Magic Becoming

December 25th, 2018

Many thousands of years past all of humanity lived in the age of magic.  Like all the various evolutionary stages, each are now relegated to a period of time during child development.  The type of magic that I have been exploring in this last series of blogs is “indefinable phenomena attached to a statement of will.”  Those awesome moments when we think about or attend to an issue and it resolves in some unpredictable way.  At day’s end you are thinking about food and come upon strangers that invite you to their feast—how delicious.  However, in the epoch of magic “will” was also developing and if the stranger’s will was stronger you could be the feast.  In another form of magic we could discover amazing facts that lack any will but are still unknown and unpredictable.  For example, whoever guessed that a crocodile can outrun a human without ever witnessing the event or being in a chase?  If chased and you survive that would also be a type of magic.  The internal range for magic is from the feeling of fear to delight.  Don’t small children respond to stimulus somewhere between apprehension and enthusiasm?

Since the beginning of mankind the evolutionary force (this driving push from guidance toward greater human potential and the mandate for more complexity) has tended to swing between extremes.  Everything in life has a range and a sense of balance or center point.  One end of this perpetual oscillation is depictive of humans relating to the awe of life and the other is competition.  Educated wise men in their lifetime have succumbed to the pursuit for love of God or just another human and passionate folks lost in the battle for proper structure or adhering to the rules flawed.  The difference is reliant on timing.  Being the person in that perfect location at the perfect time.  But life is never perfect and humans are designed with a metabolic rhythm and no real sense of this tumbling to change.  This is what I call a game.  Fun!

Over the centuries this pendulum swing has progressively become shorter and faster.  In the last century the majority of Americans have swayed their pursuits to the competitive side focused on the best demonstration of productivity, irrelevant of the cost to fellow humans.  But the grand aspect of an imperfect system is there are no absolutes; in this same time great strides have been made in equality for woman and minorities, longer life although not necessarily healthier yet and a flourishing relationship with artificial intelligence.  We amassed profit, data and technology beyond anyone’s vision.  All of these advances should prove useful as the swing moves toward attention to human development and within this version of this evolutionary step, perhaps global human balance.  How this will unfold may not be more charity, world aid or another version of “Peace Corps.”  For a time I will blog about this level of humans “becoming” and what my thought are.  All comments and views from you are appreciated.  Let’s journey forward from the problems and lack of awareness demonstrated today and imagine a different tomorrow.  A return not to the stage of magic but the spirit of magic–the unknown.  


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