Just Energy

September 27th, 2018

Lots of folks consider “intuitive counseling”, “intuitive reading”, “intuitive coaching” and even “intuitive science” as some type of magic.  For humans intuitive processing (inductive thinking) is always on and it is fast.  You in fact “white noise” it out to use the analytical part of your brain (deductive thinking).  This is a comparative human skill that evaluates each conscious event you are attending to and compares it to any similar event you may have experienced in the past.  Yes, this expedites decision-making for someone with lots of life experience and good assessment tools (present and conscious); but no two events are identically the same and you can easily get misdirected with assumptions.

The magic I think they refer to is that some folks report awareness of the energy around us that may be influencing us.  As a young child I felt the effect of these energies and always looked in their direction to confirm.  I would naturally state, “I thought I just saw something.”  All the kids I ever knew had similar responses and some perceived this energy as “beings.”  I never shared that perception—just the influence of the energy to make something happen.  Over time recognizing familiar energy patterns became part of my intuitive data base.

When in college I was out with three friends and on a whim we went to a “neon sign” psychic for fun.  I was the last to get a “reading” and the gypsy lady started by asking me why there were numbers all around me.  I explained that I was an engineering student and I worked part-time in a grocery store.  She inquired if I saw a child in the room and I confirmed that I perceived the energy of a little timid girl and perhaps from a foreign country (she was planning to adopt her sister’s child).  She was impressed with my vision and we spent the time developing my skill and confidence.  The other three received a typical default psychic reading.  I didn’t feel the need to share my experience and reported that my reading was “same same.”  After this I began coaching fellow students and honing my skills.

Ten years later I had my second experience with a psychic  because I was curious how numerology worked.  She wrote out my name, jotted the associated numbers and started to write several pages longhand while explaining her process.  Half-way through she paused and asked if I ever used the name Christopher.  I confirmed that I have used several different pseudo names and noticed that my energy changed.  The name Christopher felt strong and safe to me but this was all just a fun research project.  She then asked me how long I had been advising folks based on the energy influencing them.  We became friends for several years and I changed my name to Christopher.  This launched a “part-time” career that I have been practicing for over fifty years now.


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