Need More Range

June 1st, 2021

Our task this year is to mark what influences us and to learn how to manage, direct or avoid such influence.  The lengthy goal in mind for us humans is to become global citizens—one culture, with perhaps many subcultures and we see samples of that possibility even today in many countries.  Traditionally, most cultures attempted to “convert” the subgroups to the larger groups’ concepts and that still is policy today in many nations.  If that didn’t work, the options used in the past were to exterminate or imprison the “irregulars.”  Obviously this term of action is not congruent with our projected goal so we need to imagine another solution.  Perhaps we should review what points we have identified over the last few months.

If you are still reading my blogs since the first of the year, then I must have influenced you to join in a search to find or imagine and share an idea that we could all participate in to support humans uniting instead of conflicting.  Thanks, and I hope together we come up with some great ideas.  I believe we need to pool a huge array of thoughts and they don’t need to be tested, logical or even practical.  The first influence I noted in my blogs is that we all have a preference and that is usually based on past experience.  The game has changed so get over it and pay attention.  New and novel approaches usually show up as clues and at times very abstractly.  The energy to make something happen is not an issue but interpreting the clues we discover may need group discussion or even debate to refine.  No one may be delighted with this detail but we are delving into the unknown.  The best we can hope for is a map or at least a starting point and perhaps a direction to move.  Remember, being human is never perfect and this game will always end in death.  There may not be a happy aspect but it does illustrate that there is no absolute right way to overcome this logical game of human life in form.  Perhaps it is of more utility in this short span with quality of life, social integrity and healthy existence.

Time to integrate some more bridges between the creation system and the logical system.  Relationship is a factor that we are created with and we have already hinted at balance.  We should explore the concept of range (from creation system) to foster more questions in the logical system.  Decision in the logical system is not an end point but a selection for testing.  A lot of attention opens the terrain for questions that point toward a decision to test a hypothesis but this could be restricted by the size of the range being attended to or the ability to integrate ranges.  Zooming in and out, like with a computer map, will lose details as you enlarge and conceal location from larger range points as you move in.  Working with range is essential.


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