It is all a Relationship

March 1st, 2019

Our universe appears very big because we are moving slow.  The size of the universe is relative to speed.  Our slow speed is a product of the fact that we are made up of fat little particles.  May not be something you ever noticed.  What constitutes what we know?  For most folks “I know” means familiar with.  The job of family and education is to get you to the point where you know something; more may be better if nothing were to change.  It would have been wiser to get folks to build relationships with stuff and other folks (I think that was the original plan).  People forget that I know does not mean I’m right or that I can do anything.  A relationship makes the universe the size it appears to be and a group of egos a community of people.  My present blog theme is this conversation about change and culture but first it may be wise to review what I have noticed with individuals, creation and change over the last three-quarters of a century. 

A person gets inspired and starts to entertain the idea of doing something.  This attention evokes the energy into your body to do the task.  It is not those cookies you ate—many folks just get fat from cookies and never do any work.  Come on; you have seen people get enthused and jump into a project.  Your dreams and visions bring in energy to activate and sometimes, if it is not too grand, will carry you through to accomplish the project.  A good plan adds timing to big projects but otherwise all the energy for the entire vision flows in at one time.  With a small project you feel the influx of energy and think that you are now ready to do the work until done.  Your attention is the switch and the energy level a choice.

Long range visions require energy input to flow in steps.  Too much energy in your body at one time leads to a threshold and you shut down.  Perhaps why large projects have a higher failure rate and all that energy in one lump can make you ill, depressed or just lose interest.   

I believe we have all experienced “too much energy ” as well as “not enough energy.”  You get all psyched up to start a task and discover it has to be postponed.  Your body is full of energy and you pace, need to go workout or just get obnoxious.  The “I want it now” card or “I deserve it now” promotes large energy dumps.  If you “out of habit” fully identify yourself with any projects that you are willing to attend to and ignore or put off everything else, the process is personal and again this may make you ill, depressed or just lose interest.  The range here for a human might be from overachiever to failure.  Ouch!

The biggest project a human faces is alteration in their concept of self.  We learned our role from family and culture through the “I know game.”  That worked the first time but everything changes and faster now than in the past.  You will not “know” this time but you will start to feel out of sorts, nothing works like it used to and all the clues forward are confusing.  Change is just a big project and the energy to perform needs to be in steps over time.  Again, forget I know and go with I can imagine. This is possible because evolution also does this to us.  We never stop changing and we do it in steps.  I will provide you with a sample next month and we will start that conversation about cultural change.


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