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April 5th, 2020

Are we having fun yet?  I’m retired and I have lots of work at home to finish; I’m good.  Friends, family and neighbors that are low on essentials contact us and we share or seek products for them.  Because of my age I’m considered high at risk but I’m willing to help and will do so.  If my students have learned anything from me over the years; life is about movement, balance and relationships.  You would not have to be an amazing clairvoyant to have perceived a hint of this present event coming and that is why I created a webinar a few years back for “surviving the cultural change” that we nicknamed the “Happy Webinar.”  Of course I followed that up with another webinar on Wellness.  Are you guys starting to see a pattern here?  Oh, my present seminar offer is on patterns and becoming.  It is fair to say that there is apparently a consequence to living life unconscious and totally at reaction to emotions.  That is a learned reaction to the flow of energy and not attention to the task details to generate a decision.  Safe to say the system (what the “old folks” called God-modern meme change) is intent on purging the older population that perhaps created the problem to give notice to the rest.  Now I sound like a prophet of doom but we all know life ends at some point.  OK, I’m guilty, but I have worked to support change and now the concept of “becoming”—a change from creation and not effort.  New games are fun.

From the logical (scientific) view of our universe I like Superstring Theory and Brian Greene does a great job of explaining the theory for the average reader (The Elegant Universe).  The idea that the energy that drives (creates) the universe is in another dimension makes great sense (because I don’t see the source).  And of course all the stuff of the universe has location that is only probable.  So our universe is in movement seeking balance through the probability of ever-changing relationships with all the stuff that we witness and that which we can only measure.  None of these facts prove my story but I feel better that the two stories sound similar.  Remember, in the Modern Meme, truth is just a probability.  Cool!

I read on-line that India’s plan for the virus is to have everyone in the country light a candle each night.  A plan that may not hold high probability for most countries but bless their plan and I pray it serves them well.  The plan my wife and I have developed is to continue to eat good food, get more rest, daily exercise, walk each day and be of service to others in need (within the limits of the RULES).  In addition I’m busy developing new seminars and webinars for the post-virus world.  The idea, if true, that the virus may be a byproduct from people in reaction to our “toxic” world indicates that we all should develop an offering to do more to resolve this issue.  My wife thanks everyone she sees out there working for their service and I advise everyone I counsel to be careful and wise but not fearful.  Keep in mind, that there is no logic or appropriate language on the phenomenal view of life but most of us have had personal experience with phenomena; it is also probable.  Search your meditation space, look for clues and if you wish, light a candle.


Dr. Barbara Cox and I have put together an on-line chat platform so us “locked down” folks can share positive steps and outcomes with others on Zoom/US.  If you would like to be invited (new rules from Zoom) please email me: chriss@wizardscache.com

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