Open Range

October 1st, 2021

Yes, death is the most predictable forecast in life, although constant changes in state are also assured.  The elements in the logical system (attention, questions and decisions) usually are sufficient to manage these changes that are often called growth.  This procedure is inadequate for evolutionary change which is an outside or background change.  For example, imagine you and your friends got together to pay some poker.  To everyone’s surprise, the fresh deck contained 6 suits and 71 cards in total.  All bets are off for any information you had about poker and you are going to need to generate a new game.  Some of your friends may just leave, some will get drunk but a few may engage to develop this new diversion.  Do you get it?  This is not your personality change, nevertheless you will need to address this act of evolution at some point.  It is not only an effect on you but may alter your concept formation.  We may get into that later this year.

To manage balance, the phenomena system will divide all the “pieces” in the logical system making each less of a prominent influence.  This is the nature of evolution and it usually unfolds over hundreds of years.  Can you see how the elements of the phenomena system (balance, range and relationship) are generating this change?  Balance is imposed so it is wise to explain range and when terrain is secured we can delve into alterations in relationships.  Now we have a plan; maybe not hundreds of years worth but a start for life now.   

We think of an expert as someone that knows most everything about a specific topic (range).  However, since everything is always in a state of change, being an expert cannot endure.  You may know of Yo Yo Ma who is famous for his skill with the cello.  At master level and for some years now (performed at age 4 1/2) but the cello was his third instrument of study.  Yes, start young, work hard and you may become the best for a time.  Engage in multiple options and discover some range you have a passion for and focus—become a long-standing expert.  We are not talking about an instrument, a sport or an academic topic but a concept that you create and master called you. 

Every year in Nepal, after the earthquake season, the villagers examine the houses that withstood the quakes.  All the villagers help rebuild the damaged homes but with the knowledge they gained from the homes that survived.  They believe that their God provides the earthquakes to instruct the tribe on how to build a safer house and protect themselves.  The secret is not only a bigger range of construction knowledge but also inspired ideas from nature and visions found in meditation.  A simple change in background (from earthquake) and the wisdom to explain range and integrate that into a relationship of working together to secure the village into the new paradigm.  When the work is done they take a week off and celebrate with food, dance and songs to honor their new learning. 

When I had a training center I used to facilitate a workshop titled “reducing the pain of growth periods.”  Of course a “growth period” is just a person’s resistance to the state of change they were evolving into.  The work focused on expanding range by reading diverse books, trying a new game or sport, talking to strangers and meditation to target a novel option to explore.  It worked well for most but some folks just love the struggle.


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