Happy End of Truth

December 1st, 2020

There is a part of me that misses the concept of a truth out there.  As a kid I went along with but never really believed in Santa Claus or that a show of affection would heal a wound.  Growing up my interpretation of events was always quite different than my peers.  I didn’t believe that one of us had to be right, I just thought it odd that there could be so many different views for a topic or an experience.  I liked science and math and headed towards higher education in engineering but discovered the field was adrift with change and uncertainty.  I switched to psychology because its solutions were more “intuitive.”  Searching for an outcome that worked for an individual in their real life situation had more appeal to me than the demand to adjust to the facts (truth) of life. 

However, this did not become the path of my work experience.  No real truth in law enforcement; lots of rules and most trumped by politics.  No real truth in management but profit and more politics.  No real truth in teaching but ridiculous rules and again politics.  It took two years and a lot of “non-truths” to get a non-profit rating from the government for me to open a training center under the guise of a church.  My vision was to operate outside of the scope of politics and truth as an absolute.  Great idea but students came looking for a real truth.  Funny!

My view of politicians is that of an animal trainer (or most teachers).  They say whatever to direct the flow of thinking towards the vision of the folks “in power.”  When we discovered that whales eat their trainers we stopped training whales (perhaps no net profit).  I’m not advocating we give up on government!  I’m advocating we get real and give up the idea of an absolute truth.  What I have learned is folks are looking for guidance and willing to trust.  My education in psychology points to an expectation for an unconscious rebellion by people to the lack of truth fed to them.  Is that not what we see today?

I have been teaching “forever” to pay attention to what you create and not how you react.  Not easy because reaction is automatic and unconscious.  I’m glad my wife is tolerant.  Give yourself a break and a little time to move past the automatic reaction.  Your attention can manage and create your vision.  Success comes from patience and practice.  Did I say it takes patience and practice?  Yes!  Correct is not a reaction or compliance to a truth because there is no absolute truth.  Stop looking for a ghost and create your dream; but don’t ignore the path in form to allow your dream fruition.  Covid-19 is a creation that is real in form and it can kill you and me.  It could kill everyone and who believes that science will find an absolute cure in a world with no absolute?  We are all going to die at some time (perhaps the only absolute) so why react to this?  Respect it like every other creation in this universe (remember whales) and attend to your vision for you.


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