Creation as Solitaire

June 11th, 2018

A human is an object/force with amazing potential for creation but unable to be conscious of that potential, will, drive or force as one image now.  Traditionally we make up stories to entertain that potential knowing that the stories could be possible but not necessarily true.  In the world of magic, a world where creation is imagined at will, we would need every potential of will represented.  Remember, stuff is an assignment and referenced to a location which makes it consistent—same place and same stuff—but energy is a force with movement or at least the potential for change.  I model this imagined idea of assignment to a limitation in potential for energy at a location as a compression or a type of holding of the force.  Subsequent to the assignment or the act of compression would be the restoration to energy, or decompression known as entropy.   If we imagine a balance of both form and potential for change we would need empty space to accommodate this perception.  This is just my model to understand what I’m not able as a human to “know” and not something anyone needs to believe as true.

A creation now for the game of life would need to be whole, all possible and perhaps assigned to a large location like the universe.  Every sub-location would reflect a different potential for the complete creation.  Every version or stream of possible human would reflect that limitation of all possible by the nature of the location attended to and the stream attending.  Now we have an imagined game with structure and it is playable.  Every version of player and every version of move would be contained within the system.  Within the context of the created structure (the rules or guidelines) you could experience any potential.  This is why I teach securing the concept of “no” and “done”—the nature of regulations.  Every location would offer a potential but only the version contained with the players stream.  It would be wise to have a sense of how your version of being would respond to a potential before you attend to that location.  This is why I teach securing “we” to sample those potential.  Simple steps: learn to know you (your marker or version), secure your relationship with the structure (attend to possible moves or change) and discover what a potential at a location has to offer by observing someone else residing there.  If you sample their version of being while they are at a location you would have a clue of how your version would differ at that same location.  The more folks or players you sample the better you will become at projecting your outcome in potential at that same location.

Is the universe really inside of “us” or is that imagined stream of sensory data describing a “real” universe somewhere outside?  Can you imagine a game of solitaire so complex and what would you use for markers to distinguish all the imagined players?  Only a god could do that.


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