Everything Changes

March 8th, 2020

It is hard to imagine, but the general consensus is that humanity for its entire history up to the 18th Century, believed that no action they personally took could generate a real modification in the condition of their lives.  The advent of existential philosophy in the 18th Century, Kierkegaard, Sartre, Nietzsche, etc., grew and matured into modern philosophy by 1950 (modernity or modern meme).  Many new concepts blossomed at that time.  For example, I give credit for “new thought” to Meville Goddard (change your mind, change your life) but later in his life he realized that it takes more than just a wish to change.  Change is not in the path you are walking now; that yields what you have now with no room for transformation.  Change is very tricky and humans are not statistically successful enacting a substitute action.  We see some folks modify habits but it is impressive and rare when a person completely upgrades their life.  I label that level of alteration “becoming”, to literally becoming a noticeably different personality.  I know what drives that is an amendment in life pattern but that has been difficult to instruct as a technique.    

I took a year off my retired teaching and reviewed my background and skill with patterns, code, path, archetype, blueprint, etc.  In my life I personally gained my insights by asking questions and exploring ideas that led to what I called discovery.  But when I started facilitating seminars I taught the material as answers (the end) and knowledge (the past); “becoming” is always an exploration in unknown territory.  To experience this process we need to formulate questions and learn to trust.  I put together these new curriculum for questions, patterns and “becoming.”

My vision of a path or pattern is similar to movement along a power strip that keeps your battery charged; off the strip your battery starts to weaken.  Distractions or influences may divert us off course.  Metaphorically, we have a similar outcome with computer software.  It gets corrupted and we fix it by deleting the original download, reloading it anew or acquiring new software.

I’m not certain what the goal of life is and if this level of work needs to be done but I want to do something.  We humans perform a lot of different activities and we care but usually it feels like not enough or not the right time.  All of this investment is not producing a benefit in the world today.  Now is the moment to try something new!  We know our Universe has been in play and expanding for over 14.6 million light years with a backdrop that provides light clues over 46 million light years old.  This initiates a lot of questions that start with why or how.  Looking to the past serves us in normal time as a safe choice—what worked well.  But in times of great change this intuitive piece fails to offer wise guidance.  In times of evolutionary change (demand) we need to embrace the unknown and be at risk—at risk is the nature of growth.


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