New direction

July 1st, 2020

If you have been following this present stream of blogs; our universe and everything in it including all form, space, language and probably your thoughts along with a few sources of energy to sustain the package is part of a system I refer to as the “logical system.”  That is everything you know or know about including the concept of “knowing.”  Occasionally we humans get a glimmer of inspiration, a novel idea, a vision or any type of phenomena imaginable.  A taste of something that you do now know or know about.  An imagined possibility that is uncertain, but perhaps has some hint of probable, is from the realm of the “creation system.”  This arrangement provides nothing but the potential and the energy to create anything imaginable and, in fact, created the logical system.  The trick is to direct this prospect into the logical system where it can be defined in form; “be real” for our human experience.  I’ll bet you have had some luck with this or have friends with moments of success.  These innovations are usually referred to as art or luck.  The question is, we big brain animals learn so why have we not mastered this process after all these years?

By now you know the answer; evolution keeps changing the logical system.  It was a neat trick “in the beginning” with the grid to provide an assortment of potentials as independent and separate with the total equaling the same all potential that the creation system holds sacred.  But even these small chunks of all potential were too large a bite for our human game so we divided it again into dimensions.  We slowed down the moment now into “time” increments and who knows what we shoved into the other dimensions.  It may have worked or be working but no one person seems to be conscious of the progress and with every division we lose sight of the meaning (what are we doing this for) and have to search out new meaning or value in each epoch.  The initial act of creating our human game from the creation system’s potential was to divide and that process may never halt.

We have tried everything we could think of (logical system) and played with transcendence (creation system) with no apparent change in course.  We did discover the bridges between the systems from our work with transcendence and that is an important asset.  Habit or redundancy has helped keep us safe but stuck in a perpetual cycle of life and death.  We traditionally process life as stories but I suggest we master life as patterns.  Our entire logical system, the whole universe, is patterns producing structure.  I don’t recall what we all did to get this far but I can imagine that if we discover and follow the pattern into the unknown we will carry life into unfamiliar territory.  I think it would be fun for a change to be one step ahead of evolution instead of being pushed (usually run-over) by it.  This project may take more time than what I have left in this game but has the potential to produce a legacy, totally unknown and by design secured by patterns that we can feel and not stories we made up and need to defend.  We humans have changed the game a lot in the past four thousand years but have also left a trail of waste and toxins from this trial and error process.  Everything that has stood the test of time has been secured into patterns (structure).  We have tried change and now I recommend the act of becoming.  Find or create that new pattern for being.


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