Creation Game

August 19th, 2018

If in fact we may create at will, why all the struggle and limitation plaguing humans?  Imagine life as a game and no matter how well we play in the end we all die.  Is that not the nature of most games—a start and a finish?  Rich or poor, happy or sad, well or ill makes no difference at the finish line.  Is it wise to assume an after-life, soul personality or a heaven to hang out in?  We tried all those notions and folks holding those benchmarks as sacred have all passed with no report to confirm such assumptions.  There cannot be an absolute truth or there would be no will to imagine the game of life differently.  Boundaries only stabilize when they cease to be stakes in the game.  I think we need to take a close look at how the game plays out.

From our first moment of reasoning we could imagine things differently; we say we seek such opportunity but in fact filter random out because of the threat—death is a random event and not a habit of life.   But the concept of meta programs point to random as the starting point for life; and a diversion to the story of life as a learned habit experience supporting potential for change (past lives, karma, etc.).  We do most certainly secure into the habit of life as familiar and when that fails we hit a limit or threshold.  An unwise but common move in the game is to become laissez-faire and drop all those elements we are pined against down into the overcrowded level below.  A dive into chaos is not a smart move.  At this threshold point we may instead pause, analyze what is tabled and create a plan to secure a path forward.  To analyze is a process to imagine different outcomes and a plan it to imagine a future.  Not important to find the perfect course of action or even to have the plan works.  The game is about creation and will; the structure (rules and components) are revealed as you engage.  Each progressive level provides more complexity in structure.  Cool game!

The very fact of the limitations of conscious awareness and the choke of threshold make this game of creation and will a fun challenge.  With deterministic chaos we could just tumble in and reach the same goal that well strategized moves produce but the journey “abound the board” may play out less pleasant.  Is a rewarding “life” of potential and service the preferred path?  Victimhood, tragedy, trauma and ill health are less desirable markers to embrace.  If we are all players in this game perhaps the magic is how the players interact.  Is landing on someone’s owned “Boardwalk” a death (end of game), a disease (delayed end) or an opportunity to negotiate.  Finding solutions and style of playing are terms of relationships.  The skill of magic.





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