A Path to a Goal

February 5th, 2020

Before we step deeper into “becoming” I should define my ontology.  We are a product of creation, a state of all potential, but we observe it and converse about it as an onlooker.  From our logical system (mathematics) all possible would most probably generate non-deterministic chaos—no-things would be produced in the creative system.  However, assignment is a potential that introduces logic, language and limitation; the potentials for our sub-system.  Logic is the grid, language labels the symbols in the grid, and limitation exists because each space is a part of all that is possible.  Our life system, all humans and environment, are projected in a moment as now (time is introduced) along a potential pattern for each symbol and moment of time.  The concept of language provides a window as past and future for framing ranges but not as paths.  The energy from creation “shines” through the symbol and is then reflected back, creating both ascending and descending streams; a feedback that provides information about location and path guidance at every moment in time.  I know this short version is way oversimplified, but we have a game and all the limiting factors may open the possibility for deterministic chaos—all paths lead to the same goal.  

Because of the introduction of logic and limitation, the symbol will produce all versions of potential within the scope of the limitation of the symbol as patterns or structures.  Think car navigation; we select a location and the device logs a route given selected parameters and will recommend adjustments for incorrect moves.  The parameters limit the frame of potential but many routes may lead to the same goal.  We can make a choice, change parameters or change our destination.  A good quality device may consider traffic patterns and construction detours, but not likely back-seat-drivers or well meaning friends.  

Sundials, compasses and car navigation devices are pretty simple straight forward tools when the path is orderly and not obstructed.  Test out a compass in underbrush in a mountainous area and you quickly learn how difficult following a course may be.  Life paths can get very complex and obstructed.  We may think that we need to know something, the correct thing or just know more but  knowing is part of our logical system (parts of the whole).  In the creative system we would need to imagine it differently but that is already set up and mapped.  The secret is that the map from creation is not for a location but a different state of being.  The guidance is for “becoming”; a state not yet established but to be created in our system.  You move along your course looking for what I call “clues”; an indirect communication, a hint or just an abstract offer, and all of this with no logic so you will need to pay attention and act.  This requires movement, balance and relationships (I will explain more on this in the next blog) to navigate.  We just need a goal for all humans to set our sights—right now it is death.  Perhaps a little work ahead so we need to get creative.


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