Long Range Plans have Steps

April 1st, 2019

In my youth I was fascinated by circuits or patterns and the distribution of energy.  After three years of college in Electronic Engineering I resolved that this field was too abstract and structured for my tastes.  Of course, it was engineering and all this before computers.  I changed my major to psychology and discovered the movement of energy in human patterns to find and support meaning.  I applied this formal education in psychology to the business world with employee training, marketing and sales.  The influx of changes in business and related technology produced more questions than answers.  I continued to keep abreast of the new concepts evolving in psychology and was eager to apply them.  As a side-line, I opened a center in Southern California to support the discovery and development of human potential and re-framed those new concepts into formats that could be marketed as classes and seminars at the center.  This research was great fun and proved beneficial for the students enrolled.  Outcomes arrived not from understanding advanced concepts but from testing and integrating.  The resulting life demonstrations secured the process.

The center defined two pressing issues within its sample population at that time.  The evolutionary mandate was speeding up and creating chaos with two memes active and a third initiating.  We introduced a three year program of study aimed at maturing past the dichotomies and absolutisms of the Traditional meme.  And the second apparent need was the growing competition and frustration between modern medicine and alternative healing.  We created a one year program of training; pairing professionals with alternative healing styles alternating each week.  The goals were to improve relationships and understanding with the professionals; to define the scope and need for alternative techniques; and to add structure and documentation to this proposed system.  At this time we initiated a sample long-term group project exploring the concept of changing states of mind or states of being by employing new long range routines.  Being lean and healthy as a defining statement about you would come from such a change in the habit of being you if you were once overweight (and possibly ill).      

A group formed to lose body weight and the plan was to secure healthier levels as a normal state for each of them.  My personal goal was to lose 48 pounds over the next 10 years and reduce my BMI to 25; both as a normal everyday standard for me.  Everyone had different goals, of course, and very few went the distance.  The plan was not to do anything special except diet one month a year to show the body (the unconscious) a demonstration of the goal.  Most of the time we just put some or all the weight back on during the year but over time the remaining participants did update their norm to (or close to) their proclaimed goal.  Changing states of being was possible with a little structure or discipline and this research formed the foundation for the my newest program; the Wellness Code.


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