Find Chriss and Deborah?

Chriss retired to Vancouver, WA and does not accept incoming phone calls unless scheduled.  He would love to chat with you so please E-mail him to get on his schedule.  He does limited counseling by phone and still a few private retreats in his home—three to five days.  If you would like to host a retreat or a lecture for your group please E-mail Chriss to discuss topics, location and time availability.  He does value being of service, answering your questions and entertaining your comments.  Thank you.

Deborah is very active in her music label partnership, Spotted Peccary Music, and producing her own recording projects.  The focus in the couple’s relationship is crafting shared time for conversations, local events, mutual friends and travel.  They love to travel the world and make new friends just like the folks they know and care about stateside. 

A list of their past travel adventures:

  • Costa Rica—volcanoes, jungle, beaches, wildlife and locals proud of their Country 
  • Copper Canyon—spectacular train ride with views beyond USA’s Grand Canyon and got to mingle with the very cautious Tarahumara Indians
  • Yucatan Mexico—rich culture with magnificent historical monuments and lovely polite local inhabitants
  • Spain & Portugal—Gaudi architecture, magnificent art and an interesting contrast between the folks of Spain and Portugal
  • Guatemala & Honduras—lots of jungle with incredible historical sites and the inhabitants are modern hard working folks with a tribal nature
  • Thailand & Cambodia—Thailand has great food and a healthy country that we could live in with a few political issues; Cambodia is very sweet but sadly still reflects the wake of destruction and genocide from the Pol Pot reign
  • China & Tibet—it takes several visits to China to take in the breadth of this large Nation; Tibet is now part of China and quickly becoming just that
  • Victoria British Columbia—from high tea at the Empress Hotel to the lush Butchart Gardens, Victoria is a charming vacation gateway
  • India—colorful and enchanting Country, nice hard working people, delicious food but not very healthy, and sanitary conditions are lacking
  • North Eastern USA, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island—over two months driving but the contrasts between all the cities, states, provinces and the two Countries was astonishing
  • Glacier Park & Western Canada—breathtaking trip through the glacier parks in the USA and Canada with an opportunity to see firsthand the effects of global climate change
  • Peru & Ecuador—the ancient sites of Peru are showing signs of wear and erosion but still magnificent and conjure up visions of a very different civilization; Ecuador is more modern but the Galápagos Province, somewhat like Peru, conjures visions of a very unique habitat in nature

    A few shared travel photos:

At the equator


Southern tip of US in Key West






Making friends in India


Flowers in Thailand