Attention, Questions and Decisions

January 1st, 2021

Can you recall ever driving down a road, maybe headed somewhere or just out on an adventure, and feeling pretty good after you notice that you hit all the lights green through town?  How cool is that!  Maybe just a chance event but it influenced your mood.  We are easy to influence; ask any advertiser.  We can also influence other folks and often a lot more than we think.  It could be intentional or not and you may recall how or not.  Whether a skill or luck you can do it and most of the time you can do it with intention.  The science of probability states that our attention can change the state of an electron from a particle to an energy wave.  There are a lot of “steps” between those levels of influence but both are real and we have a game.

My intent this year is to work with this game of influence.  Back one hundred plus  years ago we believed that there was a one true and correct answer to solve a problem.  Now we have a lot more problems and even more solutions that didn’t work.  Lots of conflicting claims and a host of good people working hard to reveal even a partial “truth”—anything to produce some results.  We still have folks pushing the old promise to have faith and trust;”the lions won’t eat you.”  That didn’t work out too good last time around and now we are all confused. 

There is a little caveat we gained when the “one and only truth” idea went south.  Ranges switched from dichotomies  with opposite poles to ranges that started at a “secured point” and expanded until those ranges bifurcate.  Evolution produces more variables so every element, concept and possibility split in each epoch.  Input of more energy into these new type ranges produces diversity of results.  No perfect idea but lots of concepts and a solution in our future may be a unique adaptation of a type that works for your version of the common issue.

This new evolutionary change will take a hundred years or more to fully mature.  Wise for now to be wary of any pitch “for the snake oil” fix that is a promise to cure all your ills or even one ill for all people.  It’s going to become even more complex so pay attention, ask lots of questions and know you are going to have to make many decisions.   

Please avoid polarized conflicts and any version of yesterdays search for the one truth.  Old habits die slow and the tools of evolution, wars and pestilence, weigh heavy on lost souls supporting forgotten dreams.  I’m reaffirming my personal commitment to daily exercise and meditation for the new year.  I love new games and look forward to playing with you for many years to come.


Starting in 2021, Dr. Chriss Lemmon will produce a short chat each month in association with his monthly blogs.  This is the link to January chat:

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