Mom’s Chicken Soup

March 29th, 2018

Do you remember when doctors bled patients?  They still like to remove any “corrupted” components and that in itself is not a bad idea.  Healing is still just magic.  Science and doctors today are attempting to set patients up for healing to happen (until the patient runs out of funding).  Explaining to patients in more common terms about the details and choices to repair damage and direct folks back on a track toward healing is an improvement.  Progress and the renewing of a relationship that got lost for a few years in “newer, wiser, faster, and more expensive procedures.”

I think that is why I like neuroscience.  Everyone learning something new takes the edge away from the expert.  The desired outcome, of course, is to prove that consciousness and everything else yet undefined is somewhere in that gray matter.  Are we relying on univariate correlations in data to find causation?  Univariate correlations are drawn when you make a conclusion based on only one variable.  Are we forcing all of our scientists into becoming philosophers?

What we make up, imagine, is the structure of magic.  We may inspire, support and direct imagination with better internal maps to generate mental models closer to and more in alignment with real events—but it is still an internal model of what is perceived.  Magic, “will” and even healing are subjective topics; not objective “things” for science to dissect and lay out in divination for insurance payment.  I’m not anti-medicine, anti-medical nor anti-information;  I’m just at threshold in how to pay for health care and how to get back to finding the “art of healing.”

Do you remember Mom’s chicken soup; or at least the story of it?  The tonic to cure all illness at best and the feeling of starting to recover at least.  The soup had some effect, of course, but the power was in Mom’s attention to your impaired state of being.  That attention to the possibility that you will feel better is the magic of the healing art.  Mom’s assertion, can you imagine being well, do you remember waking up feeling good every morning and are you in the habit of being an active healthy person?  Today Mom would be in big trouble for not warning you that there is not scientific evidence that soup may cure a cold or anything else and that there may be a big risk to your health in consuming the large amount of salt that is in that soup.  Not revealing all this to you I’m sure is a violation to HIPPA Law.  “Eat your soup and you will feel better” is now a crime.

I have a vision for six once-a-month one hour webinars to start in July.  The intention is to initiate a conversation about the possibility of some form of alternate healing therapy that would be appropriate for the growing post-modern population.  Any concepts with a history or a polarity (right-wrong) is out along with the mere fact that the therapy works.  The first is too Traditional meme and the second scores in the overachieving Modern meme.  Please e-mail me your thoughts.  Can we imagine something new—time for soup.




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