Magic and Structure

July 19th, 2018

Are you starting to see how associated magic is, causing change to occur in conformity with will, to the very act of creation, causing something to be?  Both definitions are subjective; a theme, idea or consideration to entertain or will into action, motion and of course balance between said theme and other considerations that have been relegated into objects.  Our human range of consciousness is very limited (concept of time) and to clear space we may assign an idea to a symbol in the external system (outside our concept of self).  Like taking a picture, it represents the idea in form but will eventually fade and deteriorate.  The only limit to this is our ability to perceive the assignments made.  How many ideas have you held sacred (transformed) that have failed to show up in form?  The challenge is structure, the logical and analytical search engine that we created to perceive all of this in some practical order (content for a story we may fabricate).  This system is developing as we culture it into enough complexity to include all those abstract ideas we have manifested into form.  Once this scheme is secure our attention may move to how the internal energy flow produces this magic and perhaps even creation.

Deborah and I, on our recent trip to Peru, experienced a local shamanic ritual.  The structure there is not developed yet enough for them to utilize  the concept of assignment; thus the ritual was based on transference.  Simple idea that “good stuff” may be exchanged for “bad stuff”.  We gain nutriment from eating healthy food, wash away dirt in a bath, undergo training to become skilled and wiser, etc.  The shaman carefully unwrapped an assortment of bundled local food items and celebration pieces like confetti to compound, like a pharmacist, a ritual packet of the “good stuff.”  Of course he blessed and rubbed this sacred package on each of us to activate the transfer and then destroyed the altered parcel of now “bad stuff” in a fire.  There was a clue that these local folks were close to the perception of assignment because the shaman revealed that, counter to tradition, he was training his daughter to become a shaman.  Do you see how slow this structure unfolds?  Since the invasion of the Spanish and infiltration of religion these folks have been exposed to the concept of assignment but are just now starting to apply this concept.

As we Americans move into the structure of Post-modern Culture, it will be interesting to observe how our art of magic matures to flower into the complexity and variations revealing.  We have always been and will always be whole but need space and structure to allow for that perception to be perceived in our conscious range.  We are the magicians and the game is unfolding.


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