Alone at Last

August 1st, 2021

Being human is never a perfect game but we have done good and are ready for another evolutionary step.  By nature we have been tribal folks with the sizes of tribes growing into nation states.  We perhaps need to bring an end to all those delineations to discover how to connect globally.  Growth or change initiates usually by clearing the palate from the past norms.  We have to get lost to ignite the innovation to create a new paradigm.  I don’t believe someone hid the maps or some aliens are going to present us with directions.  We are going to create a new schema and tune it over time.  Welcome to the lonely century.  To drop out of living with family, caring at home for seniors, being members of clubs, teams, neighborhoods, or religious groups is almost unimaginable but look at the news.  Are we not headed in that direction?

I’ve been around a lot of years and thought I was watching this progress until I read the book by the similar title, The Lonely Century by Noreena Hertz.  My range was way too small and all the information was a shock as well as a wake-up.  I see    Covid-19 now as just a bonus to kick us when we are down.  I was glad her last chapter was titled “Coming together in a world that’s pulling apart.”  I remember the outcry in 1994 of the devastating genocide in Rwanda.  Shame on me for not following up on the progress.  Not perfect perhaps, but the rule in place now is for weekly three hours of public work along with required community meetings and this is called Umuganda.  That term translates as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome.”  The author gave several great examples in that last chapter that got my mind going.  I’ve been calling my most innovated friends to spark new ideas and potentials. 

I don’t utilize texting because over 60% is misinterpreted and thus a waste of time as a medium of communication.  I’m also anti-social for social media programs because the content presented is mostly deceptive and pathetic.  I think the idea to censor violence and crime was wise but why politics?  Being lonely is a huge issue but if you don’t believe something is working for you, just stop it!  Recall the norm in growth is to clear the palate first.  Space and need sparks innovation and there may be many constructs along our journey until we fabricate a system that we can secure future styles of communication into.  Send me your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to open up dialog.  I love discussions and prefer them in person but Zoom chats for now are a fair stand-in.  The task is to imagine a reason for every direction we now turn; illness, cure and truth lead to dead ends—and follow that thread to create that new human paradigm.  We are here at this time because we, as a group, are up for the job.  


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