Learn “Selection”

March 1st, 2022

Have you ever tackled a new task, solved a jigsaw puzzle or even prepared a novel recipe and had the necessity to repeat the process?  The second time you probably noticed that it went quicker because you may have discovered some short-cuts or recalled some clues that expedited the course from the first round.  We could say that you evolved in the process and made some selections that reduced a few of the “required” steps.  This is the nature of an evolutionary process where a secured plan or experience is broken down into its components and streamlined.

Most of the time we humans operate plan dependent.  We perform the way we learned and resist change for the sake of the efficiency from familiarity.  Very proficient and conserves energy because our body stores patterns and replicates them without the need for thinking (an energy conserving process).  Yes, this is a review and we are now on this planet at the time of evolution and “selection.”  Most folks fail in attempts to override plan dependency—it is both secured and unconscious. 

It is fun and stimulating to explore new ranges of activity and a great set-up to engage us into the act of selection.  Find something novel to explore and continue to review it until you find yourself making selections from your encounter with the exploration.  Your attention is the selector of change or creation; however your choice to define this undertaking.  The more we practice diversity the longer our span of attention becomes.  A juggler has to pay attention to more than one thing and timing for both release and capture.  New ranges provide the stimulus for the transformation in your state of being toward selection; a growth in potential.     

Last week I read the book, The Complete Ice Age.  In our time of climate change my hope was to expand my range on how all those major cycles of freezing and heating influenced the surface of our globe and everything alive on it.  This larger picture of sway helps understand the nature of the present emanating modification.  What was affirmed for me is that no one force was powerful enough to generate all the molding processes over time.  It took many dynamic forces and millions of years to get us where we are today with no clues as to where we may be in the future.  There was evidence of redundancies that over time collapsed and new patterns generated.  The records indicate the possibility of many evolutionary periods of influence or at least noting the fact that these ages took eons to establish and only a small percentage of that time to tear down.  Our above noted human cycles may in fact be a reflection of created life in general.  We need to increase attention in a range for insight.  Albert Einstein said, “It is not that I’m so smart.  But I stay with the question much longer.”


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