Careful for bumps

November 30th, 2018

Did you know that you may cool water, in a very smooth container, to below freezing and not have it freeze?  Careful not to bump it.  You may also heat water in a very smooth container and not have it boil at the temperature that it should.  You may have read about this danger with microwaves.  I could see into an open cup of water I was using to prepare tea and the water should have been boiling according to the time I set.  I tapped the microwave and watched the water blow out of the cup—now boiling.  I guess super magic because this is super-cooling and super-heating.  It takes a nucleation point to change the state in a liquid.  Fancy word for a shake or a bump. 

Some thoughts may not be a part of the nucleation theory but since we are just creating (imagining) we might play with them as a metaphor.  Most of our fantasies and a lot of our plans are what psychics call “perfect pictures”—no vision of a hitch or disruption in the plan.  But the best of plans get you to a starting point and headed in the appropriate direction.  Not only is life too complex to plan for all variables; arriving at a goal is the act of becoming and not a simple journey from a point to a point.  When a point moves in a direction it creates a line, a line is a meta-pattern for a point.  A point after movement grows up to become the end of a line.  Humans never stop becoming but physically growing up appears to trade-off for physically growing older.  Research reveals that most of a human’s detail memory is for those years of transition from that end point of physical growth.  The only exception seems to be tragic moments in life that generate big change; perhaps a kind of nucleation point to activate or at least mark the change.      

Our intuition will compare a perceived upcoming event with past similar events and provide a quick reference on how to handle this next event safely.  Because life is habitual this works a lot of the time and you can’t turn this nagging assist off.  No two events are identically the same, similar is the benchmark, and this does not allow for an unknown potential for change in your life incited by an event.  If you allocate time and attend to all the details of the past event—what parts worked well and what parts didn’t—you build a larger range or more detailed database and that permits for a wiser decision with the “now less similar” event upcoming.  I have postponed upcoming events in the past just for time to re-examine past references to find insight for appropriate action.  We don’t always have this luxury  to reschedule and none of this is beneficial for unknown potential.  I can see the merit for an upset and even a crisis to buy time for more attention or seed the vision for an unknown potential.  If you can imagine the value of an upset, can you imagine tolerating a small bump for guidance and not becoming a “victim” to this change in direction as a failure, trauma or illness?  Life is the act of becoming.


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