Bridge with a Symbol

April 1st, 2023

What I have experienced personally, and observed in others, is that the concept or feeling of a potential is an “internal phenomena.”  It absolutely could and often is, triggered by an “external” stimulus; an observation, a shared conversation, a suggestion or even a criticism.  You may be compelled to jot it down or relate it to a friend but the inspiration shapes somewhere inside you.  It may be fleeting or something that tumbles around within for a time—may become an obsession.  Some report is as a flash of light and others something discovered in deep recesses.  I label all such phenomena as a gateway or an invitation into a range of potential that you have not fully explored.  If you follow my blogs, we sought out new ranges this past year.  Now it is time to secure those efforts and start the process of exploration (a process sometimes referred to as “ownership”). 

The Universe that we inhabit, or at least our small section, is made up of structure (thank you Albert Einstein) and to move (essential for life) we need to navigate through all the stuff.  If we wake up to a potential, we could entertain that this state of awareness is an offer to develop said insight.  For that opportunity we need to map out room, somewhere in a range of space, between all the structure or in affinity with the structure to implement said potential.  This is what I refer to as a game (something you get in a box that has rules) and we humans love the illusion that we can beat the game.  It may be fleeting but it does encourage us to take the risk.  We can imagine this insight as a truth.  I define truth (anything certain for a time) as a consequence of a decision or a failed decision. 

Make the decision to find the truth and move that “internal” muse “external.”  Over the next few blogs, we’ll explore several possible ways to enact this goal.  I incur a lot of one side printed pages from on-line orders, research or just short-term reminders.  I fold them longwise with the clean side out and save them for tasks like this.  With an inspiration in mind, grab one of these long note sheets from your newly created pile.  Leave space at the top for a “drawing” and note a general title of your brainstorm below the space.  You don’t need to be an artist, have a lot of space or waste a lot of time with perfection.  A symbol is the clue for the introduction of a concept into form.  Scribble anything inspired in the saved space.  You just created a bridge from internal processing to external and packaged the complete concept as a symbol.  I prefer to note the date starting this activity at the bottom of each sheet to manage my investment of time.  I have a stack and attempt to look at each sheet once a day.  I just jot notes, ideas, crazy thoughts or a link to something I just discovered that may be associated.  When I notice that I’m not adding additional comments I cross out the “general title” and just re-enter it as a list item.  After a few days, if the above action did not induce activity I start with a new sheet and a new drawing—listing everything else below from the old sheet and destroy the original sheet.  If the new drawing fails to inspire ideas, say in a week, toss the project.  Clutter does not support creativity.


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