Beginning Range

January 1st, 2022

My personal goal in life is to improve my attention and awareness to what influences me and what I might influence.  The very fabric of the concept relationship.  My “work, passion and intention” is to assist others along these same lines.  I blogged all of 2020 about what I termed the parallax; the system of phenomena and the system of logic.  I blogged all of 2021 on which rudiments we need to attend to in these systems to manage the change mandated by a present evolutionary shift.  A secured relationship is an anchor to anything more stable than your idea of self.  The idea of self is a perceived sensation supported by a story.   Everything changes so time is the trap.  We perceive the stuff in the background of our lives as enduring and therefore reliable.  Evolution challenges that concept by dividing the patterns and thus distorting the structure of background elements; all the titled logical pieces in our universe (climate change, concepts of government, wellness, finance, etc). 

Since the start of this mandate we humans have switched our securing focus, our idea of truth, to imagination (innovation in all fields) and range.  Like our stories, creative ideas take time to prove as safe or correct.  Lots of danger in labeling new ideas quickly as truth.  Range provides a broader view including all the variables.  But by design we humans are very handicapped in range.  Wise to learn how to change and sort the puzzle pieces of range that we humans are dealt.  This year we will start to work with range.

Range is more than the reach of sensory awareness.  Recall, memory, and consciousness have ranges and all with unique individual configurations.  The goal is not to have one giant range containing all your life experiences.  That would be like having photos taken every moment of your life and tossed into “shoe boxes” or a big hard drive.  Not an effective way to gather and sort information to make quick life decisions or deal with our newly generated uncertainty of life going forward.  Remember, the labels from past are no longer correct.  Our intuition sorted experience by patterns; how it felt as you engaged.  No longer reliable because of the changes in states but the tool is very effective and needs to be adapted.  We still need to be in the center of all our ranges (termed spiritual growth) so we may make decisions and flex.  When not in the center, but at an edge called a pole our only choice is to defend.  Not a wise position and totally effective for decision making.  Yes, the underpinning of reactions and sadly easy circumstances for others to control your actions.

Over the course of this year we will delve into all the relative situations and implement plans to become a new version of self.  Like with any new learning experience you will gather a multitude of new ranges.  The caution is not to dump them into familiar past ranges.  Our first task will be to mark what a new unique collection of experience or data feels like and that will be the matrix for the new label.  For now just notice the process and we will continue this chat in February.



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