End of Cycle

December 3rd, 2021

I believe that as your brain takes form post-conception, its first job and most important one, to keep you alive.  Perpetually in the dark it receives data and interprets it to produce your metabolic balance in an ever-changing external environment.  Stimulus response is too slow for state changes.  The brain must predict (or imagine) an external condition and adjust as data input flows in.  Making an incorrect prediction ahead of time and adjusting is a normal operation—we expect to be close (the story index, “right on the mark”) as adults but not so for children.  We watch out for them because they are “not old enough to know yet” as is the accepted story.  Also not old enough to have developed a large database (inductive or intuitive) and the brain has not yet developed the logical functions (deductive).  (refer to the work of Jean Piaget)

You don’t see you except through relationships (and other types of mirrors).  The next job for that brain is to generate a conceptual you and a view of the external world from that perch.  I believe we secure this perception of self with a complexity of sensations as feelings to represent you; then we secure this package into the environmental background that our brain is receiving descriptive data from constantly.  For more details and proofs from neuroscience, check out Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book, How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain.

This is an amazing biological system with the ability to heal and repair, at least for a time, and it’s birthed with range in the form of patterns.  You probably look something like the rest of the members of your family and culture.  These patterns may seed your unique range of potential.  I believe these patterns are so intense that we humans need a small amount of conscious processing to experience different influences as references for seeking out the potential extensions of our range.  Of course, we process our potential consciously with stories and that inspires us to imagine the idea of self in a projected context.  Perception within the range of our secured feeling marking self should provide a clue and utility for testing.  In theory, how we feel when modeling a new stream of potential should indicate utility in perusing the test stream more.  An amazing system but not perfect which supports my theory that each unique thread has boundaries.  In other words, you can do anything with your unique thread of potential and definitely more variance than one has in a lifetime—the limitation is a clue to direction or time and not accomplishment.  Movement is the most essential addition from the logical system.

If we lose balance we become ill and die.  We can thrive without human relationships as long as the background (nature) is secured (all bets are off during evolutionary change).  Our focus from the phenomena system is range and that requires support from the logical system to flourish—the platform of becoming.  In 2022 we will focus on range and how to improve it.  I recommend the book Noise: a flaw in human judgment by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Siobony and Cass R. Sunstein.  Please put this on your Christmas list, the story for the season.


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