Changing Parts

May 1st, 2021

When I awake in the morning and hear the pitter-patter on the roof I know that as a clue it may be raining outside.  When I discover a package of chicken defrosting in the kitchen I know that as a clue that dinner will include some type of chicken meat entry.  I read a lot of psychology books assorted with a few easy read fiction or thrillers but end of last year I ordered three political science books.  All makes sense with the action in January but what was the clue last year when I ordered the books?  I was searching the web for places in the Covid-19 world that would allow us in to visit and got distracted by a comment from a traveler who was delighted to have had time on a trip to read “Why Leaders Lie” by John J. Mearsheimer.  Some clues are just not so obvious at the time of interaction.  We are attending to clues that will help support decisions of value in our yet unrevealed future.  Pay attention and don’t discount any hints or offers.

You probably came into life as a clue supported by a vision created by a couple of parents as to their potential role and how that would play out in a story they both or separately imagined.  I’m sure they were eager to discover your gender early to help create another possible story called “their child’s life.”  You are not in the habit of noticing clues because you began life with a plethora of them; all imposed upon your attention.  You may also not have noticed with all the over- stimulation that the world, referred to as background by Martin Heidegger, was already there.  You grew very quickly both physically and intellectually; learning on average a new word to define the “symbols” in this world every 90 minutes.  Yes, it is not a picture-book world but still full of stuff and the terms define the stuff.  You learned your role in the family and culture with, I’m sure a little rebellion at least, and assumed the values of the group.  Over time all of that probably changed and your story altered to accommodate anchor points you secured as important to your developing vision of self.  We humans refer to this as growth or even spiritual growth—spiritual meaning along a theme and not about a ghost. 

The background also changes but at a different pace.  Few of us humans enjoy sitting and watching as paint peels off the walls of old buildings.  All stuff has entropy with “nature” having seasonal changes we like to note with greeting cards.  Climate is the benchmark for human conversations about change but the whole package evolves at what feels like alternating rates.  Relocating does contribute to this fact and explains why I don’t miss my ocean kayak after moving to the Northwest and selling it.  My diving gear is gathering dust in the garage and I no longer feel any desire to plan another ocean dive.  Do you see how changes in background generate changes in value?  These types of change may not be part of your personal growth vision but they influence it at variant magnitudes over time.    


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