m facilitating a webinar on “Surviving the Cultural Change.”

The magic in your world will change as your world changes.  It lives just at the edge between structure (what we know that works) and imagined potential (what we don’t know that may work better).  The Cultural Memes may grow the structure but you need to cultivate your magic.



A Work Along a Stream

August 29th, 2017

A range with a secured thread in gradients running end to end would afford you the ability to project the concept of you at any useful location in the range and to both move your location at will and to zoom in or out to determine levels of discernment.  A range secured with no would be 100% “no” at one end and at the other end “no” would be nonexistent.  Yes is the default setting to produce a state of being—yes, I am.  Some examples are, one could say no to smoking whether they ever had that habit or not.  But the end point, or any point, never forms an absolute.  You could say no to cake but on a friend’s birthday indulge.  You could be open to accept all gifts but still decline something illegal or stolen.  Do you see how this style of range gives more autonomy than a dichotomy with zero in the center splitting the range as opposites?  And with a secured range you can zoom in to make a detailed discernment and then zoom out to gain an overall view.  No is a very powerful tool.

You may enrich and expand the power of your ranges and if you have an interest, join my webinar on “Surviving the cultural changes.”  But before you chase off seeking more wisdom and tricks let us take a deeper look at life with a secured range.  I invite you to return for a moment to the metaphor of a stream from last month’s blog.  A stream does not produce the water or even alter the quantity.  At best a stream distributes water wherever it wanders guided by the direction of the lowest path.  It seeks a balance in level and “moves” to discover it.  Water is a traditional metaphor for the  force or energy of life and I used the concept of a stream as a potential with movement and location metaphorically as a human life potential.  Again, with the caution that this is just a model; a conception tool.  The question at this point is where does a “stream” disconnect from its potential.

Not just the existential, losing connection to source, but every deviation in a stream will be very abstract because it is a object.  At best we may consider a list of things that happen to streams.  Streams get diverted by landslides, beavers and power plants to name a few.  The blocking could be so great that the stream becomes a puddle, pond or a lake.  It could merge with another stream and lose all identity or contribute to grandness; perhaps useful as shipping or agricultural.

Humans also require movement, real or imagined.  But for humans balance, or structure, is paramount.  Their potential often gets diverted by distraction (drugs, booze, sex, shopping, etc.) and they confuse knowing for a direction or a catalyst.  A range from inspiration to obsession.  They frequently hold on to past concepts or events as a truth and lose sight of potential.  A range from a positive trigger to total depression.  And they crave interpersonal relationships, joining groups and altruist causes.  This range spans from being enriched by interpersonal relationships to being a burned-out devotee.  A human is not a stream but you can walk with another human along a stream and notice the “stream” of their potential, or better yet, your stream.