About Chriss & Deborah

teacher, lecturer, counselor and blog writer

Dr. Christopher T. Lemmon

Academic education: engineering, psychology and religious studies

Research: forty years professional business experience in sales and service; forty years as a facilitator in classes and seminars working with human potential and founder of a metaphysical church in California.  Dr. Lemmon held the title of arch-bishop for 14 years until he retired.

Very Right Rev. Christopher T. Lemmon, Ph.D

The Order of the Ascended Rose Creed:

We are a religious order of spiritual teachers dedicated to the instruction and preservation of western occult knowledge.  We hold sacred our universal origin, the divine emanations of Spirit.  As a community we provide sanctuary, stability, and structure for those doing experiential study work with metaphysical concepts.  This safe haven for sensitive, aware people encourages the discovery of the individuals’ own truths and principles within the framework of the disciplines taught.  (The order defined “spirit” as a potential)

Present projects:

Wizardscache, a professional vehicle for developing human personality integrating art, knowledge and discovery.  Media for presentations are seminars, interactive computer classes and personal counseling.

And Wellness Code, a training, seminar or webinar, with a workbook and material developed and facilitated by Dr. Lemmon.  The goal is to treat wellness as a state of mind in how you define yourself and not more tasks to perform.  A more advanced framework for a human to operate from a greater potential for being.

Recording artist, songwriter, composer

Deborah Martin-Lemmon

Academic education: theater arts, music, anthropology and medicine

Deborah has been a professional musician since age fifteen.  Today she is a recording artist and a partner/owner of an independent record label, Spotted Peccary Music.  Deborah has facilitated groups from Choir Directing to Music Therapy.  She also has an extensive background in law as a managing administrator and holds title as Bishop with the Order of The Ascended Rose Church.

Below is one of Deborah’s projects with a theme similar in scope and design to this Wizardscache project theme–a journey along an ancient path.

Deborah Martin

(Eye of the Wizard)

Deborah Martin, her newest Spotted Peccary releases are pictured here.  They are astonishing and beautifully crafted thematic projects brought to realization by the acclaimed artist who released such classics as Under the Moon, Deep Roots, Hidden Water, and Ancient Power. “Eye of the Wizard” captivates us with haunting melodies, hypnotic percussive beats, and nuanced ambient textures on an epic odyssey to a realm of wizardry and sacred alchemy.

(Hemispherica Portalis)

Dancing between worlds of shadow and light, sublime structures and haunting lyrical textures beckon and entice us with dreamy whispery nuances of skillfully created compositions that hint of mystery and magic for an audio experience that rests in the realm of otherworldly visions weaving melodic structures with ambient tonal layers and driving percussion.

(The Silence of Grace)

“Hemispherica Portalis” is the debut collaboration album from the collective imagination of Deborah Martin and Dean De Benedictis. Performing under the moniker “Desensitized,” these two veteran ambient electronic sound explorers have joined forces to craft a thought-provoking work of art that combines ancient and futuristic moods into a captivating world of sound, filling the imagination with illusory images of undiscovered realms.

An eloquent and timeless collaboration debut, “The Silence of Grace brings one of Spotted Peccary Music’s top ambient electronic artists, Deborah Martin, alongside label newcomer, well-known recording artist Jill Haley, where together they interact with the realms of nature in its pristine environs, inviting the listener into the depths of quiet beauty and graceful repose.

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