Love is in the Air

February 1st, 2021

February is marked by the collective legends of the Saint Valentines’ from religious history (there were several) but I prefer the earlier pagan ritual.  The tale told is that one of the gods could grant a couple a one year trial “marriage” to test their love and skill in a partner relationship.  That would have saved me a lot of money on divorces and perhaps set me up with a different attitude.  For me love is an indication of preference.  After many trips to the altar I can testify that I prefer my wife.  We don’t always agree but most of the time I’m not totally convinced that I agree with what I’m thinking, less yet doing.  For most folks it appears that a requirement to pay more attention to what is going on around you is an abuse.  We need an alarm or a nag to wake us up in February and notice that all those great promises we made in January are not being attended to.  That commitment rarely makes it a month.  It appears that this year we have added an evolutionary mandate, or at least its consequences; to our list of commitments we may need a “love god” to help maintain those preferences.

I’m suggesting we start with more attention, not to all the threats, claims and demands to control via fear but the vision of being part of a new united human relationship.  Now that is love for you!  The question is not whether the danger is real but can we focus on this supplementary information and still pay attention to the goal of creating the foundation for a global culture?  I imagine this will take more years to bring to fruition than you and I will live.  It has to start by attending to the offer of change and stepping away from the bias of polarization.  Forget the “old ways;” a demand that never really worked very well and embrace innovation, partnership and all the other stumbling that comes with new relationships.  We are all investing in a future with a very slow return and a very bold solution.  Like all journeys, it will start with that first step so wake up and pay attention.

Most folks start to pay attention when they notice they are lost.  Look at the news, the internet BS and your neighbors with posters hung-up with barbed wire.  In the old days the bad guys wore masks and now everyone wears masks.  You are lost!  Please move your attention to all the people doing double duty with working and home-schooling children.  The people helping older folks get groceries and maintain their living quarters.  The huge increase in the homeless population in America accompanied by mountains of trash.  All this does make love a challenge.  You can add to the list but I think we’ve reached a point of agreement.  It is time for all to step up and pay attention.

The best tool for attention is a short meditation (a singularity or one focus) but words of encouragement to a neighbor keeping up with home and family maintenance, employees working under the strain of extra tasks from imposed restrictions, and all the people waiting in line for yesterdays services that they lost need acknowledgment.  One globe, one humanity and one “family.”  Not there yet but on the path.  


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